Reiki & Spiritual Guidance Bundle Session

~ Introducing the Reiki & Spiritual Guidance Bundle Session ~

By popular request, this new service combines the healing energy of a complete Reiki treatment with the inspiring and insightful benefits of a Spiritual Guidance session.

In the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of Kathleen’s healing space, you will have the opportunity for open and honest communication about yourself as a “spiritual being having a human experience”. This can help you rediscover the preciousness of life on Earth by realizing and honoring your true spiritual nature. Spiritual guidance can offer the following:

  • Discovering your soul purpose and mission in life
  • Deepening your spiritual practices
  • Deepening your sense of oneness as a global and universal citizen
  • Opening to the spiritual messages in dreams
  • Becoming more aware of the spiritual world as it exists in everyday life; examples include synchronous events, intuitive insight, prescience, or a simple “knowing” that defies logic

When combined with the spiritually-guided life force energy of Holy Fire Reiki, the healing results are amplified and enhanced, contributing to an overall sense of well-being, along with the realization of your rightful place in the Universe as a child of the Divine.

For additional information, or if you have questions, please contact Kathleen.