Past Life Exploration

conf-no-deathFor those who truly wish to know themselves at the most profound level, exploration of past lives can be the key to understanding. Those who embark on this journey of understanding frequently realize the relationship between certain past lives and their current incarnation. This leads to a greater awareness of our true nature as spiritual beings, and helps to release unnecessary residue from past lives that may be adversely affecting the current life. This awareness can facilitate positive change by identifying and releasing those influences from past lives that no longer serve.

Exploration of past lives can also assist in gaining a greater understanding of current relationships, especially those that seem difficult. Karmic issues may be uncovered, which provide a new perspective of the relationship’s soul history and its purpose in the present incarnation. Again, this new-found awareness often leads to greater harmony and increased compassion for oneself and others.

Past-life exploration can also shed new light on current physical and emotional issues. In many instances, physical infirmities, disabilities, and even birthmarks, have origins in one or more past lives. One client had a large crescent-shaped birthmark on his right shoulder, which was intermittently and inexplicably painful. During his past-life regression session, he accessed a life in medieval times in which he sustained a fatal stab wound to his right shoulder, inflicted by the sword of a rival. A few weeks later, he reported that the birthmark was fading, and the pain had not returned since the regression.

Similar results have occurred with mental and emotional issues. A client’s lifelong fear of choking disappeared following a regression to a past life in which she was hanged for practicing witchcraft. Another client who had an inexplicable fear of guns learned that she had been shot by her husband in a previous incarnation; her aversion to guns virtually disappeared after the session.

These are but a few examples of the increased awareness and discernment that can result from past-life exploration. A professionally guided past-life regression may provide answers to questions about the deepest level of being, and is always in the best interests of the client. The regression professional is responsible for conducting the process; however, the content of the session is determined by Spirit, and is therefore always in accordance with the Highest Good.

To determine if a past-life regression may benefit and enhance your current life, consider the following questions:

  •  Are you genuinely curious about the possibility of past lives?
  • Are you intrigued by the concept of reincarnation? Do you have an unexplained strong attraction (or aversion) to certain places, people, times, or cultures?
  • Do you wonder if some of life’s challenges connect to a former lifetime? Have you had spontaneous glimpses of previous lives?
  • Are you interested in exploring your soul’s memories to improve the quality of this life?

the-scenery-679011_1920If your answers to these questions raise even more questions, perhaps a Past-Life Soul Regression (PLSR) session can assist your progress in this incarnation. A PLSR can guide you to a more intimate and thorough relationship with yourself, and may offer explanations to some of your life’s inexplicable challenges.


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Please note that PLSRs can be conducted in-person or by distance (via the Zoom platform).