Couples Reiki and “Reiki for Two”

tree-1894217_1920Couples Reiki and “Reiki for Two”

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive healing method that utilizes universal life energy to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese words Rei or “Higher Power” and Ki or “Life Energy”.

So Reiki is actually “Spiritually Guided Life Energy.” In our relationships, unbalanced Ki can result in blocked communications, a decrease in physical intimacy, and a feeling of disconnection. A Couples Reiki session can help to restore harmonious connection, as it eases the stress and strain of everyday life.

Reiki for Two is very similar to Couples Reiki – the difference is in the nature of the relationship. Couples Reiki is designed to enhance and support the romantic relationships in our lives – lovers, life partners, spouses, and so on. Reiki for Two enhances and strengthens any type of relationship – parent/child, best friends, siblings, family members, coworkers, and so forth. A Reiki for Two session is conducted in the same manner as a Couples Reiki session.

It is important to remember that in any relationship, there are three entities – the two individuals, and the relationship itself, which carries its own energetic frequency and signature. A Reiki for Two session addresses the needs of the individuals, as well as the needs of the relationship, thus creating healthy bonds as it releases stagnant, unhealthy energies that may be impeding the relationship’s growth.

Spiritual Journey

“How wonderful to meet you and how grateful we both are for the opportunities you provided us today in sharing, healing, and loving.  We cannot thank you enough for sharing your time, energy, and space with us and cannot wait for the next opportunity we have to see you again!”

~Couples Reiki Client

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Couples Reiki

Reiki for couples is a powerful way to reconnect and deepen your relationship.  It is a profoundly relaxing time spent with your partner that facilitates harmony, communication, and stress reduction. Couples Reiki can help strengthen and seal a strong relationship, yet it can also re-kindle a spark that has grown dim. It helps to re-center couples involved in traditional talk-therapy and serves as a soothing adjunct to these sessions.

Additionally, it is a wonderful way to reconnect after being apart – whether from a business trip, a prolonged illness, family matters, or for any other reason.

Experiencing the gift and blessing of Reiki together can also help couples deal with loss.  And, for a couple preparing to marry, a couples Reiki session helps to smooth the path to the wedding day, reminding them of their love and commitment to each other in the hectic planning stage.

A Couples Reiki treatment is a wonderful gift to yourselves or to another couple as an anniversary gift, a Valentine’s Day treat, or, just because it feels wonderful!

Benefits Of Couples Reiki and Reiki for Two:

  • It promotes a deeper level of healing in the relationship, because it addresses each individual’s healing needs, as well as the healing needs of the relationship itself – the “third party” in the session.
  • Reiki’s ability to reduce stress and induce deep relaxation allows the healing energy to permeate easily. This enhances the body’s natural healing abilities for each individual, and with healing, comes understanding. Individuals and couples report a renewed perspective on the relationship following a Reiki session.
  • Because Reiki balances the mind and emotions, a treatment allows emotional blockages to rise to the surface, where they can be acknowledged and cleared. In the peaceful moments following the Reiki session, emotional issues may be discussed in a loving, non-judgmental manner, providing further healing to the relationship. Reiki facilitates emotional healing and invites a state of calmness and centeredness.
  • These Reiki sessions are a wonderful way to reconnect and bond on a deep, spiritual level. Sharing the experience with a beloved partner, or a person of significance, can create a whole new understanding of each other and the relationship itself.
  • As the Reiki session moves the couple, the individuals, and their relationship toward balance and wellness, meaningful communication and harmony is enhanced and deepened.

How Does A Couples Reiki Session or Reiki for Two Work?

Two tables, two practitioners and one room.  

The Reiki healing room is lovingly prepared – two tables set somewhat apart, and separated by a screen.  The practitioners create the healing space with soft music, candles, and aromatherapy.

Upon arrival, each individual completes a brief intake and consent form, and the practitioners discuss the individuals’ needs as well as the needs of the relationship. A brief overview of Reiki is provided, and an explanation of how the session will proceed.

Each individual chooses a table, and the practitioners begin the session, quietly asking if there are any further questions. The screen separating the tables affords a degree of privacy, and the soft background music allows for questions to be asked and answered without disturbing the other session. The session itself lasts approximately 60 minutes. Toward the end of the treatment, the practitioners move away from the individuals and direct Reiki to the relationship, intending that it be healed in accordance with the Highest Good. When the treatment is complete, the couple/individuals may wish to remain quietly on their tables for a few minutes in this peaceful healing environment.

At the conclusion, the couple/individuals are offered Reiki-infused water and chocolate, which helps to re-ground them to the present. Then the post-session discussion takes place, during which each individual describes their personal experience. It then moves into a conversation of how it felt to have the session as a couple, and have the relationship itself receive Reiki. The practitioners share their impressions during the experience, and address any questions.

Most couples/individuals describe a feeling of being deeply loved and cared for, as well as being relaxed, yet energized, centered, and grounded.  Many also feel a positive shift toward harmony and connection with their significant other, creating a strong feeling of loving-kindness and caring.

Reiki is truly a gift and a blessing, and creating stronger bonds with our loved ones is one of its most precious offerings.

The investment- in yourselves and the relationship- is $190.00 for the complete session. Please allow approximately 3 hours for the entire experience.

To schedule a Couples Reiki session, or Reiki for Two, please contact us for more information.

We are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.