Embracing Surrender

Embracing Surrender

     As I prepared to write this, I once again read Jessica’s powerful article about letting go. I was struck by its relevance to what has been going on in my life lately; namely, stressing about the holidays, family obligations, housework, cooking, and most recently, writing this post “on time.” When we started Soul Journeys, Jessica and I had agreed to contribute a post every two weeks; my turn was this past weekend. But, as I mentioned, distractions and detours cropped up at every turn by all those things the holidays and family create, the weekend came and went (sans post) and my desire for control kicked into overdrive. So, in an attempt to quell the increasing anxiety, I switched gears – Ok then, I’ll definitely finish the post on Monday. The control monster was thus appeased, and I congratulated myself on my resilience and flexibility.

     However, as often happens, the Universe had the final say. On Sunday evening, we had a power failure, for no apparent reason – a complete and utter power failure that lasted for almost 24 hours. Once again, my “plans” were totally derailed, and I could almost hear the cosmic laughter. Sigh. Fine, I really do get it – I surrender. It is such a powerful word –Surrender– with many connotations and implications. But, as Jessica so beautifully stated, this particular surrender was about letting go of control, which is truly an illusion created by our egos to feel safe and secure. When I embraced the surrender, and accepted the flow of a loving Universe, my anxiety evaporated. I realized that Spirit had given me a valuable lesson – all is as it should be, and that everything has a purpose. In my drive to do everything, be everything, and complete the tasks I set for myself, I had overlooked this very basic concept, and allowed my ego self to run amok. The power failure was a gift, and a not-so-subtle reminder – it forced me to stop and let the Universe flow, with all its wisdom and loving support. When I stopped railing against the distraction and detours, the message was clear- Accept and Trust. By allowing those words to settle into my being, I knew I had been reminded of a powerful truth.

     However, this is a lesson that most of us need to learn over and over again. Letting Go is a continuous process that unfolds across lifetimes. Indeed, I have been learning to let go for many years, and have steadily chipped away at my ego’s resistance. Yet there is still work to be done – the ego is reluctant to release its hold, its control. After all, we are human beings, with human needs, desires, perspectives, and expectations. Releasing those to the care of the Universe is a struggle, because, to the human ego, it represents a loss of control. The paradox is that when we finally do give ourselves to the flow of Spirit and the Universe, we are truly empowered in a way that transcends the human perspective of power. As sparks of the Divine, we are then better able to illuminate the way for ourselves as well as others.

     Letting Go and Embracing Surrender are valuable lessons indeed, and Earthly life is immeasurably improved when ego steps aside and allows the all-knowing and loving Universe to lead the way. As we move into another year, my wish is that all may know the peace and serenity that comes when we Accept and Trust.