Welcome to Soul Journeys, our new blog home at UniverSoul Heart!  I am so pleased to be able to meet you here and share our journeys together, and for the opportunity to introduce myself.

I am Jessica Eve deCastro, and I’m co-writing the blog with Kathleen Johnson, a wonderful woman, friend, mentor, and spiritual teacher.  We thought it could be an amazing and insightful experience to write about our “soul journeys” jointly – the ways they are different and the ways they are the same, the unique histories we each bring to this current point in our lives and the resulting unique perspectives from which we view life.

The beautiful thing about the soul journey is that it is an experience we all share – moving through this and many other lifetimes – while at the same time, our journeys are individual, unique, and perfectly, delicately designed for us.   Where we are in our physical journey is one aspect, one reflection of our deeper, eternal existence, each season with its own milestones, challenges, blessings, and opportunities for growth.

The fact that Kathleen and I write from different places in the physical journey — she has more years of experience and maturity, and I am just getting started! – allows us to celebrate more fully the many layers and interwoven facets of this life journey, as well as our innate connectedness and equality on the soul level.

I just turned 25 over the summer and I’m feeling that a new, very exciting season in my life has begun.  I’m a nontraditional college student, pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Burlington College (distance learning program online).  I finished earning my associate’s degree in Social Science from a community college also this summer.  Now, I’m working as a classroom support assistant for Head Start – I work with children ages 3-5, and love it!

Not that long ago, however, life felt anything but settled – it was more of a crisis!  I was carrying around some pain and baggage from my past and trying to figure out a totally unclear future.  I was often confused, and felt lost and directionless, unsure who I was meant to be and what I was meant to do.  My life felt like it was “on hold” while I waited for things to become clear, and in the meantime it was a mental challenge and an emotional struggle.  It was hard to know it at the time, but I was exactly where I needed to be to find what I was looking for.

It was at that time, actually, that I first called Kathleen.  I had been told about her and her work with UniverSoul Heart many months prior, and had always planned to contact her eventually, but finally looked at her website during one of my “crises,” and felt compelled to get in touch.  The timing was perfect.  I happened to call when she was a week or two away from holding her first workshop – free of charge – about Finding Your Mission in Life.  It was the Universe’s answer to my call for help (not the first time that had happened, and definitely not the last!) and the synchronicity continued.  That workshop was a major gear set in motion for my journey forward.  Kathleen and I had an immediate connection and found out during our conversation that we even share a birthday!  The workshop itself gave me a feeling of greater calm, openness, faith, and well-being.  While I still had to go through more experiences and gain more insights before my path became clearer, again, it was a definite mile-marker for me.

Now, I feel some concrete structure in my life currently and for my future, and it feels good because it feels right.  Most importantly, I have begun to feel comfortable with my spiritual identity.  I have learned to hear when my soul is talking and trust that guidance, which has hugely impacted me and all of my life.  I am learning more and more to trust the universe, to go with the flow, surrender to the process – a lifelong lesson!  I feel stronger, grounded, joyful.

These are the things I hope to write about and share with you here at Soul Journeys, and I look forward to watching it unfold. 

– Love and Light, Jessica

Spiritual Journey

The Birth of Soul Journeys  –Kathleen Johnson

           The idea for Soul Journeys came to me one day as I contemplated the direction of my spiritual path, which is always a work in progress, ever changing and dynamic. During these periods of soul-searching, I often sense the guidance of my spiritual team, nudging me in certain directions, and this particular day was no exception.  I felt a strange sense of urgency and anxiety, as if something needed my immediate attention. It was uncomfortable, and I tried to shake it off, ignore it, and rationalize it.  However, the spiritual team was not to be deterred, and the feeling persisted until I could ignore it no longer. Fine, I thought, you have my attention. What gives?  At that moment, when I allowed myself to surrender to the flow of the universe rather than fighting its current, the answer arrived. It was then that I knew it was important to write about the soul journey each one of us undertakes many times over, through numerous lifetimes. Why is this important? Because, although each of us is on an individual journey through each lifetime, with its own challenges, lessons, blessings, and opportunities, we are all children of the universe, and sparks of the Divine. As such, we share something so deep and true as to shatter any illusions of separateness we may harbor. Our physical lives will intersect, detach, clash, and disconnect over the course of a lifetime, but our true spiritual selves always know the way Home. Writing about the experience of the soul journey, therefore, can provide insight, comfort, and perhaps a beacon for those struggling to illuminate the inner compass.

            When this realization settled into my consciousness, it felt like an epiphany – an “aha” moment. But my spiritual team was not finished with me, as I soon realized. As I considered the information I had received, another piece arrived – and my thoughts turned to Jessica. She is a young woman with whom I share a spiritual connection, one that feels ageless, timeless, and ineffable. Our current physical lives have intersected through a series of purposeful synchronicities, which continue to unfold. Her presence radiates hope, joy, and an abiding love for the universe and all within it. Additionally, Jessica is a talented writer whose joyfulness and authenticity are evident in her written words. With all this in mind, the counsel from Spirit was clear –collaborate on a joint writing effort about our Soul Journeys, how they intersect, how they differ, and how they propel us along the path to Home. When Jessica and I discussed the idea, she was enthusiastic, and the rest, as they say, is history.

            So, as our individual and collective journeys unfold, my wish is that you will join us and share your journey with us.