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Holy Fire III Reiki Sessions, Reiki Crystal Healing, Spiritual Guidance & Mentoring

“I am both a client and student. The first time we met, I was grateful to encounter Kathy’s gentle, healing spirit. The Reiki session was a uniquely calming, yet energizing experience which stayed with me. Kathy is a generous teacher and I am honored to have received my second-level Reiki training/attunement from her.”
Virginia B.
“Delving into my past life experience helped me to better understand my present life experience. I felt compassion for the person I saw that day and that translates into more compassion for myself as I am now. Kathleen was kind and made me comfortable traveling into new territories.”
Hannah Z.
“Enough can’t be said about my Reiki session with Kathy. Her energy helped sustain me through the week as I faced an emotional family issue. Kathy is very professional and respectful which immediately put me at ease. By the time our Reiki session was complete, I felt rejuvenated and energized with the flow of positive energy.”
Diane H.
“I was a true Reiki skeptic, and believe that I have been led to this Reiki path, and specifically to Kathy, for some reason that has yet to be revealed to me. I took a continuing ed class at Bloomsburg last fall where we were presented with a very brief introduction to Reiki. It was interesting. Just a few weeks later I ‘just happened’ to be at the Public Library for Union County at a time that was unusual for me. As I entered, the door started closing and I ‘just happened’ to see a sign on that door that was advertising an introduction to Reiki class that was being offered at the library. I asked at the desk, but they told me the class was already full. As I turned to leave the woman behind the desk ‘just happened’ to ask if I would like to be placed on a waiting list in case a space opened. I said I would like that, and promptly forgot about the whole thing. On the night that the class was to be offered I ‘just happened’ to be home when someone from the library called to tell me there was an opening and I could come to the class. I changed my plans and headed to the library, and that’s where I met Kathy. I thought she was intelligent, warm, and professional. Her presentation was well prepared and informative without being annoyingly persuasive. She provided a brief Reiki treatment to anyone who was interested, and the whole experience just made me think…

My husband ‘just happened’ to be having sinus problems and problems with his golfer’s hands. I thought, if nothing else, I could learn something new and maybe help my husband. It was the best decision I could have made. Kathy Johnson is a very warm, patient, encouraging teacher. I am blessed to have met her and to have started on this path. I truly believe that nothing ‘just happens’ to me; but that everything happens for a reason. I look forward to continuing with more classes with her and to seeing where the Reiki energy takes me. I am grateful for the experience.”
Ann S.
“Kathy radiates extremely kind, gentle and warm energies, which will carry through out your session(s). Her in-home working space is great, perfectly tucked in nature, which helps deepen body connections. My own sessions have revealed body memories, family insights, spirit guides, energetic movements, and deep moments of relaxation. It’s simply a true pleasure working and talking with her!”
Julie P.
“I have had several Reiki sessions and treatments over the years by different practitioners. I can honestly say that Kathleen made me feel most safe and comfortable, which definitely enhances the total experience. The relaxation and stress relief is wonderfully indescribable, and makes me feel new again.”
Sarah T.
“The Reiki energy is unlike anything I have ever experienced, and the effects of the treatment last well beyond the session. I have never felt so peaceful, calm, and relaxed. The overall sense of well-being is indescribable.”
Sharon R.
“Kathy provides a safe space for the experience of Reiki to unfold. In a simple, non- intrusive way, she allows you to let go while still feeling grounded and supported. The support I feel during treatments with her, encourages me to release my worries and anxieties and to just be enveloped by Spirit. I am led to a place of trust within myself where I can relax, connect with my spirituality, and actually hear the messages of transformation, inspiration, and healing that rise up in my heart. Reiki always brings me back to center, back home… and Kathy provides a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental space for me to experience that.”
Rachel J.
“I first contacted Kathleen with UniverSoul Heart at a very challenging time in my life, and I have no doubts that I was guided to her for huge, significant reasons. From our first phone call, I was struck by how willing she was to listen and converse with me, her genuine desire to get to know me, and her warm, nonjudgmental acceptance. I attended a workshop she conducted — Finding Your Mission in Life — followed by a Reiki session and then a first-level Reiki class/attunement. With every experience, I received incredible guidance, healing, insight, and inspiration, and was extremely gratified by her ongoing support, whether in person or through email or phone calls. Who Kathleen is and the work she does with UniverSoul Heart is a gift of Spirit on many levels. I look forward to continuing the relationship far into the future!”
Jessica D.
“I have had both a Reiki session and a Past Life Regression from Kathleen. The Reiki session was very relaxing for both body and soul, and the spiritual feeling of well-being continued long after the session was concluded. I left with a feeling of inner peace which I have never previously experienced. The Past Life Regression session was a journey of discovery back through time, based on the past life travels of my soul. For me, this trip through time and space allowed me to obtain a glimpse of past lives I have experienced, and the insights that I gained will help me understand my life and my role in the present day world.”
Keith E.

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