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The Angelic Activation Practitioner Program

A Co-Creation By Kathleen Johnson and Jodie Helm

Once upon a time, there were two very spiritual ladies …

The first time I heard from Kathleen was through an email inviting me to be a guest on the podcast, Beyond the Reiki Gateway, which she co-hosted with Andrea Kennedy.  It was the first time I’d ever been asked to do a podcast, and I was very excited.  We set up a time for her to call me, and we talked for quite a while about what we both did and believed and what we hoped to accomplish.  What I didn’t know at the time was, she almost never spoke to her guests on the phone; she conducted business through mostly email.  With me, she felt moved to call, and it was such a comfortable interaction, more like a visit than a business meeting.

I enjoyed doing the podcast, and the ladies invited me back a couple of times, and each interaction was enjoyable and comfortable.  Then I got a very … unusual email from Kathleen telling me that she’d had a vision that told her she was an Angelic Activation Practitioner several years before, and even though she wasn’t clear on what that meant, she felt very humbled and got very emotional about it.  She hadn’t pursued it, but after getting to know me and talking to her spiritual mentor, she believed she was supposed to bring me into it, and she asked me to ask the Archangels about it.  Of course, I did.  I channel for complete strangers, and when a friend asks me for help, I always give it my all.

Oh, boy … that was the beginning of so many things, all of them good, but many of them stressful.  The Angels explained that an Angelic Activation Practitioner (AAP) is someone who can detect the energy of an angelic soul (AS) and help them open communication with the Archangels.  Angelic souls are not Angels, they are souls who were created to work with the Archangels.  They don’t incarnate as often as other souls, and when they do, it’s usually to help mankind during very challenging times.  I am an angelic soul, and meeting and working with Kathleen, an AAP, was no accident.  We found out that we had planned our friendship and collaboration before we ever incarnated for these lifetimes. 

We know this is hard for some people to understand and believe, but it became clear to us that we were both part of something that was bigger than us and had a higher purpose.  It was important.  The Archangels explained part of the procedure to me during a channeling session, not in great detail, which we received much later, but in general terms.  They said the focus on the procedure Kathleen would perform would include the crown and third eye chakras.  Later, we were both told that the heart chakra was also an important part of it.  Keep in mind that Kathleen had given me none of these details, so when I read everything back to her that the Angels had told me, we were both blown away that we both received the same details on separate occasions, and they were identical.  We knew we were both part of this.

The Angels explained that angelic souls come to Earth already “pre-wired” to communication with the Archangels, and they realize this at some point in their lives when the two-way communication becomes active.  This all happens according to their life plans at a set time, and in many cases, later in life.  I didn’t begin channeling until my ‘50’s.  They further explained that, because The Shift was in full swing, and because there was so much upheaval in the world right now, they needed some of the angelic souls to activate sooner than originally planned.  Their help was needed now.  So, they came up with the plan for AAP’s to get involved and help trigger the two-way connections that were already in place, kind of jump-start them earlier.

All of a sudden, Kathleen’s Reiki business picked up, and guess what … several new clients were angelic souls, so she had opportunities to hone in on their energy and, if they were interested, activate this communication.

Then, surprisingly and frustrating us immensely, the information kind of stopped.  The Angels, it seemed, were leaving us high and dry!  We both had all this motivation and determination to do our parts, but we didn’t have a clear idea – at all – of what that would or should look like, and when I channeled for more information, they put us off and became very ambiguous and told us that for the time being, we should just concentrate on getting to know each other better.

To say we were stressed would be the understatement of the century, but we began calling each other weekly to discuss the AAP project, gripe that we needed more information, and our relatively new friendship blossomed into something neither of us anticipated.  The spiritual path is often a lonely path, because most people either don’t believe the things we do are possible, or they don’t understand it.  And really, it’s very hard to understand it, unless you have similar experiences.  Kathleen and I found in each other the support, acceptance, and encouragement that had been sorely lacking in our lives for so long.  What started as weekly calls to discuss the project, morphed into weekly calls between two people who shared their problems, their dreams, their hopes, and their fears.  If for some reason we are unable to talk to each other every week, we both feel a little adrift.  It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, we always are anxious to make up for lost time.

Then, we noticed other things happening.  For example, when we would talk about something, the person listening would get guidance out of the blue to share with the one talking.  Also, we seemed to be forming a kind of psychic link.  Sometimes, we’ve shoot each other a text, because we just felt like we needed to touch base, and more times than not, something major – usually unpleasant – was underway, and hearing from each other made it easier to deal with; also, our own psychic skills seemed to become enhanced, and the we began experiencing more of each other’s skills, also.  Pretty cool!

What began as a joint effort we’d been called to be part of, became a treasured friendship that we realized started before we ever came to Earth for this lifetime.  Looking back, we realize now why the Angels backed off on the project in order for us to build this friendship and partnership.  I jokingly told Kathleen once that it was a damn shame we weren’t gay, because we enjoyed each other’s company so much!  We do love each other, however, and we’ve come to depend on each other for whatever we face, good, bad, and ugly.  After we built this friendship, the information began to flow again, and when we work together, it’s seamless, heartwarming, and fun.  We are friends for life … and before life … and after life.

Kathleen and I talked a lot about what was needed to ensure that people who were interested in the AAP Project either as an Angelic Soul (AS) or an Angelic Activation Practitioner (AAP) had everything they needed from us before they moved forward before, during, and after the activation process.  As an AS, I didn’t just want to help someone open the two-way communication line between the Archangels and Angelic Souls they were born with and just send them on their merry way.  Support is needed, and while the Archangels will provide a lot of it themselves once they openly communicate with the AS’s, we felt we should help provide it, too, especially before the activation occurs.  So, we decided to offer different entry points, depending on where people are on their spiritual journeys, and also to be clear about what to expect and how to proceed.


Also, although you are always in charge of what you do with this activation and how you proceed, we agreed that people needed to understand the seriousness and responsibility that are a part of it.  We’re in the middle of The Shift, and there are massive amounts of energy surrounding us from many sources to help us manage it, and many changes are taking place both on an individual basis and as a collective of people living on Earth.  The overall feeling is often one of chaos, and the AAP Project, devised and designed by the Archangels, is intended to help settle some of the discomfort and fear that some are experiencing.  This is why the Archangels came up with this plan, so Angelic Souls who are ready can receive guidance about how they can help with The Shift.  Don’t worry, they’re not going to tell you to sell your house and hit the road!  They’ll guide you to come up with your own plan, using your unique gifts and experiences, to help others navigate these great changes.


We have all chosen to be here at this time to help with The Shift.  That’s why the majority of people come to us, to find ways to answer a strong, relatively new call to help others.  The AAP Project is just one way to do that.  The Archangels have a tendency to connect our work with the people who need it, so the fact that you are reading this suggests that it could be for you, but again, the choice is always yours.


With that in mind, we ask everyone who wants more information or who feels like they’re being led to get more information answer the five placement questions, free of charge, so we can help them determine how much preparation they need before getting the activation, if that’s what they choose to do.  Once we review your answers, we can make some suggestions regarding whether or not you need the course before the activation so you’ll fully understand the process, or whether you already have the knowledge you need to move forward with the activation. 


We’ve also provided the verbal activations, also free of charge, as the Archangels have told us that sometimes, reading and reciting them will be enough to activated both AS’s and AAP’s.  If that’s the case and you feel ready to proceed, you don’t need anything more from us.  Most, however, will need more information or the energetic activation.


There are many AS’s already activated and speaking with the Archangels.  They do not need the activation, because they’re connection is already open.  I fit this category.  I’ve been channeling for years, and I’ve been receiving guidance and information from the Archangels already, so I don’t need the energetic activation, which is intended to open that two-way communication.  I also know all about the “clairs” and what to expect during a channeling session.  I’m the one who wrote the AAP course, so more information and the activation are not needed for me.  There are also those who channel healing energy, such as Reiki practitioners, who are already receiving guidance and have a lot of information regarding soul types and activations.  They won’t need as much information, guidance and instruction as others who have not worked with energy or channeling before.  However, if you’re knew to psychic gifts or if you’re believe you’re supposed to do this, we want to make sure you’re well-prepared to move forward and make well-informed decisions about moving forward with the activation.


So, the next step is to answer the placement questions and submit them, then we can guide you to where you should go from there, whether you need more information, already have the information you’ll need, and whether you understand what the AAP project is about.


If you do take the course, there will be reflective questions before you read each chapter to help you prepare for the information you’ll receive, as well as after chapter questions to help you internalize and analyze the information you received.  You’ll submit your answers to me, so I can add comments, suggestions, etc. to further prepare you.  You also have different options in taking the course.  You can download the print only copy, you can download an audio version, or you can sign up for either version with a one hour before and a one hour after phone visit with me for more guidance and discussion.  Lastly, you can download the course without phone visits and sign up for call at any time you feel you need it if you find you need it.  You’ll find all options here, and you can always send me an email for more information or clarification.


We welcome all who are reading this.  Before we get into specifics, we would like to provide you with background and how the idea and need for Angelic Activation Practitioners (AAPs) came about


The ladies have described both angelic souls and the latest type of light workers, AAPs.  We will first discuss how the need for AAPs arose.


Without getting into too much detail about The Fall and The Shift of the Earth, the Earth began in the fifth dimension and due to various, unethical actions on the part of some of the inhabitants, had to be relocated to the third dimension for survival purposes.  When it was safe, the planet was returned to the fifth dimension beginning in 2011, when we placed the needed technology within the Earth in order to resettle Her. 


The fifth dimension is a much more positive place to live.  Rather than the prominence of fear, seclusion, and survival, it is a place better suited to love, joy, and unity.  While the planet is situated in the fifth dimension, the people are still adjusting.  Many of you feel different, but change takes time, especially when people have grown up in the third dimension for so may generations.


There are various kinds and origins of souls, among them angelic souls, who have been designed to work with the Archangels, to help mankind on Earth.  Many angelic souls are already incarnated on Earth, but they have not yet realized their purpose or their connection to us.


Normally, we would just wait for them to find our connection in their own time, but in the interest of transitioning into the fifth dimension mindset as quickly as possible, we devised a hopeful shortcut.  If it does not pose any problems for the incarnated angelic souls, we would like to work with them sooner, rather than later.


There are many among you who are gifted in energy work in many ways.  Some are highly sensitive to energy, some can channel and direct it, and some can activate energetic connections.  Some people are unaware of their gifts or do not know how to strengthen them.  The purpose of the activation is to help enhance these gifts and strengthen the ability to help angelic souls realize their connection to us, so that we may guide and support them, as they do the same for others.


Angelic souls are born already connected to the AAs, although many, including our channel, Jodie, do not know this until well into adulthood.  With the help of AAPs, we hope to help make them aware of our connection sooner, so they can assist us with The Shift.


We wish to make clear that no one, angelic souls, AAPs or anyone else is obligated or required to do anything they do not want to do.  We wish to be in a supportive and guidance position to help all humans, but free will remains intact.  There is no penalty or punishment for those who do not choose to participate, and anyone can change their decisions and participation at any time.


If you believe you may be an angelic soul, an AAP can assist you.  He or she can confirm this in many cases and they can help you open your end of the connection you already share with the AAs. 


If you believe you are sensitive to energy and could become an AAP, another AAP and/or this activation procedure can assist you and help you energetically to recognize and activate angelic souls.


If you are neither an angelic soul, nor an AAP, the process is still helpful, as the energy involved in it is healing and high vibrational in nature.  We would also like to add that if you do not have these gifts, you absolutely have other gifts that are just as important and crucial to The Shift.  It is why your soul volunteered to incarnate at this time.  None of you are favored over others; you are all equally loved and gifted in our eyes, you are all precious to us, and we love you all unconditionally.  Angelic souls and AAPs are just two of many facets that help with The Shift.  There is no reason to worry about your purpose.  If you do not find it, it will find you.


There are different ways to feel energy as well as to learn how to be more sensitive to it.  Our ladies are both sensitive to energy, but in different ways.  Jodie is sensitive to collective energy, as well as a general feeling for individuals.  When she meets someone in person, on the phone, or in email, she can tell from their energy whether or not she would like to know them better.  She is also sensitive to extraterrestrial energy, distinguishing souls who do not originate on Earth.


Collective, she is affected by the group around her on the overall energy, especially when it is low vibrational.  She is still learning to recognize it.  She has woken at times feeling aggravated or just not herself.  The first time this happened, she asked us why she was feeling that way, and we explained about her increase in sensitivity regarding collective energy.  It was just after the Ukraine War began, and she was feeling the angst of many people around her.


Kathleen, on the other hand, is much more precise in her sensitivity to energy, especially on an individual basis, which makes her an excellent AAP.  It is one of the reasons we chose her to help us.  Whereas Jodie is sensitive to extraterrestrial souls, Kathleen is very sensitive to the energy of angelic souls, which again, makes her a great AAP.


Angelic souls have a distinctive energy patter that intensifies in the areas many call the third eye and crown chakras.  This is from the forehead, head, and above the head.  This is because of the connection they have to us, whether they are aware of it or not.  Not only can Kathleen feel the increase of energy in these upper areas, she feels an innate awareness of angelic soul energy.


Both ladies are Reiki Masters and are familiar with directing healing energy to selected people, individuals and collective groups, the Earth, and the universe.  Kathleen can feel collective energy as well as angelic soul and Angelic energy, while Jodie can sense spikes in energy individually when channeling Reiki energy, although not as keenly as Kathleen.  Kathleen can channel, but not as easily or clearly as Jodie.  Kathleen is strong in clairvoyance, while Jodie is strong in clairaudience.  There are similarities as well as differences. 


We point this out, because we wish to stress that everyone is gifted in different ways, so if your gifts do not line up exactly with our descriptions, it is simply because everyone is different.  Our examples are fairly general, as no description will ever pertain to everyone completely.  Celebrate both your similarities and your differences, and do not feel badly if you are neither an AS or an AAP, for you are simply gifted in other areas, no less important or valuable.


If you read this, and it calls to you, that is, it resonates and inspires you, you have some options for going forward.


Everyone is different in terms of what works best for them.  Experiment, prepare, or go straight to the activation; the choice is always yours.  However, before you move forward, you must be at peace with yourself, and the intent to help others should be a high priority.


You cannot help others if you do not first help yourself, just as you must first love yourself before loving others.  It is very difficult to work with high vibrational energy, if your own vibration is at a very low level.  Since Ass are already connected to us, it is easier for two-way communication to begin, but if you are not at peace with yourself, it is much more difficult to channel energy for AAPs and anyone else to connect with high Guides.


If you do not have inner peace, you must first start there.  There are many different ways to raise your vibration, but you should first set that intention.  Spend time with yourself, get to know yourself better, assess your emotions, and commit to bringing more joy into your life, whatever that may look like for you.


There is a big difference between escaping your reality and bringing in more joy.  Blocking out your stress by doing things like interacting with technology, reading, watching movies, etc. are ways to escape.  There is nothing wrong with this, in fact, it can help alleviate stress, which is a good thing.  However, when you engage in these activities, the benefits you get from them end as soon as you stop the activity.


When we speak of bring more joy into your life, we are talking about longer lasting joy and relief, things that continue to bring you joy when you stop to think of them and remember how good you felt at that time, until those memories alone renew the joy already there and build upon it.


Do things that make you laugh aloud and replace low emotions with joy, whether that is spending more time with certain people, engaging in certain activities of setting aside time to relive your most joyous time in your mind.  When you find peace and joy for yourself, you can help others do the same thing.


After this process, you can choose to go to the activation straight away, or you can take some time to practice energy work, whether that is studying, experiencing, or channeling energy, before activation.  Both of our ladies studied Reiki, which worked as a great initiation for the work they do now.


Some Ass will require help from AAP’s to open communication with us.  Some will be activated by simple proximity to other AS’s or AAP’s.  Some will only have to read the activation to themselves or aloud.  Again, everyone is different, and everyone is working according to their own timeline and life plan. 


Whether you decide to prepare or go directly to the activation piece is entirely up to you.



The Joys of Partnerships and Community


Our ladies have shared their individual stories as well as how they came together.  Let us examine some of the synchronicities that brought them together.


Kathleen read Jodie’s work on the Medium writing platform.  There are millions of users, both readers and writers, on Medium, and she found Jodie’s work.  Jodie’s work resonated very strongly with Kathleen, not only her words, but the person and energy behind those words caught her attention.  She invited her to be a guest on her podcast.  Rather than handling all communication through email, Kathleen called her, and they immediately felt comfortable with each other.  In total, they enjoyed working together for three podcasts, keeping I touch in between.


What the ladies did not know at the time is they had worked on their life plans together, along with us, and their souls had anticipated meeting and becoming friends.  They had planned to partner on the AAP project before either of them began this life.


They had spoken and worked together several times, but it was more of an acquaintance and working relationship, rather than a friendship.


When Kathleen asked Jodie to channel us about the AAP project, both were amazed to find that Jodie channeled the same information that K already had, down to the location of angelic soul energy being concentrated at the third eye and crown chakras.  Kathleen had not given her any of these details in advance.  They agreed to listen and work together on something pertaining to the AAP project, although they had no idea what that would be.


Although their strengths and gifts are different, their personalities and characters are as close to mirror images as two people can be.  They are both strong women, but they are loving, caring, and giving, both motivated to help others and make a positive difference.


They are both planners and initially, they were uncomfortable, because we purposely did not offer many details for two reasons.  First, we wanted them to design and take charge of the project and shape it to their liking.  Second, although neither of them realized it at the time, the most important part of the project would depend on their relationship.


They began weekly phone calls, initially with the intention to update each other on their progress.  As they became more acquainted, the partnership morphed into a friendship they both cherish and on which they rely.  They recognize themselves in each other, and there is great understanding and support for and from them both.


They still call each other weekly, but it has more to do with building their friendship than working on the project, which at the time of this channeled message is yet to present a straight forward plan.  It took them a while to realize that building and bonding their relationship is working on the project.  They understand each other extremely well, because they are so alike.  They no longer plan out what needs to be discussed in detail, because they are so alike.  They no longer plan out what needs to be discussed in detail, because the conversation flows easily between them.  They probably understand each other better than others, even those they have long known understand them.  They needed each other.


The reason we are speaking about this is to encourage you to listen to your intuition when it comes to people.  There are other pre-planned partnerships waiting to be discovered.  Not every angelic soul will partner with an AAP, but that is the plan for many of you.  You do not have to partner with anyone.  You do not have to do anything.  You do not have to model yourselves after Jodie and Kathleen.  We only suggest you keep that door open and trust your intuition when you feel a pull toward someone.


Neither Jodie nor Kathleen particularly wanted to work with other people on future projects before they knew each other.  They enjoy being and working alone.  They enjoy quiet time, and if they are able to complete a project alone, they usually do.  Neither knew they would end up working together, yet now, neither can imagine not working together.  Neither allow ego to stand in the way, and both are willing to listen to ideas, make plans, and understand each other.  There is respect, appreciation, gratitude and love between them, because they were open-minded enough to hear us and accept our guidance.


Those of you whose souls planned a partnership will very likely meet your partners at some point.  When you do, you will find it easy to relate to each other, as well as to work with each other.  You will be good for each other.  As your friendship flourishes, so will you both, individually.  Your gifts and personalities will complement each other, and you will decide together how you will make a difference in the world, how you will help others.  Please keep this in mind as you meet new people.


We would also encourage you to find and keep in touch with others like you, who will understand and support you.  If you are able, find or design a network of AAP’s and angelic souls, along with other psychically gifted people.  More and more are discovering gifts and there is very little support of info to guide them.  So, guide each other.

Please answer the following questions honestly and as they pertain to you.  If you do not have the knowledge or background to answer a question, please just put “I don’t know.”  When you are finished, please send to [email protected]


  1. Have you ever done or received any formal training in energy work, such as Reiki?


  1. Have you ever used any psychic gifts involving claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance, or clairaudience? If so, which area, and please describe.


  1. What do you know about spiritually channeling? Have you ever spiritually channeled other beings?  If so, describe.


  1. What knowledge do you have regarding the Archangels?


  1. What brought you to us?

*The Archangels have told us that for some angelic souls whose two-way communication with the Archangels has not been activated yet, simply reading the verbal activation below will set things into motion.  If you think you might be an angelic soul or you feel guided to read it, you will find it below.  If it activates you, pay attention to any thoughts, dreams, visions, ideas, etc. you might have and record them in a journal.  You may conclude they are not your own.  If you do, the Angels will find the best way to reach you through one of the “clairs.”



“I invite the Archangels into my life and consciousness and ask them for guidance in finding my purpose and in navigating this life in a way that offers help and kindness to other people.


I open my heart and mind to the Archangels and know they will only work toward my greatest good and the good of others.  I know I have full control of what I choose to do and am not bound to follow any guidance I receive.  It is always my choice whether or not to proceed.


It is my honor and my intention to help others and to find my purpose for being here and to help mankind through love, acceptance and compassion toward others, dismissing judgment, and inviting divine guidance to be a part of my life.


I invite a connection with the Archangels and other high Guides to pursue these goals, not through trying to control or change other people, but through kindness, love, and unity.


I ask for Love, Light, and guidance from the Archangels, so I may share it with others.  I believe all human beings are worthy of receiving these gifts, and it is my intention and desire, based in and guided by Love to spread and share these gifts with others in whatever way best suits me and uses my divine gifts.  I am a divine being of light, and I choose to share my light with all others.”





*Unlike the AS verbal activation, the AAP verbal activation is not likely to be enough to enable someone to detect angelic soul energy or activate the connection unless they are already familiar with AS energy.  Whereas the AS may become activated by simply reading the activation, AAP’s will usually need the energetic exchange from one who is already a practicing AAP before they can successfully perform an AS activation. 


Also, whereas experience with Reiki or other energy modalities is extremely helpful in this process, it isn’t always necessary, as the knowledge transfer should suffice.  When dealing with energy and energetic exchanges, the more experience one has with energy, the better.


We wish to say to the new AAP that no harm can possibly be done, even if the person they attempt to activate is not an angelic soul.  The process may help non-AS’s to connect with their Guides with effort and intent on their part.  Regardless, the Love and Light energies we send through the AAP are loving and healing energies that will benefit everyone, no matter the origin or nature of their soul. 


It takes time and practice to integrate any new skill, so we wish to add that new AAP’s and AS’s who have been activated embrace these new gifts with loving kindness and an intent to help others with an emphasis on the fact that they are in charge of their choices and actions, including if they decide to do nothing. 


They should also try to identify which “clair” is likely to facilitate our communication and know that however it manifests, it will be loving, accepting, and comforting, as we love and accept them unconditionally. 


The Archangels already know and have worked with all angelic souls before this incarnation.  We are all friends and allies, and we love each other, even though most angelic souls who are incarnated do not remember this.  As our channel has said of her own connection with us, it is more of a reunion than an introduction when we communicate.  We eagerly look forward to meeting them through this two-way communication link they chose for this lifetime.




“I invite the Archangels into my life and consciousness and ask for their guidance and direction detecting angelic souls and their loving energy.


I ask that they help me recognize this energy and they assist me in activating the energetic connection that is already in place.  I ask them to add their energies of Love and Light to mine as we prepare the third eye chakra and the crown chakra to open in anticipation of this two-way connection, and I ask for their support for myself and for the people I serve as we invite and request this energetic exchange, always for the greatest good of everyone involved.”



For more information or to schedule an Angelic Energy Activation with Kathleen, please send an email to [email protected]