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The Angelic Activation Practitioner Program

A Co-Creation By Kathleen Johnson and Jodie Helm

Dearest friends, it is with great joy and anticipation that we join our ladies, Jodie and Kathleen, in launching the Angelic Activation Practitioner (AAP) Project.  Through a beautiful collaboration, we and the ladies have put together a program for your consideration that we hope will help many people and open another avenue to consider by people who want to help us with The Shift.


Jodie was kind enough to channel us and get guidance and information we hope and believe will be very helpful.  Kathleen worked with us energetically and was the first we approached with this idea.  You will read about their story and collaboration with each other and with us shortly, but we wish to thank them for their efforts, time, and patience.  The most valuable thing that has already come to pass is the relationships we have built among each other.  We treasure them greatly.


We came up with this plan and project in response to the struggles that are growing on Earth in connection with The Shift.  Frankly, we need more help, and so we developed this plan to activate the connection we have with certain people on Earth earlier than originally planned.  The connection was established with these souls before they incarnated, but for many, it has lain dormant up to this point.  Rather than wait for it to open up to a two-way communication later on, we have chosen some of these souls among you to become aware of our connection early, so they can help us sooner, rather than later.  We have only chosen those whose lives will not be unduly affected in a negative way.


So many of you are awakening to 5D energy and are feeling pulled to help other people.  It is so beautiful to see.  All of you are here to help with The Shift in various ways, and you all have purposes which will assist with it.  This is but one option to exercise the desire to help others. 


It is not for everyone, but for those of you who feel drawn to it, we and the ladies are here to help you.  Whatever your purpose is regarding The Shift, you will find it, have no doubt.  Do not try to force anything to fit you.  Open to our guidance and your intuition and know we are with you and love you unconditionally.


If you are among the souls who have an established connection with us, or if you are gifted in working with energy, the AAP Project may be just what you have been looking for. We thank you for considering it, and we look forward to working with you.


In Love and in Light,

The Archangels

Once upon a time, there were two very spiritual ladies …


The first time I heard from Kathleen was through an email inviting me to be a guest on the podcast, Beyond the Reiki Gateway, which she co-hosted with Andrea Kennedy.  It was the first time I’d ever been asked to do a podcast, and I was very excited.  We set up a time for her to call me, and we talked for quite a while about what we both did and believed and what we hoped to accomplish.  What I didn’t know at the time was, she almost never spoke to her guests on the phone; she conducted business through mostly email.  With me, she felt moved to call, and it was such a comfortable interaction, more like a visit than a business meeting.


I enjoyed doing the podcast, and the ladies invited me back a couple of times, and each interaction was enjoyable and comfortable.  Then I got a very … unusual email from Kathleen telling me that she’d had a vision that told her she was an Angelic Activation Practitioner several years before, and even though she wasn’t clear on what that meant, she felt very humbled and got very emotional about it.  She hadn’t pursued it, but after getting to know me and talking to her spiritual mentor, she believed she was supposed to bring me into it, and she asked me to ask the Archangels about it.  Of course, I did.  I channel for complete strangers, and when a friend asks me for help, I always give it my all.


Oh, boy … that was the beginning of so many things, all of them good, but many of them stressful.  The Angels explained that an Angelic Activation Practitioner (AAP) is someone who can detect the energy of an angelic soul (AS) and help them open communication with the Archangels.  I am an angelic soul, and meeting and working with Kathleen, an AAP, was no accident.  We found out that we had planned our friendship and collaboration before we ever incarnated for these lifetimes. 


We know this is hard for some people to understand and believe, but it became clear to us that we were both part of something that was bigger than we were and had a higher purpose.  It was important.  The Archangels explained part of the procedure to me during a channeling session, not in great detail, which we received much later, but in general terms.  Meanwhile, Kathleen had her own message from the Angels describing the procedure.  Keep in mind that Kathleen had given me none of these details, nor I her, so when I read everything back to her that the Angels had told me, we were both blown away that we both received the same details on separate occasions, and they were identical.  We knew we were both part of this.


The Angels explained that angelic souls come to Earth already “pre-wired” for communication with the Archangels, and they realize this at some point in their lives when the two-way communication becomes active.  This all happens according to their life plans at a set time, and in many cases, later in life.  I didn’t begin channeling until my ‘50’s.  They further explained that, because The Shift was in full swing, and because there was so much upheaval in the world right now, they needed some of the angelic souls to activate sooner than originally planned.  Their help was needed now.  So, they came up with the plan for AAP’s to get involved and help trigger the two-way connections that were already in place, kind of jump-start them earlier.


All of a sudden, Kathleen’s Reiki business picked up, and guess what … several new clients were angelic souls, so she had opportunities to hone in on their energy and, if they were interested, activate this communication.


Then, surprisingly and frustrating us immensely, the information kind of stopped.  The Angels, it seemed, were leaving us high and dry!  We both had all this motivation and determination to do our parts, but we didn’t have a clear idea – at all – of what that would or should look like, and when I channeled for more information, they put us off and became very ambiguous and told us that for the time being, we should just concentrate on getting to know each other better.


To say we were stressed would be the understatement of the century, but we began calling each other weekly to discuss the AAP project, gripe that we needed more information, and our relatively new friendship blossomed into something neither of us anticipated.  The spiritual path is often a lonely path, because most people either don’t believe the things we do are possible, or they don’t understand it.  And really, it’s very hard to understand it, unless you have similar experiences.  Kathleen and I found in each other the support, acceptance, and encouragement that had been sorely lacking in our lives for so long.  What started as weekly calls to discuss the project, morphed into weekly calls between two people who shared their problems, their dreams, their hopes, and their fears.  If for some reason we are unable to talk to each other every week, we both feel a little adrift.  It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, we always are anxious to make up for lost time.


Then, we noticed other things happening.  For example, when we would talk about something, the person listening would get guidance out of the blue to share with the one talking.  Also, we seemed to be forming a kind of psychic link.  Sometimes, we’ve shot each other a text, because we just felt like we needed to touch base, and more times than not, something major – usually unpleasant – was underway, and hearing from each other made it easier to deal with; also, our own psychic skills seemed to become enhanced, and then we began experiencing more of each other’s skills, also.  Pretty cool!


What began as a joint effort we’d been called to be part of, became a treasured friendship that we realized started before we ever came to Earth for this lifetime.  Looking back, we realize now why the Angels backed off on the project in order for us to build this friendship and partnership.  I jokingly told Kathleen once that it was a damn shame we weren’t gay, because we enjoyed each other’s company so much!  We do love each other, however, and we’ve come to depend on each other for whatever we face, good, bad, and ugly.  After we built this friendship, the information began to flow again, and when we work together, it’s seamless, heartwarming, and fun.  We are friends for life … and before life … and after life.

The AAP Project has two tracks.  One is for the AS, or angelic soul, and the other is for the AAP, or angelic activation practitioner.  Angelic souls are people who came to Earth already “pre-wired” to connect with the Archangels.  This program will prepare these people for channeling, and they will receive an energetic activation to help open up their connection to the Archangels.  For the people who wish to become an AAP and activate AS’s, the program will provide guidelines for preparation for the AS, as well as instructions for the energetic activation itself.


The challenging part for us is to know how best to direct interested parties.  Energy workers who wish to activate angelic souls and become AAP’s need to know more than how to work with energy, although that is a wonderful, powerful gift in itself.  If, for example, you are a Reiki practitioner, the energetic work and activation will be familiar to you, but additional information and knowledge are essential for you to have in order to prepare the AS for receiving the activation.  So, the responsibility of the AAP is twofold; preparing the AS for activation and the activation itself.


The AS, on the other hand, often needs guidance, instruction, and information regarding what to expect when communicating with the Archangels, including how that might work for them, which “clairs” are likely to manifest, different ways of channeling, and different soul types, in order to help them determine if this is something they want to undertake. 


With that in mind, we have prepared a course for interested parties who seek a better understanding of these things, whether they believe they are or might be an angelic soul or if they wish to be able to prepare and activate AS’s for communication with the Archangels.  The Archangels wish to avoid activations without adequate preparation, and the course can help avoid that outcome.


For the AAP, the course offers the information necessary to prepare AS’s should they wish to use it as a starting point in developing their own course, or they have the option to link their AS clients to the course through our websites, so they don’t have to gather this information or create their own resources.  The course is copyrighted material, and we appreciate your integrity in using the information within it, whether for yourself or your clients.


With the Archangels’ assistance, we have provided some guiding questions to help you and us decide how to proceed and what information you need most as an AAP or AS.  We have provided them free of charge and hope they will serve as guidance for you as well as for us in determining how best to proceed.  You will find a link to the questions below. 


At the request of the Archangels and in addition to the placement questions mentioned above, we have also provided links to the verbal activations for both AS’s and AAP’s, also free of charge.  The Angels tell us that for some, reading the verbal activations will provide guidance and for some AS’s may even open the pre-existing communication in place.  


By answering and submitting the placement questions, we will be able to offer you guidance on next steps and advise you regarding the coursework, but of course, the final decision is yours to make regarding next steps.   


We welcome any questions you may have regarding any and all aspects of the AAP project, and encourage you to reach out with any further questions you may have. 


Respectfully and with warmest regards,


Jodie and Kathleen

Please answer the following questions honestly and as they pertain to you.  If you do not have the knowledge or background to answer a question, please just put “I don’t know.”  When you are finished, please send to [email protected]

      1. Have you ever done or received any formal training in energy work, such as Reiki?

  1. Have you ever used any psychic gifts involving claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance, or clairaudience? If so, which area, and please describe.
  1. What do you know about spiritually channeling? Have you ever spiritually channeled other beings?  If so, describe.
  1. What knowledge do you have regarding the Archangels?
  1. What brought you to us?

The Archangels tell us that for some, simply reading the activations below will open up communication with Guides or offer guidance in terms of which avenue to pursue.  They requested that we make these verbal activations accessible to all who wish to read them on both our websites, free of charge.  You will find them below.


Angelic Soul


“I invite the Archangels into my life and consciousness and ask them for guidance in finding my purpose and in navigating this life in a way that offers help and kindness to other people.


I open my heart and mind to the Archangels and know they will only work toward my greatest good and the good of others.  I know I have full control of what I choose to do and am not bound to follow any guidance I receive.  It is always my choice whether or not to proceed.


It is my honor and my intention to help others and to find my purpose for being here and to help mankind through love, acceptance and compassion toward others, dismissing judgment, and inviting divine guidance to be a part of my life.


I invite a connection with the Archangels and other high Guides to pursue these goals, not through trying to control or change other people, but through kindness, love, and unity.


I ask for Love, Light, and guidance from the Archangels, so I may share it with others.  I believe all human beings are worthy of receiving these gifts, and it is my intention and desire, based in and guided by Love to spread and share these gifts with others in whatever way best suits me and uses my divine gifts.  I am a divine being of light, and I choose to share my light with all others.”


Angelic Activation Practitioner


“I invite the Archangels into my life and consciousness and ask for their guidance and direction detecting angelic souls and their loving energy.


I ask that they help me recognize this energy and they assist me in activating the energetic connection that is already in place.  I ask them to add their energies of Love and Light to mine as we prepare the third eye chakra and the crown chakra to open in anticipation of this two-way connection, and I ask for their support for myself and for the people I serve as we invite and request this energetic exchange, always for the greatest good of everyone involved.”

For more information  please email Kathleen at [email protected]