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Holy Fire III Reiki Sessions

  Reiki is a gentle non-invasive healing method that utilizes universal life energy to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words – Rei which means “Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.”  

A Reiki treatment is administered while the client is lying fully clothed and comfortable on a massage table. During a treatment, the practitioner’s hands may lightly touch, or hover slightly above, the client to allow the Reiki energy to flow into the physical and subtle body of the client. The practitioner becomes an instrument for the directed life force energy that flows through his or her hands into the individual; the Reiki energy is drawn by the needs of the client, and flows to where it is most needed.

Although the experience is unique for each individual, the vast majority of clients report a feeling of warmth and radiance that fills, envelops, and surrounds their whole being. Indeed, Reiki is a holistic treatment that addresses imbalances and stresses in the body, emotions, mind, and spirit; this gentle method results in many benefits that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.

Many miraculous results have been attributed to Reiki as well, including cures and significant relief from physical ailments.

Reiki is a wonderful method of stress reduction, relaxation, and promotes overall wellness. It is simple, natural, and safe; it is available to everyone and is always beneficial. Reiki is effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady, and works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to promote recovery.

 Although Reiki may provide seemingly magical results, it is important to remember that Reiki is not magic, but Energy – the Universal Life Force Energy. The existence of this energy is scientifically documented and supported by current research.

Reiki is not a religion, and although it is widely regarded as Spiritual in nature, the client’s belief system does not affect the outcome of a Reiki treatment. Simply stated, Reiki works whether or not one believes in it. However, for those who embrace the Spiritual nature of this energy, the gift of Reiki helps to concretize their spiritual and/or religious beliefs and provides a tangible experience of the Higher Power.

History of Reiki

In the early twentieth century, Mikao Usui, a Japanese mystic, re-discovered Reiki during a 21-day meditation and fasting retreat on the sacred Mt. Kurama-yama in Japan. The term “Reiki” is but one name for the life force that is operational in all living things; Christians know it as the “Holy Spirit”, Hindus call it “Prana”, and the Sioux refer to “Wakan Tanka”, to name but a few. Because this energy is not “owned” by anyone or any practice, and is indeed available to all, Usui never claimed to “discover” Reiki; instead, he divinely received the gift of Reiki during an ongoing spiritual emergence that occurred during the 21-day fasting retreat. Subsequently, he channeled this energy for healing, as well as training others to access and utilize this divine gift.

Through Usui’s student, Chujiro Hayashi, Reiki was introduced to the Western world by Hawayo Takata in 1937. Its use and popularity has grown tremendously for the past several decades, and has become a widely accepted modality in complementary medicine.

Today, Usui’s Five Principles of Reiki remain enduring reminders of the spiritual approach to life and are relevant to all:

  • Just for today, I will not worry.
  • Just for today, I will not anger.
  • Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
  • Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings.
  • Just for today, I will be kind to my neighbor and every living thing.

For a detailed history of Reiki by William Lee Rand, which includes a biography of Mikao Usui, click here. NOTE: This will take you to the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) site.

Preparing for a Reiki Session

A Reiki treatment involves a transfer of Universal Life Force Energy; this flows through the practitioner into the client for the purpose of clearing, balancing, and healing energetic imbalances and blockages. Because of the extremely personal and individual nature of each session, no two clients will experience the same outcome. However, it is important to remember that Reiki can never do harm, and is always in accordance with the Highest Good.

With that in mind, taking some simple steps to prepare for your Reiki session will optimize the benefits of the treatment. Although these steps are not mandatory, they are highly encouraged.

  • If possible, avoid red meat, alcohol, and sugar consumption at least 24 hours before your scheduled session. These tend to ground one’s energy, lowering the energetic vibrations.
  • Try to limit caffeine intake on the day of the session, and eat lightly prior to your session.
  • Wear comfortable clothing; removing heavy jewelry or belts will help to increase your comfort level.
  • Tell the practitioner your reason(s) for seeking a Reiki treatment. Because the sessions are completely confidential, you may freely discuss any concerns, knowing that they are being held in a sacred space.
  • Allow yourself to relax and just be.

During the Reiki Session

The atmosphere in the healing space during a Reiki session is one of peace, serenity, and unconditional caring and acceptance. Healing music plays softly, and fragrant candles lend a soft glow to the room. The practitioner will send a silent invocation for deep healing and peace, and the session then begins.

As the session progresses, you may experience emotional or physical releases of energy. If so, allow them to happen – this indicates a discharge of blocked energy from your energetic field. Clearing the blocked energy is an essential component on the path to true wellness. You will likely become very relaxed and may even fall into a light sleep. Most clients describe a pervading sense of well-being, peace, and warmth.

Feel free to communicate with the practitioner during the session about how you are feeling, if you need to shift positions, are experiencing strong emotion, etc. The open flow of communication is very helpful in providing you with the best possible experience.

Allow the gift of Reiki to permeate your being, and know that it will go where it is most needed. Above all, Accept and Trust.

Post-Session Discussion

When the session is complete, the client is gently awakened if necessary, brought back to the present, and allowed time to fully return. Many people report feeling thirsty after a session and the client is offered a glass of Reiki-charged water, and perhaps some chocolate,

The practitioner then shares with the client any information intuitively received during the session. This provides an opportunity for the client to discuss the experience, ask questions, or simply enjoy the feelings of well-being, peace, and comfort generated by the loving energy of Reiki.

These positive effects can remain for a week; many people describe this as an energetic lightness of being, coupled with a renewed sense of purpose. Although the experience is as unique as the individual, and the outcome is dependent upon many factors, the vast majority of clients report overwhelmingly beneficial results.

Distant Reiki Session

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy, and therefore unfettered by the human constructs of time and space. The energetic nature of Reiki transcends distance, allowing its transmission to anyone, anywhere on the planet, and indeed, the universe. This makes it possible for a qualified practitioner to conduct a distant Reiki treatment, also known as a remote session.

A distant Reiki session consists of the practitioner sending healing Reiki energy to the client at a previously agreed upon time. During the session, the client (receiver) is seated or lying down in a comfortable position, and the practitioner then sends Reiki energy to the receiver.

Those who have experienced the benefit of a distant Reiki treatment report feelings of well-being, peace, and comfort, very similar to an in-person session. Many receive significant relief from physical ailments; others receive spiritual or emotional healing, or an altered “higher” perspective regarding their lives.

For a full description of a distant Reiki Session, and additional information, please click here.