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Universoul Heart News!


~ 2024~

A new year is upon us. The implications and expectations of each one are familiar to us all – resolutions, promises to do better, do more, do less, get more, get less. It goes on and on. With each passing year, we struggle and strive to do better, and all too often, we fail to live up to the standards we have set for ourselves. Perhaps it’s time to look at this from a different perspective. One of the benefits of growing old(er) is the ability to see the past in a brand new light – as long as we’re paying attention and willing to undertake that honest assessment of our journey thus far. 

A milestone birthday this past year has affected me in unexpected ways, including that ongoing unblinking assessment. It’s been most revelatory. 

A valuable insight has emerged about the concept of  “failure.” When we perceive a shortcoming /disappointment/unmet expectation on our part, does that qualify as a failure? Or is it something else entirely? Perhaps it is an invitation to take a different path or approach. Or maybe a nudge to look into our hearts for a glimmer of the beauty within. Or a chance to move on, shed, clearing the way for new energy. So, did we really fail? Or did we simply experience our humanness in an uncomfortable way? I’ve reflected on this over the past several months and have come to understand that failure has more to do with our attitude than an actual fault. This time of self-reflection gave me the opportunity to shift my perspective, which gave me a gift –  the knowing that  “failure’s” purpose is designed to counter inertia and complacency. Our bodies and souls are always growing, with or without our consent. Optimally, we are active participants in this growth, not complacent and passive.

When viewed from this perspective, we come to understand that “the obstacle is the way.” 

So, what will it be? Wallowing in perceived failure or shifting perspective? I know which one I choose. Let’s view the unmet expectations as opportunities for growth we never imagined. And relegate the new “F word” to the dustbin.

Be kind to yourself, not just this year, but every year we are granted this gift of life on planet earth.

Here at UniverSoul Heart,  “home base for my spiritual life on planet Earth,” change is coming! Jodie Helm and I are ramping up our efforts for our project with the Archangels. As mentioned in previous updates, I learned a year ago that my pre-birth contract includes working as an Angelic Activation Practitioner (AAP). As the name suggests, this involves frequent collaboration with the angelic realm to receive their guidance and instruction. They tell me that an AAP activates a conscious angelic connection within Angelic Souls (AS) living on Earth. Because of this newly discovered gift, my relationship with the Angels and Archangels has become more profound, personal, and meaningful. They continue to teach me in ways I never could have imagined, and my gratitude is infinite. Jodie, a wise and wonderful human, is an authentic channel for the Archangels. Our human friendship has expanded and grown this past year, and we have stepped fully into the collaborative effort with the Archangels. It involves bringing the messages of the Angels to all who are open to receiving them, as well as to recognize and empower Angelic Souls (AS) on Earth, so they may step into their divine purpose with grace, intention, and love.

With all that being said, look for new services coming soon! 

I continue to offer some Monday and Tuesday appointments in addition to others throughout the week. This is to better accommodate the appointment calendar, which fills up quickly. I’m told that the need for healing is greater than it has ever been, and far exceeds available healers. I’m heartened to observe that many are responding to their soul’s direction and answering the call to become healers, whether it is for their personal healing, that of loved ones, or a professional calling. Each one of us has the ability to heal others, whether through a kind word, a loving gesture, a smile, a much-needed hug, or any act of service. My guides and angels remind me often that service to others is why we are here, and that no act of service is too small. I am acutely aware of this when I channel Reiki for others; it is a  humbling privilege to stand in service with the gift of Reiki.  

I continue to offer Holy Fire Reiki Sessions and Spiritual Guidance to both new and returning clients, and remain committed to working with those “who are serious about their spiritual path, understanding their divine purpose as well as their role during this tumultuous period in our planet’s evolution. These are the individuals who are ready and willing to begin the challenge of their personal deep healing, face their shadow, and do their ‘heavy lifting.’ They confront the fear that accompanies these worthy tasks, and courageously move ever closer to their true authentic selves.” 

The above is a channeled description from my guides of my “ideal” client; in other words, the individuals with whom I may work to further their purpose and alignment with their souls and spirit.

Courage is especially relevant at this time as we move ever deeper into the throes of The Shift. I have boundless respect for those willing to take on the challenges of moving into wholeness and authenticity during these unprecedented times, and I remember that each of us has agreed to be here on Earth NOW to participate in this momentous event.

My guides continue to emphasize the necessity of “doing our work” at this time. The tipping point into a higher dimension is ever closer, which is why we are being called to step up and clean our houses, so to speak. Self-care is critical, and is an integral part of doing our work. Coming from a place of love instead of fear can smooth the often rough edges of life on Earth these days. 

As a Holy Fire III Reiki practitioner, I am deeply honored to work with these brave souls.  

If you are called to work with me, you may schedule a Reiki or Spiritual Guidance session here. Or, if you’d like more information about my work to see if it is a good fit, please consider scheduling a Complimentary Initial Consultation.

It is a joy to assist you on your journey. And as always, I trust Reiki and Spirit to continue showing me the way forward.

By honoring the guidance, I honor myself, and have absolute trust that my path will unfold as needed.♥

And, in case you missed it, at the end of Season 3, I stepped away from my role as co-host of the podcast, Beyond the Reiki Gateway.

You can still access all episodes wherever you get your podcasts. 

Thanks to all of you who offered support and love. It means so much to know that you are a part of my journey, and I a part of yours. And finally, thank you for your support for UniverSoul Heart, my spiritual home, to which you are always welcome.  The connections I’ve made with all the beautiful souls are forever engraved upon my soul, and I am eternally grateful.

Sending you all love, light, peace, Angel hugs, and Reiki ~ Kathleen