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The Role of Byosen Scanning in the Reiki Session

Article by Kathleen Johnson as published on Reiki Rays, June 28, 2020 Generally speaking, the treatment phase of the professional Reiki session begins with the energetic, or byosen scan, and is conducted when the client is comfortably situated on the Reiki table, and after the Pre-Session Intake and Discussion. Many Reiki practitioners recognize Byosen (“sick accumulation” or “place of sickness”) as a Japanese Reiki technique that identifies the areas most in need of healing and provides a baseline of energetic information for the practitioner as the treatment begins. Also, it creates a field of healing energy in the energetic body, enhancing the flow of

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Rest, Repair, and Restore Your Soul with Reiki

As published on Reiki Rays on June 14, 2020…Article by Kathleen Johnson Rest. Repair. Restore. These three words have been echoing in my consciousness for the past several days. And I finally know why. During this time of the pandemic and resultant turmoil, I have resolutely maintained a stalwart face – determined to keep my vibration high, while taking care of myself, loved ones, and anyone in need of my healing services during this unprecedented time. That was the plan. However, as the pandemic continued to rage across the world, and I witnessed in horror as my country (United States)

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Releasing Energy Through the Soles of the Feet

As published on Reiki Rays, May 25, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson   In a previous article, “The Professional Reiki Session – The Reiki Treatment,” I discussed a technique that continues to serve my clients well – Opening the Soles of the Feet. Several years ago, Reiki’s guidance led me to this procedure during a client session. At that time, I received clear instructions to energetically open the client’s soles as a means to expedite the clearing of incompatible energies during the Reiki session, which was accomplished through the use of symbols and a clear intention. From that point forward,

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Anger as an Instrument of Change

As published on Reiki Rays, May 10, 2020…Article by Kathleen Johnson Many of us are experiencing anger and frustration these days. It is a natural and unavoidable response during these challenging times. Life as we know it has changed significantly and continues to do so every day. The ground is shifting beneath our feet, and we do not know when stability will return. The Universe has “shaken us to awaken us.” Yet, as Reiki practitioners and healers, many of us still cling to the belief that anger is an inappropriate response. Indeed, the first Reiki precept cautions us about anger.

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Crystal Grid for Global Reiki Unity and World Healing

As published on Reiki Rays, April 4, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson As a Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer, I often combine the two modalities in client sessions as well as in my personal life. Many years ago, I was guided to invite the energies of healing crystals into my Reiki sessions, which resulted in an energetic marriage of this “Power Couple” (1). Indeed, I soon discovered that combining the power of Reiki with the properties and energies of crystals created a profoundly effective healing synergy, which was transformative in its ability to clear stagnant, unhealthy energies. Eventually, I began

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Reiki’s Role in Shifting the Energy Surrounding the Pandemic

As published on Reiki Rays, March 16, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson In the past few months, we have been inundated with increasingly alarming reports and information about the global spread of COVID-19 and its sometimes devastating effects. In a situation like this, it is all too easy to feel powerless and descend into fear. However, the good news is that Reiki is here to guide us through. From my perspective, the current health situation represents a clarion call for humanity to recognize and accept the inherent Oneness of All, which we so far have woefully and stubbornly resisted; a

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Apophyllite – The Reiki Stone

As published on Reiki Rays, February 22, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson As a Reiki practitioner and Crystal Healer, I frequently incorporate crystals into my Reiki sessions. I have found that the synergistic effects of combining Reiki with crystals create a profound healing experience for my clients, and it is an honor to offer this as an adjunct to the remarkable results of a Reiki session. All crystals carry energetic properties that can be utilized for healing purposes, either as a standalone modality or in combination with other practices. These properties may be applied to a wide variety of physical,

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The Transformative Flames of Holy Fire® Reiki

As published on Reiki Rays, February 8, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson Nearly five years have passed since I began my Holy Fire Reiki® (HFR) journey. Throughout those years, I have experienced remarkable healing and growth in almost all areas of my life and Reiki practice. Its transformative effects began almost immediately, and during my first year as an HFR Master, Reiki guided me to write an article describing my experiences. Since then, the Holy Fire energy has continued to evolve and develop, and as it does, it continues to elevate my very existence. As it expands and develops, so

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Reiki Classes for Children – Part 2

As published on Reiki Rays, January 19, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson The first segment of this article discussed how Reiki’s guidance led me to offer children’s Reiki classes, described challenges encountered along the way, and mentioned a few of the benefits of Reiki for children, including improved coping skills and the ability to deal more effectively with stress. The article also discussed the importance of working with Reiki throughout the entire process, which cannot be overstated. Its loving guidance can smooth any path and is an invaluable resource in all of our earthly and spiritual endeavors. Upon deciding to

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Reiki Classes for Children – Part 1

As published on Reiki Rays, January 5, 2020…Article by Kathleen Johnson Several years ago, Reiki guided me to add children’s Reiki classes to my teaching repertoire. My initial interest was sparked by my adult students, many of whom shared stories about their children’s interest in Reiki. They told me that the children asked a lot of questions about it; how it worked, what it did, how it helped, and, most importantly, could they learn Reiki too? In retrospect, I realize those conversations with the adults were Reiki’s way of nudging me into creating a class for children, although at the

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Messages from Mother Earth

As published on Reiki Rays, December 22, 2019… Article by Kathleen Johnson Of the many gifts which Reiki has bestowed on me throughout the years, one of the most profound is an abiding love and appreciation for Mother Earth. Although I have always felt a sense of gratitude for her innumerable blessings, Reiki has been instrumental in creating a meaningful profound relationship with her. This connection has intensified and strengthened over time; her loving presence regularly graces my meditations as well as many of my client sessions. The focused awareness in a Reiki session and meditation allows me to hear

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Reiki and Crystals for Balance During the Holiday Season

As published on Reiki Rays, December 7, 2019… Article by Kathleen Johnson Although we know that maintaining balance in our lives is essential for wellness, it is often challenging to do so. Life on Earth is frequently demanding, stressful, and even chaotic at times, making it harder to achieve, let alone maintain, a state of balance. This is especially true during the holiday season. The added pressure of the holiday season is a recipe for imbalance and overload when added to our busy daily lives, juggling responsibilities of home, work, family, and friends. Fortunately, as we know, Reiki provides a

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A Guide to Creating a Reiki Presentation

As published on Reiki Rays, November 23, 2019… Article by Kathleen Johnson   An “Introduction to Reiki” presentation provides an overview of Reiki to those who may be curious, yet are reluctant to book a session or take a class. It can also offer additional knowledge to those who already have some understanding of Reiki and its benefits. I have organized many presentations over the years and found it to be a rewarding experience. A presentation is an excellent way to promote a new Reiki business when used as a marketing tool. It is also remarkably effective as a means

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The Reiki Crystal Healing Session

As published on Reiki Rays, November 10, 2019…  Article by Kathleen Johnson When my Reiki journey began ten years ago, my Reiki master introduced me to the amazing world of crystal healing. Although I had a lifelong interest in stones and crystals, I was mostly unaware of their potential as healing tools. Once I learned of the possibilities, my connection with them became even deeper; I meditated with them, carried them with me to help manifest specific intentions, and included them in my self-Reiki practice. As my Reiki path continued and evolved, so did my appreciation for the mineral kingdom

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Combined Reiki Sessions (Couples Reiki and Reiki for Two)

As first published on Reiki Rays, October 20, 2019… Article by Kathleen Johnson Several years ago, I was guided to begin offering combined Reiki sessions for individuals experiencing relationship difficulties. These combined Reiki sessions included couples in romantic/spousal/life partnerships, as well as those in other relationships, such as family, friendship, and even professional. Since then, it has been an honor and privilege to work with many clients in the context of a combined Reiki session. A recent post on social media inspired me to write an article about these experiences, and I hope that it inspires your own Reiki practice.

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Everyday Reiki – for Reiki Every Day!

As published on Reiki Rays, October 12, 2019… Article by Kathleen Johnson When we first learn and become attuned to Reiki, we are often understandably awed and humbled by its gentle power, and grateful to be the recipient of such a loving gift. Because of this, it can be all too easy to compartmentalize practicing Reiki into a special event, as something we do only to heal ourselves and others in the context of healing sessions. However, this way of thinking restricts the truly limitless benefits of Reiki. After all, Reiki is a spiritually guided energy, with wisdom and intelligence,

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Is a Home-Based Reiki Business Right for You? (Part 2 of 2)

As published on Reiki Rays, September 15, 2019…  Article by Kathleen Johnson The first part of this article discussed the many steps and decisions involved in creating a professional Reiki practice, with a focus on the importance of your new business’s location. Many practitioners opt to have a home-based business (instead of renting or sharing commercial office space) because of its advantages, and it is highly advisable to weigh all the factors involved before making the final choice. Also, inviting Reiki to become your “business partner” during the decision-making process can smooth the path; each practice carries a unique energy

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Is a Home-Based Reiki Business Right for You? (Part 1 of 2)

As published on Reiki Rays, September 8, 2019… Article by Kathleen Johnson Upon completion of their training, many Reiki practitioners decide to practice Reiki professionally. It goes without saying that this choice should not be undertaken lightly; so, for this article, it is assumed that prior to launching a Reiki business the practitioner is certified in Reiki, is comfortable working with the energy, and has some experience offering Reiki to others, either through volunteer work or with family and friends. Of course, there are many other preliminary steps, some of which include deciding upon a business structure, choosing a name

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From Reiki Client to Reiki Student

As published on Reiki Rays, September 1, 2019… Article by Kathleen Johnson In a Reiki practice, clients come to the healing space for a variety of reasons – as a respite from the stresses and strain of daily life, relief from a physical or emotional malady, support on the path to wellness, guidance on the spiritual journey, and so on. This includes those clients who simply desire a “quick fix” with a Reiki session so they can resume their daily lives with little interruption, disruption, or investment. However, the vast majority of my clients are those who follow their inner

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Chair Reiki – An Alternate Practice Method

As published in Reiki Rays, February 11, 2019… Article by Kathleen Johnson Although most Reiki practitioners enjoy treating clients in a comfortable and leisurely Reiki session, there are times when a full-length Reiki treatment on a table, complete with soft music and dim lights, is impractical or impossible. These situations can raise concerns as to the efficacy of a treatment. However, all Reiki practitioners know that the healing energy is amazingly effective even in less than ideal circumstances. The only requirements are the practitioner’s intent and the recipient’s willingness to receive. Indeed, one of the many benefits of Reiki is

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