Honoring Gaia

     Tomorrow, April 22, the world observes and celebrates Earth Day in honor of our Mother Gaia. Although this is a wonderful yearly tribute, I cannot help but believe that every day must be Earth Day. After all, as cohabitants on Earth, we are accountable to Gaia and charged with the responsibility of caring for […]

In Praise of Frustration

This past week has been, shall we say, challenging. Euphemisms aside, the past several days of my life have been aggravating, frustrating, and exhausting, for a variety of reasons. The specifics are unimportant; what really matters is the way in which these inevitable curve balls are perceived and managed. As a spiritual individual, I realize […]

Embracing Surrender

     As I prepared to write this, I once again read Jessica’s powerful article about letting go. I was struck by its relevance to what has been going on in my life lately; namely, stressing about the holidays, family obligations, housework, cooking, and most recently, writing this post “on time.” When we started Soul Journeys, […]

Attitude of Gratitude

After months of planning and hard work, I finally have the opportunity and privilege to share this endeavor with all who may be interested. As I write this, I feel a deep humility along with a profound sense of gratitude, which is ever-present in my daily life.  Gratitude – it is a simple word with […]