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 Spiritual Guidance Overview

Although we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience here on Earth, it is sometimes difficult to remember the time when our consciousness existed in Spirit as sparks of the Divine, which is our true essence. This “great forgetting” is by design, so that we are better able to learn the necessary lessons for our soul’s development.

Each incarnation brings certain lessons that we must master in order to progress as souls. Therefore, if we fully remember our existence as pure consciousness in Spirit, it becomes much more difficult to commit to our physical lives and give ourselves over to experiences that are necessary for spiritual development. It may be compared to having the answers to an important test prior to the exam, thus negating the need to study, thereby learning nothing. If the lessons are not learned during our current incarnation, they will be presented again in future incarnations until mastered, frequently under more difficult circumstances.

Clearly, life on Earth is a difficult classroom, replete with challenges, obstacles, disappointments, and sorrow. Yet it is also full of joy, beauty, peace, and love. As humans, we tend to focus on the difficulties, and can easily become discouraged.

Receiving spiritual guidance can help you rediscover the preciousness of life on Earth by realizing and honoring your true spiritual nature.

Spiritual guidance can offer the following:

  • Discovering your soul purpose and mission in life
  • Deepening your spiritual practices
  • Discovering the spiritual messages in dreams
  • Becoming more aware of the spiritual world as it exists in everyday life; examples include synchronous events, intuitive insight, prescience, or a simple “knowing” that defies logic

It is important to remember that spiritual guidance is not psychotherapy or counseling; instead, it focuses on issues that many spiritual seekers face along the Path. The Spiritual Guidance mentor is a “fellow traveler” on the Journey, offering insight, direction, and support.

Spiritual Guidance sessions are conducted by telephone.

For additional information or questions about Spiritual Guidance services, please contact us.