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As published on Reiki Rays, February 22, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson

As a Reiki practitioner and Crystal Healer, I frequently incorporate crystals into my Reiki sessions. I have found that the synergistic effects of combining Reiki with crystals create a profound healing experience for my clients, and it is an honor to offer this as an adjunct to the remarkable results of a Reiki session.

All crystals carry energetic properties that can be utilized for healing purposes, either as a standalone modality or in combination with other practices. These properties may be applied to a wide variety of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues and can be very beneficial, both for one’s personal healing and that of others. To date, there are more than 4000 known healing stones and crystals available, and likely many more yet to be discovered within Mother Earth. And because each crystal has a specific energy signature, some have properties that seem particularly suited for inclusion in a Reiki session. These include Blue-Green Obsidian, Danburite, Healer’s Gold, and Infinite Stone. The Zeolites, which include Apophyllite, Okenite, Pectolite, Prehnite, and Stilbite, also harmonize exceptionally well with the energy of a Reiki session. Most of these “Reiki stones” carry a very high energetic frequency, which makes them a perfect complement for Reiki.

However, of all these crystals, Apophyllite is often referred to as “The Reiki Stone,” and is the one that makes its way into almost all my Reiki sessions, although I enjoy working with a wide variety of stones in my practice. Over the years, this lovely crystal, available in its Clear form as well as the less common Green, has demonstrated its ability to elevate and enhance the inherently high vibration of a Reiki session. Of course, this in no way implies that a Reiki session requires a crystal to be effective. As Reiki practitioners, we are well aware of Reiki’s unerring ability to deeply and thoroughly heal on all levels of one’s being. That is not in question. The addition of intuitively chosen crystals seamlessly adds another layer of healing energy, and I have found that the resulting synergy is a welcome bonus for my clients, as well as for my personal healing. When Reiki found me ten years ago, it also guided me to learn more about the healing potential of crystals and how to incorporate them into my Reiki practice. My growing interest soon became a passion that continues to this day, and I am deeply grateful for these allies from Mother Earth.

From the beginning, Apophyllite drew me to its powerful yet gentle vibration. It provided clarity in meditation, helped me to connect easily with spirit guides, and soon became a favorite stone for personal healing. When Reiki guided me to introduce it into client sessions, the effect was immediate. When placed above the Crown chakra, clients reported stronger feelings of connection to Spirit and of going “deeper” during the Reiki session. I was intrigued and delighted by the responses and began using it often. Eventually, I added several more Apophyllite pieces to my crystal family, and their energy imbued my healing space with a sense of Oneness with All That Is.

Eventually, Reiki further guided me to discover that a crystal grid with Apophyllite pyramids was a powerful addition to my Reiki classes, especially during the attunement process, because of its ability to smoothly and consciously link the physical with the spiritual. When placed in a room, a single piece of Apophyllite envelops and elevates the energy within, due to its extremely high vibration. Adding an Apophyllite cluster or a natural pyramid also quickly clears the energy of a space. These days, Apophyllite’s presence graces several rooms in my home and continues to be a source of connection and oneness as it bridges worlds and dimensions.


Apophyllite’s properties are effective on all levels of being, and include, but are not limited to, the following:

Although Apophyllite is known as “The Reiki Stone,” its healing capabilities extend far beyond the context of a Reiki session, as does Reiki itself. This versatile and highly spiritual crystal remains a valuable resource in my professional and personal life. I am grateful for Reiki’s guidance that led me to this beneficial healing tool, and I hope this information may inspire you to do the same.

Reiki blessings!

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