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As published on Reiki Rays, April 4, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson

As a Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer, I often combine the two modalities in client sessions as well as in my personal life. Many years ago, I was guided to invite the energies of healing crystals into my Reiki sessions, which resulted in an energetic marriage of this “Power Couple” (1). Indeed, I soon discovered that combining the power of Reiki with the properties and energies of crystals created a profoundly effective healing synergy, which was transformative in its ability to clear stagnant, unhealthy energies. Eventually, I began creating crystal grids for a variety of purposes. I then realized that this synergistic effect occurred when the loving energy of Reiki is a co-creator in the design and implementation of the grids. The Reiki crystal grid adds an unmistakable boost to any distant healing work as it supercharges the intention of the crystal grid, and allows the crystals to transmit Reiki, purely through the intention of the practitioner.

Recently, and during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, I received a request to create a Reiki Crystal Grid with a dual intention – to unite the global Reiki community, and to use that formidable power as a means to shift the worldwide energy toward healing and harmony. I welcomed, and was humbled by, the opportunity to assist in this manner and immediately set out to fulfill the request. After more than a week of preparation, which included a great deal of guidance from Reiki and Spirit, meditation, and gathering of materials, the Reiki Crystal Grid was intentionally and lovingly created. It was energized on Sunday, March 29, 2020, and is now active, transmitting Reiki throughout the world for healing and harmony during these times of great change. It will remain so, as per intention, for as long as it is valuable and needed.

This article describes the process involved in creating the grid, along with some helpful information should you wish to create your own. The information provided assumes the reader has a working knowledge of crystals and crystal grids. For additional information, refer to the recommended resources.


Creating the Reiki Crystal Grid

The Intention

As with any energy work, a clear and focused intention is vital. The practitioner’s intention drives the energy – remember that “Energy follows Intention.” The intention for this grid is twofold – to unite the global community of Reiki practitioners, and then to harness that immeasurable energy for worldwide healing.

The Grid Template (or Base)

Many templates exist for use as a base for crystal grids. Some of the most popular include the Flower of Life, Antahkarana, Star of David, and Metatron’s Cube. The practitioner’s intuition and guidance play an essential part in deciding which template is best for any given purpose. For this grid, I chose Metatron’s Cube because of its high vibration and its association with the spiritual and angelic realms. This symbol is also very effective for clearing and cleansing unhealthy energies.

The Crystals

Choosing the crystals for a grid or any healing purpose is also best served by one’s intuition. For the Reiki Crystal Grid, be sure to welcome the loving energy of Reiki to guide your choices too. For this particular grid, the selection of crystals was determined by Reiki’s guidance, my intuition, along with a working knowledge of the mineral kingdom.

As an interesting side note, I was guided to contact a trusted friend (and crystal expert) to request her insight regarding which crystals to include. Although I had a list in mind, I did not share that with her at the time. The list she provided was virtually identical to mine, and I felt a deep sense of gratitude for this unmistakable sign from Spirit.

The crystals chosen for this grid are as follows:

Apophyllite – Known as the “Reiki Stone,” this crystal is predominant in the grid and includes 12 natural Apophyllite Pyramids. Apophyllite’s energy enhances the absorption of Reiki energy and seamlessly links the physical realm with the highest spiritual realms.

Prehnite – This stone “heals the healer” and heightens the flow of healthy energy in those who bring Light to others. It allows us to feel a connection with Mother Earth and her gifts as it fosters unconditional love.

Lavender Spirit Quartz – This lovely stone carries a very high vibration, operating at the frequency of Universal Love. It also amplifies the energy of other stones and facilitates the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is also useful for promoting harmony, making it an excellent choice for group healing endeavors.

Clear Quartz – The Master Healer, it stimulates the immune system and helps to restore balance on all levels of being. It amplifies, absorbs, and holds energy. When coupled with intention, quartz transmits the power of the specific intention. This particular grid features 12 double terminated crystal points, allowing energy to flow in as well as out.

Jasper – There are many known forms of Jasper; it is regarded as a supremely nurturing stone, and is supportive, stabilizing, and balancing. It clears electromagnetic pollution and has a strong connection with Mother Earth. Jasper also gently reminds us of our inherent Oneness and the need to care for each other. I chose six heart-shaped stones, including Mookaite, Polychrome Jasper (2), Unakite, Bumblebee Jasper, and Dalmatian Stone.

Selenite – A lovely Selenite tower occupies the center of the grid. This stone carries a very high vibration -one of peace, calm, and clarity. Selenite connects the physical with the spiritual and enhances any type of spiritual work. Additionally, a Selenite wand was chosen for the master crystal, used to activate the grid (in addition to the Reiki symbols).

Cleansing and Charging the Crystals and Base

Once the base and crystals are chosen, they must be cleansed. There are a variety of methods for cleansing crystals, one of which is Reiki. Crystals and the template may be cleansed simply by channeling Reiki to them with the intent to clear and cleanse all extraneous or negative energies.

When everything is cleansed, the base and the crystals must be charged, which simply means setting the intention. For a Reiki Crystal Grid, this may be accomplished through the use of symbols, accompanied by the stated intention for the grid. For those who do not yet have the Reiki symbols, the power of the intention will suffice.

For this grid, I charged the base and crystals with the three Reiki 2 symbols, the Usui Master Symbol, and then wrapped them all in the Holy Fire Symbol. As I did so, I repeated the intention for the grid, “To unite in harmony the global Reiki community for the purpose of achieving deep healing and blessing worldwide, always in accordance with the Highest Good. We are grateful for these gifts from Mother Earth and the boundless blessings of Reiki. As it is intended, so it is.”

Assembling the Grid

Once the base and the stones are chosen, cleansed, and charged, it is time to assemble the grid. Place the template on a flat surface away from heavily trafficked areas so that it will not be disturbed. Then begin arranging the crystals on the base in a symmetrical fashion, following the sacred geometrical pattern of the template design. Start by placing the center stone (with the written intention beneath), and then move outward. Allow Reiki’s guidance and your intuition to assist with the placement of the supporting stones.

Grid Activation

The final step is to activate the grid so that it can begin transmitting the energy of the intention. Although there are several methods by which to energize a crystal grid, the Reiki Crystal Grid is, unsurprisingly, activated by the power of Reiki.

This grid was activated by drawing the Holy Fire Symbol in the air above it, followed by the three Reiki 2 symbols. Alternately, you may use any symbols to which you are attuned and guided to utilize. The master crystal (Selenite wand) was held in my dominant hand and pointed at the center crystal as I channeled Reiki. The intention for the grid was repeated as I moved the wand from the center crystal outward, from stone to stone, and then back to the center crystal. One method is to move the master crystal as if slicing a pie; this helps “connect the dots,” or in this case, “connect the crystals.” During the activation, focus on the intention as if it has already manifested while repeating the intention’s words.

Once activated, it is helpful to re-activate the grid regularly. I prefer to re-energize the grid once a week by simply channeling Reiki to it while re-stating the intention. Note that there is no one “right” way to create and activate a grid. If you allow Reiki’s guidance and your intuition to lead the way, you will likely discover the method that works best for you.

During these uncertain times, Reiki practitioners can derive great comfort from the blessings of Reiki and all it offers. A Reiki Crystal Grid pairs the limitless power of Reiki with the energetic properties of crystals to generate healing on all levels of being, both individually and collectively. May this Crystal Grid for global Reiki harmony and world healing create profound blessings for us all.



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