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Is Your Reiki Better than My Reiki?

As published on Reiki Rays August 17, 2020… Article by Kathleen L. Johnson, M.A., RMT

             As we know, Reiki’s spiritually guided energy manifests through dozens of different styles and systems of Reiki, and new additions continue to be channeled and developed with seemingly increased frequency. In meditation, my guides tell me this is purposeful and in keeping with the evolution of Reiki and its role in the new earth. Because of the planet’s ongoing and arduous emergence into the New Consciousness, Reiki is becoming more mainstream, more widely available, and more recognized as a powerful healing modality in its own right. Also, my guides have said that its efficacy as a complement to western medicine and as a vehicle of spiritual growth will continue to garner more attention and appreciation worldwide. Therefore, the numerous choices available allow Reiki to guide individuals to the style that is just right for them.

                As I write this in August of 2020, their message is comforting and heartening, given the extreme and unprecedented turmoil, strife, and upheaval rampaging across the globe. Gaia is struggling mightily to birth the new earth under the collective weight of a pandemic, catastrophic climate changes, economic collapses, and extreme ideological polarity. When I feel overwhelmed by the challenges, my guides continue to gently remind me that everything is purposeful and that these struggles are necessary as Gaia prepares herself for the arrival of the new earth, and with it, the New Consciousness. They also assure me that, as a gift from Spirit, the loving energy of Reiki is an essential component of the emergence process, and is also integral in the formation of the new earth and beyond.

               While these messages are helpful and encouraging, living in the chaotic energy of earthly life nowadays remains rife with challenges, and it appears that nothing is unaffected by these shifts – not even for those who practice Reiki. Over the past few years, I have observed a manifestation of global discord and conflict among Reiki practitioners in the form of heightened disagreements about what style or system of Reiki is “the best.” I have also noted a tendency for some practitioners to disparage alternative Reiki training methods, especially those delivered online or via distance. This trend has devolved into a “My reiki is better than your Reiki” mindset. From my perspective, this is a disturbing development, counterintuitive to the all-encompassing Spirit of Reiki, and it seems to be a reflection of the conflict-ridden times in which we live. My deepening concern over this rift has led me, with Reiki’s guidance, to share my thoughts on the issue.

               At this pivotal time in humanity’s history, it is critical and necessary that, as Reiki practitioners (“Bearers of the Light” according to my guides), we rise above the petty squabbles and disputes, and set aside our superficial differences. Indulging our egos and engaging in these behaviors serve only to lower our vibrational frequencies, individually and collectively, which we can ill afford as we are being called to step up and help usher in the New Consciousness. Remember that Reiki is a precious gift from Spirit, and as such, has never been a “one size fits all” modality, nor is it meant to be. Indeed, Reiki’s loving energy is never more potent than when it is allowed to work with the individual practitioner in the way that is best for that individual. Reiki is highly adaptable – it meets us where we are, and because of this, we are forever and continually changed by Reiki.  It is a symbiotic relationship; as we honor Spirit and serve others through our healing work, Reiki also works to help us heal ourselves. In so doing, it continues to guide us along our appropriate path, in the direction that is just right for us.

               In my Reiki classes, I emphasize to nervous new students that they “cannot do it wrong.” As a spiritually guided energy, Reiki will always provide the recipient with what is needed in accordance with the Highest Good. The appropriately trained practitioner needs little more than a clear intention and a willingness to be a channel for this remarkable energy. Reiki provides the rest. It is up to us to Accept and Trustaccept that we are merely channels for Reiki, and trust that Reiki always delivers exactly what is needed.

               With that in mind, does it truly matter what style or system the practitioner embraces? Does it truly matter if their training was received online, in-person, or via distance learning? We know that time and space are irrelevant for Reiki and that distant healing is as effective as in-person sessions. We also know that Reiki finds us when we need it the most. So, if Reiki finds us at a time when virtual classes are the only option, does taking that class make the training less valid? My response to all these questions is a resounding “No.”

               To be clear, this is not to dismiss the Reiki training as unimportant – of course not! Reiki must always be taught by a qualified teacher who provides students with a solid foundation and complete attunement as they begin their Reiki journey. And, the teaching (and learning) of Reiki must always be undertaken with the respect and reverence it deserves. In other words, what matters is the essence of the training, not its packaging.

               Numerous styles and systems of Reiki exist as a testament to our individual natures and our unique energy signatures. Reiki recognizes this and guides us to the best fit for us, just as it guides us to the populations we can best serve. For example, some practitioners are guided to work solely with animals, while others may focus their practice on working with children.  Still others may find fulfillment in the medical Reiki field, while many are happy working with a varied clientele. The point is that Reiki guides the practitioner to the choice that will best highlight their unique strengths and talents, although it is always up to the individual to accept the guidance or not. Regardless, Reiki is unfailingly available as an ally, a source of strength and support.

               Additionally, having many available choices in the type of Reiki and the delivery of training expands Reiki’s reach and promotes its growth across the world, which aligns with its purpose and role in the new earth. Technological advances have made Reiki more widely accessible and have contributed significantly to its expansion. This is excellent news for us all, especially now, as the pandemic forces us to adapt as we navigate these tumultuous times. The purposefulness of these events and circumstances cannot be overstated.

               So, quibbling about which style or training method is “best” or valid is pointless and a waste of resources and energy. Even more importantly, it lowers one’s individual vibration along with that of the collective group. Because the energy of Reiki is spiritually guided, it easily transcends perceived earthly limitations and overcomes circumstances we may deem unacceptable. But when we align ourselves with its loving energy, we are afforded that higher perspective that nullifies and eclipses external details.

               Finally, when we remember that Reiki is fueled by the power of intention -the fundamental concept of energy healing – outward trappings fade in importance. Therefore, as we perch on the brink of the new earth, Reiki challenges us to stand in unity with the global Reiki family and to remember that we are all one in concert with Reiki, as we rise to the challenges of the New Consciousness.  At its core, Reiki is beautifully simple and simply beautiful. As Bearers of the Light, we must never lose sight of this essential truth as we pledge to support each other on the Reiki path, regardless of how we got there.