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When we first learn and become attuned to Reiki, we are often understandably awed and humbled by its gentle power, and grateful to be the recipient of such a loving gift. Because of this, it can be all too easy to compartmentalize practicing Reiki into a special event, as something we do only to heal ourselves and others in the context of healing sessions. However, this way of thinking restricts the truly limitless benefits of Reiki.

After all, Reiki is a spiritually guided energy, with wisdom and intelligence, so for us to relegate it to special occasions or formal healing sessions is to do a disservice to ourselves and to Reiki’s loving energy. Indeed, the truth is that Reiki works best and is more efficient and effective when it is incorporated as part of our everyday lives. When we, as Reiki practitioners, invite and welcome it into every area of our lives, and allow it to infuse our daily routines, we find that Reiki becomes an invaluable life companion as it guides and enlightens even the most mundane parts of life. However, we need to remember that Reiki does not interfere with our free will, and thus must be invited into our daily lives through our intention. And when we begin to work with the energy every day, in every way, we soon find that Reiki has become an everyday part of our lives.

Everyday Reiki – for Reiki every day

In my Reiki 1 classes, I thoroughly cover this topic, because new practitioners tend to have doubts and concerns about the energy as well as their ability to channel it. Learning how to make Reiki a part of their daily lives serves many purposes:

  • Accelerates the integration of the energy into all levels of being
  • Enhances and accelerates the practitioner’s self-healing process
  • Enriches the practitioner’s personal relationship with Reiki
  • Enhances the practitioner’s comfort and confidence with the new energy

The last point is especially helpful for those students who are timid about offering it to others for fear of “doing it wrong” (which seems to be the case for most new students!). When a practitioner welcomes Reiki into all aspects of life, a deep and rewarding relationship develops, in which Reiki acts as a guide and trusted companion on life’s journey. The practitioner’s confidence and effectiveness grow as this unique relationship blossoms.

Students frequently ask for practical ideas on how to implement Reiki in their daily lives, beyond the requisite self-treatment so necessary for practitioners. The following suggestions were instrumental in forging my personal relationship with Reiki and continue to be an integral part of my Reiki journey.

  • Recite the precepts upon waking and before rising. The precepts form the foundation of the way of Reiki and are powerful when spoken as affirmations. Initiate Reiki as you awaken, and recite (aloud or silently) the precepts with intention, allowing yourself to feel the power of the simple words. This has been my daily practice for years and provides a positive loving start to my day.
  • Intend that Reiki continues to flow as you begin your day. The simple act of intention is all that’s needed for Reiki to start flowing for your Highest Good. As you move through your morning routine, Reiki will be with you.
  • Turn your shower into a Reiki shower! When you step in the shower, channel Reiki into the shower space, focusing on the showerhead. As you stand under the water, envision it filled with Light and Reiki as it washes you physically, as well as energetically. Intend to release all toxic or incompatible energies down the drain with the water.
  • Channel Reiki into your morning meal during preparations. As Reiki practitioners, we need only to intentionally activate Reiki for our hands to begin channeling the energy. Utilize this incredible ability as you prepare your breakfast by intending that the energy flow to the food during its preparation. Reiki will not only raise the vibration of the food but will improve the taste as well. And be sure to offer a gratitude blessing to the food as you sit down to eat.
  • Infuse your drinking water with Reiki. We all know the benefits of staying hydrated, and charging your drinking water with Reiki will improve the taste and raise its vibration. Many articles have been written on how to create Reiki-charged water, and they all have value; however, I believe in keeping things simple. After all, life is fraught with complications, and no one needs more of them! Because Reiki is essentially a simple practice, creating Reiki-charged water is as easy as initiating the energy flow and channeling it to the water vessel with the intent that Reiki infuse the water (and the vessel) with its loving energy. My practice is to simply place my hands around a pitcher of water and allow Reiki to flow for a few moments. Many people comment on the pure taste of this drinking water.
  • Have Reiki accompany your work commute. If you drive to work, initiate Reiki’s flow and visualize it surrounding your vehicle as you travel. If you have Reiki symbols, activate the ones that you are guided to use. It is also helpful to send Reiki to your destination and to any traffic you may encounter along the way. And, if you use public transportation, intend that Reiki surround and protect you during the commute.
  • Housework is easier with Reiki. Initiate the flow of Reiki as you clean your home. As your hands perform the tasks of cleaning, sweeping, dusting, and so on, your home will also receive an energetic cleansing as well as a physical one. I have also learned that channeling Reiki while cleaning makes the chores much more pleasant – and I feel energized afterward.
  • Provide focus for reading and studying with Reiki. Whether you are reading for pleasure, or are studying a lesson, send Reiki to the book or manual to bolster focus and memory. If you have Reiki 2 symbols, activating the Mental/Emotional Symbol will also help with your concentration and retention of materials.
  • Invite Reiki into the dinner hour. For many people, this time of day can be quite stressful, especially after a long day at work. If you’re cooking for a family, you may have hungry children who want your attention as you are preparing dinner, which further exacerbates the stress. By activating Reiki and intending that it flow through the kitchen and home, a soothing blanket of loving energy envelops all. And, as you intentionally prepare the meal with your Reiki hands, you ensure that the food will be blessed as well as nourishing for all who partake of it.
  • Relax with Reiki. One of my favorite ways to self-treat is in the evening as I relax with a book or a favorite television show. I initiate Reiki and lightly place a hand on my abdomen or legs as the gentle energy helps me to unwind from the day. During this time, I may also offer Reiki to one or more of our pets if they are receptive. Animals generally love Reiki, but I respect their right to refuse.
  • Reiki will prepare you for a restful night. Just as in the morning, invite Reiki into your nighttime ritual. As you complete your tasks for the day and begin to wind down, ask Reiki to soothe you and prepare you for restful sleep. My preferred time for self-Reiki is when I am comfortable in bed before I drift off to sleep.
  • Invite Reiki to continue flowing while you sleep. As your day finally comes to an end, set a final intention for Reiki to flow throughout the night, as it continues to protect, heal, guide, and empower you. It is tremendously comforting to know that Reiki is with you during sleep, and simply being aware of that enhances your relaxation and restfulness.

These suggestions are by no means a comprehensive list. Other everyday uses for Reiki include inviting Reiki to protect you from unhealthy or incompatible energies during shopping trips, activating Reiki to shield you from harmful EMFs emitted by electronic devices, and asking for its help in easing you through difficult situations and relationships. You likely have additional uses for Reiki in your everyday life. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Reiki is available to us at any time, any place, and in any circumstance. Because your intention powers the energy, it is available to you by merely a single thought. As a Reiki practitioner you have tremendous potential for healing available to you, literally in the palms of your hands. All that is required is your willingness to receive it.

Wishing you brightest blessings on your Reiki path!

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