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As published on Reiki Rays, September 1, 2019… Article by Kathleen Johnson

In a Reiki practice, clients come to the healing space for a variety of reasons – as a respite from the stresses and strain of daily life, relief from a physical or emotional malady, support on the path to wellness, guidance on the spiritual journey, and so on. This includes those clients who simply desire a “quick fix” with a Reiki session so they can resume their daily lives with little interruption, disruption, or investment.

However, the vast majority of my clients are those who follow their inner guidance to seek Reiki treatments. These individuals intuitively know the benefits of this gentle healing modality, even if this knowledge is below their conscious level of awareness. In my experience, those who respond to this guidance are generally open-minded individuals, who understand the holistic nature of their human experience, and know that true wellness is achieved by treating the whole person, on all levels of being. Holistic approaches such as Reiki and other complementary modalities help to soothe life’s challenges even as they facilitate awareness of our spiritual birthright and our oneness with All That Is.

Over the years, Reiki has taught me that many clients intuitively know what is right for them, and what they need in order to heal. Often, this deep knowing rises to the surface with crystal clarity during a Reiki session. This knowledge is lovingly delivered and is always in alignment with the client’s Highest Good. Clients frequently express amazement and gratitude for Reiki’s unerring ability to shine a light on their personal truths.

And then there are those clients who describe, sometimes in halting whispered tones, an ineffable longing for something as yet unrealized and inexplicable. They speak of a yearning for transformation and personal healing, knowing that self-healing is the first step to healing the world, and that effecting change begins with each one of us. Yet they also know that transformation extends far beyond the scope of a single Reiki session. During the pre-session discussion, these intuitive souls speak of being at a “crossroads,” finding the “missing piece,” or feeling “stuck.” They also express a longing to take a “leap of faith”. Yet, in the midst of frustration, they also sense that they are on the brink of an amazing journey, and often express a growing excitement about their life path. As they speak of their longing, the Reiki session is infused with their intention to clarify and manifest their soul’s desire. As a Reiki practitioner and teacher, I have come to know, through the wisdom of Reiki, that these clients, in ever-increasing numbers, are not merely interested in a session or two for themselves – they are receiving clear guidance to learn Reiki for the benefit of themselves as well as others. They have begun the transformation from Reiki client to Reiki student.
From Reiki Client to Reiki Student

The growing numbers of those drawn to learn Reiki are due in large part to the slow but steady shift in consciousness occurring across the globe, as humanity and planet Earth struggle to fully emerge into the Age of Aquarius. As this shift intensifies and expands, individuals are drawn to personal healing and development in ever-increasing numbers, many of whom are guided to learn Reiki. After all, Reiki is available to everyone, is easy to learn, and requires no particular belief system, ability, or skill. Reiki is truly a gift from Spirit, lovingly and freely given as a method to accelerate our healing and spiritual evolution. It is a gift to humanity, and we only need to accept this beautiful offering from Spirit to enjoy its many benefits.

Meeting a client in my healing space is an energetically intimate experience, and allows for an exchange of energy between myself and the individual. In this space of healing, caring, and unconditional acceptance, veneers and facades fall away, revealing one’s authenticity. After all, energy cannot be disguised – it is a blueprint for who we are, and is our unique spiritual signature. As a healing facilitator in the intimacy of the healing space, it is an honor and privilege to witness the emergence of these energetic truths in which our true Selves are exposed.

And it is frequently in this setting, in the context of a Reiki session, where the loving energy of Reiki guides me to recognize the individual whose soul contract may include the Reiki path. For me, this recognition comes in a flash, an instant, and is an undeniable knowing that Reiki has found this individual soul when they most needed to be found. This “knowing” is often accompanied by pulsing in my third eye area or a warm vibration in my heart space. At other times, I receive guidance to hold the client’s hand and channel the energy, which is frequently accompanied by powerful vibrations and deep warmth.

As the session progresses, the realization often arrives like a lightning bolt for the client as well; many of them report that their hands became unusually warm or tingling during the session, or that they felt a pressure in the third eye chakra. Clients may also experience a whisper in the ear or a clear sense of being surrounded by beautiful loving beings. Some simply describe an instant clarity and understanding of the “missing piece.” Regardless of how the knowledge is experienced, the individual’s relief and excitement are palpable, as are the raw emotions that frequently erupt and pour forth during the quiet time following the Reiki session. These emotions are born of the realization that what they’ve been seeking has found them – Reiki has met them where they are. Those precious moments of realization inspire awe and gratitude as the client begins to process and integrate this new awareness.

In bearing witness to this transformation, I am continually amazed and humbled by Reiki’s unfailing ability to find us when we are ready. And as Reiki practitioners, we know it is incumbent upon us to remain open to the shift from client to student in our daily work and to support and encourage those who receive the call to make Reiki a part of their soul’s path.

Reiki blessings!

© 2018 Kathleen Johnson

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