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Holy Fire Reiki – Preparing for the New Consciousness

Approximately six months ago, I received the training and ignitions for Holy Fire Reiki, the new evolution of this amazing healing modality. Since then, it has informed and elevated my interactions with clients and their healing, the manner and content of my classes, as well as my personal healing journey. There are many questions (and some misunderstanding) about Holy Fire Reiki, and I want to offer my interpretation of, and experience with, Holy Fire, in the hope of creating clarity and dispelling some misinformation.

For those who are interested in the full details of Holy Fire, The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) website has dedicated an entire section to this, complete with history, FAQs, interviews with William Lee Rand, and more about Holy Fire Reiki. However, because I now teach my classes in the Usui/Holy Fire system, as well as treat clients with the Holy Fire energy, I was guided to share with you my perspective and experiences with Holy Fire.

As most of you undoubtedly know, humanity and the planet have entered the Age of Aquarius, and are struggling to realize a New Consciousness. Much of what is going on globally at this time is directly related to this shift – planetary house cleaning, if you will.

Most of the souls incarnated at this time have the ability to take on and hold higher levels and frequencies of energy, in order to meet the demands of this new consciousness and to help ease the transition into the Age of Aquarius. In short, humanity is evolving and we, as individuals and healers, must be ready to step up and heed the call. The methods by which we access Source, the Divine, God, or whatever you choose to call All That Is, also have to evolve if we are to progress. Hence, the introduction of Holy Fire Reiki. It has been given to us by Source as a means of accelerated healing and growth.

The possibilities for healing and growth are limitless with this energy, which comes directly from the God-Consciousness, and works continuously to heal issues and challenges as they arise. It is self-evolving, and develops itself, which accelerates with continued use.

Some of its more frequently reported qualities include:

One of the most beautiful things about the Holy Fire energy is the feeling of love and being loved. The individual experiences nurturing on a very deep and personal level. Additionally, those who have received the Holy Fire training report deep, and often permanent, healing of issues that have been long “forgotten” and buried by their conscious minds. As for myself, I have experienced astonishing changes and shifts – in my perspective, my attitudes, and in deep healing from long-ago traumas. Clients have also reported surprising results in healing sessions, which are often attended by the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and other Light Beings.

Some of the reports include:

As the practitioner, I have had many experiences in which I am “instructed” how best to conduct the session. The most remarkable example of this phenomenon occurred during a treatment with a long-time client. Almost immediately, I felt the presence of Master Jesus, who began sweeping his hands together over each of the client’s chakras, starting at the sides, and bringing them together like a tenting motion and sweeping up. Then I knew I was supposed to do that as well, which I did. This also happened at her feet, with Master Jesus demonstrating the action, and me following. When I asked what this was all about, I heard “Raising up the energy.” Although I was initially confused by this reply, I soon understood – Holy Fire not only permeates the receiver’s physical body but must be actively swept up into the entire energetic field, where it can be most effective for the individual.

Immediately following the session, the client spontaneously expressed a feeling of awe and reverence, stating that she felt Master Jesus’ presence throughout the session, calming and comforting her, assuring her that all is well.

Since that session, I have been guided many times to perform this sweeping motion with Holy Fire, always with noticeable results reported by the client.

Additionally, the attunement process with students has been transformed with the Holy Fire energy. The overwhelming majority of students describe warmth, sometimes uncomfortably so, a jolt of energy like an electric current when they are touched, and a rush of warm golden energy, entering from the crown, traveling into their feet, and into the Earth. One student reported that he could “see” each of his chakras along the light channel, and that their colors were vibrant and radiant. He felt profoundly joyful and grateful as the chakras opened up to receive this energy.

The Holy Fire energy goes where no energy has gone before (to paraphrase Star Trek!), and elevates each of us to recognize our Divinity and rightful place in the Universe. Holy Fire is a game-changer, for all who allow its powerful, yet loving and gentle energy, to assist in meeting the challenges of the New Consciousness. As a Holy Fire Reiki practitioner and teacher, I am ever grateful for the opportunity to be of service during this pivotal time in humanity’s evolution.

Wishing you love and light always!



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