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Is a Home-Based Reiki Business Right for You?

Upon completion of their training, many Reiki practitioners decide to practice Reiki professionally. It goes without saying that this choice should not be undertaken lightly; so, for this article, it is assumed that prior to launching a Reiki business the practitioner is certified in Reiki, is comfortable working with the energy, and has some experience offering Reiki to others, either through volunteer work or with family and friends.

Of course, there are many other preliminary steps, some of which include deciding upon a business structure, choosing a name for the practice, securing professional liability insurance, and becoming familiar with any local licensing or legal requirements. For example, a few states in the U.S. require Reiki practitioners to be licensed, while others may require certification as an ordained minister or similar designation.

In addition to these steps, choosing a business location ranks as one of the most important. Many Reiki practices (including mine) are home-based, in contrast to renting commercial office space or sharing space with compatible businesses, such as a massage therapist, chiropractor, or psychotherapist. The business location and its proper implementation are critical factors in the practice’s success. The old real estate adage, “Location, Location, Location” also applies to the setting of a Reiki practice.

This is a significant decision for the practitioner and one to be carefully considered while weighing the benefits and the drawbacks. Many opt for a home-based practice because of its many advantages, but it is advisable to consider all factors before arriving at a decision. In this article, I hope to inform, inspire, and benefit others in moving forward with their own practices by sharing insights, knowledge, and experiences as a successful home-based Reiki practitioner for nearly a decade.

The creation of a Reiki practice involves making many decisions, which can quickly feel overwhelming and exhausting! When my Reiki practice was in its nascent stage, it seemed as if each decision was monumentally important, and I was determined to do the best I could for my new business. From my perspective, the practice needed to reflect my respect, reverence, and passion for Reiki, and I wanted to avoid missteps. To further complicate matters, my perfectionist nature was in overdrive as I faced each decision, and I soon became disheartened and filled with doubt.

But I had underestimated the power of Reiki. In meditation, I intentionally connected with the energy and asked for guidance. As I sat quietly and felt the familiar warmth and gentle pulse of the energy flowing through me, Reiki whispered that it was there to help and guide me; I needed only to invite it. At that moment, my concerns gently dissolved into the loving energy, and I asked Reiki to lead the way through the decision-making process. The energy also reminded me that each Reiki practice contains a unique spirit and energy, and, when invited, will work with its practitioner/creator for the best possible outcome.

Unsurprisingly, the decision-making process became smoother once Reiki became my “business partner.” I spent time in quiet contemplation with Reiki and asked for guidance as I considered each decision. As I quieted myself and invited Reiki to lead the way, the answers revealed themselves. It happened slowly at first, but eventually, the pieces fell rapidly into place as Reiki showed me what was best for my practice and its unique energy.

During this process, one of the most pressing issues was choosing the practice’s location. I had been struggling to decide which option (home-based or office space) was best for my practice. In weighing the options, I first considered the non-negotiable client requirements, which include comfort, privacy, and professionalism. I also considered the comfort of my family members, who would obviously be affected by a home-based business. And, equally important, I took into account my personal feelings and comfort with each option. To do that, I asked Reiki to guide me as I went within to soulfully contemplate each possibility- and the answer became immediately apparent.

At first, I visualized myself practicing Reiki in an office setting and invited in the energy of that scenario. Instantly, a heavy feeling settled over me as I felt a clenching in my solar plexus and tightness in my chest. Somewhat surprised, I sat with that feeling for a few minutes and then intentionally released it into the Light, clearing my energy as I did so.

After a short break, I resumed contemplation and visualized practicing Reiki and working with clients in my home. The difference was remarkable! A sense of peace enveloped me, along with a fluttering of excitement in my heart space and gentle soothing warmth. As I welcomed these sensations, images and ideas flooded in, along with an infusion of fresh energy and enthusiasm. Without a doubt, Reiki had unmistakably conveyed the answer.

From that point on, launching my home-based practice proceeded smoothly despite the myriad issues and hard work. It was indeed a labor of love, and because Reiki was with me throughout every detail and step, I knew it was the right decision.

Almost a decade later, Reiki remains a steadfast ally on my life path and in my thriving practice. It has shown me a new way of being and helped me in countless ways to become the best version of myself – which remains a lifelong work in progress.

Additionally, my experiences over the years have provided valuable insights, lessons, and a comprehensive view of all aspects of a home-based professional Reiki practice. Although this continues to be the right decision for my practice, it is essential to carefully consider both sides in deciding which path is best for your personal Reiki journey. A fully informed decision, coupled with the loving guidance of Reiki, provides a strong foundation for your practice.
Reiki blessings!

* In the second installment of this article, Kathleen explores in detail the advantages, as well as the disadvantages, of a home-based Reiki practice, along with tips and suggestions to smooth your path.

© 2018 Kathleen Johnson

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