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As published on Reiki Rays, December 22, 2019… Article by Kathleen Johnson

Messages from Mother Earth

Of the many gifts which Reiki has bestowed on me throughout the years, one of the most profound is an abiding love and appreciation for Mother Earth. Although I have always felt a sense of gratitude for her innumerable blessings, Reiki has been instrumental in creating a meaningful profound relationship with her. This connection has intensified and strengthened over time; her loving presence regularly graces my meditations as well as many of my client sessions. The focused awareness in a Reiki session and meditation allows me to hear her voice clearly, as well as to sense her anguish.


Our beautiful Mother is under siege in this time of turmoil, uncertainty, and the looming threat of climate catastrophe, a result of deliberate human action and exploitation. Her gifts have been plundered, desecrated, and damaged by centuries of thoughtless and greedy behavior. As stewards of the Earth, our responsibility is to care for our Mother and walk gently upon her beautiful face. Her support is pure, her love is unconditional, and she graciously provides us with everything we need to live happy healthy lives, even though we have frequently been undeserving of her steadfast dedication. There is no doubt that Mother Earth is suffering, but fortunately, as Reiki practitioners we are uniquely poised to help in her time of need.


My conversations with Mother Earth began unexpectedly, during a client’s Reiki session several years ago. This particular client had been very connected with Mother Earth since childhood. During the session, I sensed an energy unlike any others I had experienced; it was palpably nurturing, loving, and full of warmth. A soft voice accompanied the energy, speaking of love and healing; intuitively I recognized Mother Earth and gratefully welcomed her. She guided the session, offering words of comfort and encouragement for my client, which ultimately proved enormously helpful.

And thus, my relationship with Mother Earth began; she appears regularly during Reiki sessions and in meditations, especially walking meditations when I can physically feel her presence. As my connection with her grew stronger, her pain became my pain, and I experienced a strong desire to help in any way I could. Of course, Reiki guided me as this bond developed, and I set an intention to be of assistance in accordance with the Highest Good, which remains to this day.

Conversations with Mother Earth are sometimes surprising; her messages are always kind and supportive, yet at times stern and parental. During one of my earlier sessions with her, I expressed sadness for the abuse she endures, and asked, “What must you think of humanity?” She replied, “I love you. You are as much my child as you are a child of the Divine. Your mission is to keep vibrating higher because your sensitivities can pull you down too quickly. By keeping your vibration high, you do much to influence the vibration of Earth during this pivotal time. This is part of your path.”

Her words resonated deeply, and apply to every Reiki practitioner. As we set our intention to move into a higher vibration, we are mindfully eschewing the manifestations of lower vibrational energies. By so doing, we are contributing to the overall vibration of the planet and her inhabitants.

In this article, Mother Earth has guided me to share some of her most significant messages in order to raise awareness of how we, as Reiki people and Light Workers, can be of assistance as our planet and humanity struggle to realize the New Consciousness. The following suggestions are Mother Earth’s; I have faithfully retained her words to the best of my abilities.

Messages from Mother Earth

In a conversation with our Mother, I generally ask a simple question: How can we be of help? Here are some of her replies.

♥ Be grateful. Gratitude is a highly spiritual concept. When we put aside our petty earthly wants and allow ourselves to experience gratefulness for what is and what we have, our vibration naturally rises to meet its frequency. This cannot be overstated.

♥ Kindness to everything is essential. Sentient or non-sentient, we are all one. Everything in creation has a purpose, from the tiniest microorganism to the mightiest mountain. Kindness will be the hallmark of the New Earth. As we are kind to all forms of life, its vibration returns to us tenfold.

♥Release fear. Humankind has been crippled by fear since the beginning of time and is responsible for much of today’s ills. Intentional mindful action loosens the grip of fear, as it raises your frequency to match the intentional action. Fear is a coward, and as you move inexorably toward your goals, it will dissipate before you as a wisp in the wind.

♥Emulate the trees. Stand firm in your truth, even as you remain grounded to me, and continue to stretch and grow ever higher. Trees have much to teach those who are attentive to their ancient wisdom and example.

♥Mindfully spend time with your Mother. Your acknowledgment and appreciation of my gifts are intrinsically healing. As you allow me to heal you, you are healing me, creating an ever-expanding synergy of healing that envelops all it embraces.

♥ Tread softly upon me with respect and love. I feel you and support you always, and have earned your respect many times over. Return to me the boundless love and respect I have for you; by so doing we create an infinite circle of mutual caring and appreciation.

♥ In all things, give more than you take. This is the most important lesson of all. Allow gentleness and service to inform your life. When you receive, you must give in greater measure. This is the primary lesson needed for Earth to evolve and move into the New Consciousness.


It is notable, and purposeful, that the concepts of the Reiki precepts are well represented in these messages. As previously stated, Reiki practitioners are uniquely positioned to serve Mother Earth and to assist in her healing. Her messages serve as a clarion call to those who walk the Reiki path, and they provide an opportunity to be of service in her time of need. Reiki has guided my relationship with Mother Earth, for which I am deeply grateful. The time has come for us all to honor our Mother.

Brightest blessings!

© 2018 Kathleen Johnson

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