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Reiki and Crystals for Balance During the Holiday Season

Although we know that maintaining balance in our lives is essential for wellness, it is often challenging to do so. Life on Earth is frequently demanding, stressful, and even chaotic at times, making it harder to achieve, let alone maintain, a state of balance. This is especially true during the holiday season. The added pressure of the holiday season is a recipe for imbalance and overload when added to our busy daily lives, juggling responsibilities of home, work, family, and friends.

Fortunately, as we know, Reiki provides a great antidote to holiday stress. What you may not know is that crystal therapy is another valuable tool for maintaining balance and easing stress. When these two modalities are combined, the resulting synergy creates a profound healing experience as it restores equilibrium and clears unhealthy energy. So, this holiday season (or any other time!), allow the beautiful synergy of Reiki and crystal therapy into your lives and mindfully incorporate their energy to keep yours in balance.

Over the years, the following suggestions for using crystals with Reiki have proven effective in helping me maintain balance and reduce holiday-related stress. They include some of the most common issues experienced over the holidays, but you will doubtless find many other uses for this “Power Couple” (1) of energy healing, regardless of the time of year. After all, stress never takes a holiday!

For Grounding

If you are feeling scattered, forgetful, drained of energy, or unable to focus, you likely need grounding. The use of Reiki with crystals makes grounding easy and effective. To do so, gather one or more grounding crystals such as Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, Red Jasper, or Hematite, and place the chosen stone(s) between your feet, on your thighs, or between your legs. If you prefer, you may also hold a stone in your hand. Lie down and initiate self-Reiki, directing the energy to your knees, feet, or the Root chakra. You can also visualize Reiki energy entering through the Crown chakra and traveling out the soles of the feet, connecting you to Mother Earth. Adding the power of the crystals enhances the experience to clear your energy field and help dispel toxic emotions. Also, it is helpful to keep a piece or two in your pocket or to wear as jewelry when you’re out running errands or shopping. At home, place a few of the grounding stones in several areas. I keep a large Black Tourmaline on my desk, in my healing space, and a few other rooms. Using the grounding stones with Reiki promotes stability and balance during the holiday season.

Additional recommendations: Bloodstone, Onyx, Petrified Wood, Picture Jasper

For Feeling Overwhelmed

This is commonplace during the holiday season, and, for those who tend to do too much, throughout the year. Invoking the Mental/Emotional Reiki symbol (SHK) helps to alleviate those feelings, while holding Blue Kyanite or Blue Lace Agate amplifies the effects. Both stones are wonderful choices for finding and maintaining balance; they are calming and help to release stuck energy that manifests as emotions. And, they have the added benefit of enhancing communication with others. Wearing a necklace of Blue Lace Agate promotes a tranquil feeling of ease, and placing a piece of Blue Kyanite on the Third Eye can create a calm, serene state in a matter of minutes when the to-do list seems overwhelming. Carrying a piece in your pocket or on your body is suggested if you tend to feel swamped by responsibilities and obligations. Using these stones on the Third Eye or Throat chakra during self-Reiki with the Mental/Emotional Symbol soothes and calms.

Additional recommendations: Amethyst, Angelite, Aquamarine, Celestite

Reiki and Crystals for Balance During the Holiday Season

For Harmony and Optimism

The holidays often involve family gatherings, which can be fraught with difficulties, especially when coupled with stress and unrealistic expectations. A technique that has served me well is to send Reiki to the future event by activating the Time/Distance Symbol (HSZSN), followed by the Mental/Emotional Symbol (SHK) “sandwiched” between two Power Symbols (CKR). And, on the day of the gathering, activate the Mental/Emotional Symbol (SHK) symbol in the room to introduce a sense of calm and well-being among the participants. Adding Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, or Peach Selenite to this simple technique creates optimistic energy that instantly lifts the spirits and supports feelings of well-being. These crystals are also useful for balancing, and they inspire hopefulness during challenging times and situations. Also, because they harmonize interactions with others, they are wise choices for holiday gatherings and social events. I keep a large Peach Selenite sphere in the family room of my home and appreciate its soothing energy. Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz can be placed in a room, worn as jewelry, or carried in a pocket.

Additional recommendations: Amazonite, Ametrine, Carnelian, Citrine

For Relieving Anxiety and Insomnia

In the modern world, anxiety is ever-present, and often intensified by the holiday frenzy. Fortunately, activating the SHK Reiki symbol can effectively neutralize stress, and its effect is enhanced when Lepidolite is included during the activation. (For an extra boost of healing energy, activate the SHK by “sandwiching” it between two CKR Reiki symbols.) In recent years, Lepidolite has become one of my top choices for alleviating anxiety and restoring balance. Its energy soothes frazzled nerves and dissipates stress, and also encourages restful sleep, which is sometimes elusive during holiday preparations. An effective technique for inviting a restful night is to perform self-Reiki at bedtime with Lepidolite placed at the Third Eye and Heart chakras. Tucking it under your pillow can also keep insomnia at bay, and carrying Lepidolite in a pocket or wearing as jewelry provides a calm balancing influence.

Additional recommendations: Fluorite, Moonstone, Selenite, Sodalite

For Overall Emotional Support

There is no better combination than Reiki and Rose Quartz for experiencing the serene energy of unconditional divine love. Rose Quartz is universally beloved for its gentle, nurturing energy, and its soothing vibrations release tension and restore balance to the emotions, similar to the healing effects of Reiki. So, treat yourself to a self-Reiki session with Rose Quartz placed at the Heart chakra, above the head, and below the feet. The resulting synergy will transcend earthly concerns as it smooths emotional rough edges, and unites your energy body with Divine Love. To keep the energy flowing, wear Rose Quartz in a necklace or pendant near your heart.

In Conclusion: The above information and suggestions are far from comprehensive, and indeed are a mere sampling of possibilities. As we know, Reiki works with each one of us in the way that is best for our individual journey; because of this, Reiki will guide you to adding personalized techniques. Additionally, Mother Earth has blessed us with an abundance of crystals that restore balance, reduce stress, and support wellbeing. So, allow Reiki and your intuition to lead the way as you incorporate crystals into your healing repertoire. With Reiki by your side and crystals in your home and your pockets, you’ll navigate the holidays, and life, with ease and grace.

Warmest holiday blessings!

(2) Source: The Pocket Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach, by Robert Simmons (2015)

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