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As published on Reiki Rays, January 19, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson

The first segment of this article discussed how Reiki’s guidance led me to offer children’s Reiki classes, described challenges encountered along the way, and mentioned a few of the benefits of Reiki for children, including improved coping skills and the ability to deal more effectively with stress. The article also discussed the importance of working with Reiki throughout the entire process, which cannot be overstated. Its loving guidance can smooth any path and is an invaluable resource in all of our earthly and spiritual endeavors.

Upon deciding to offer Reiki training for children, the teacher has the task of creating an age-appropriate class. For me, that included designing a curriculum that was highly interactive, very informal, and above all, fun! Countless questions arose during the process and having Reiki’s guidance helped tremendously. The following information delves into the specifics of a children’s Reiki class, including the attunement, activities, and the key ways in which it differs from an adult Reiki class. I hope that it will answer many of the questions and challenges you may encounter as you create your own Reiki class for children.
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In keeping with my intention of creating a valuable, yet fun, experience for the children, I designed the day with a focus on thoroughly engaging the students as they learned about Reiki and the myriad ways it enriches their lives. To that end, many activities, including arts and crafts, were incorporated into the class, which helped to enhance the learning process as well as maintain their attention and interest. Also, I encouraged parents or caregivers to attend the class with their children; this was especially helpful for the younger students who may have been shy or uncomfortable with unfamiliar people. And, I have always recruited the assistance of another Reiki Master for these classes. This extra pair of hands has proven to be an invaluable support, especially during the attunement process and the children’s physical activities, which can be tiring!
The Children’s Reiki Class

So, what takes place in a children’s Reiki class? The following information is an overview of what I include in all children’s classes, and I hope it offers inspiration should you decide to create your own.


How the Children’s Class Differs from an Adult Reiki Class

It is impossible to convey in mere words the joyous and hopeful energy generated by the children in these classes. The students are amazingly receptive, intuitive, and respectful of the gift they receive. Endlessly curious and eager to learn, they have taught me far more about the beautiful simplicity of Reiki than I could ever hope to teach them, and I am immensely grateful. After all, children are the future, and what better way to ensure that future than with a generation of children, and eventually, adults, with Reiki by their side and in their lives?

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