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As published in Reiki Rays, November 3, 2018…

Reiki practitioners are aware of the importance of grounding the client during a Reiki session, and over the years, Reiki has guided me to develop an effective grounding practice. This affirmation effectively grounds the client, as it also releases and removes any incompatible and/or unhealthy energies.

It is also effective for balancing the client’s energies because in addition to grounding the individual, it connects him/her to Spirit, and centers him/her in the Heart. True balance is achieved when the individual is properly grounded (Earth), connected (Spirit), and centered (Heart).

This technique is taught in all my Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 classes and is applicable and appropriate for any level and/or style of Reiki.



(Perform this affirmation near the end of the session, following the hands-on treatment)

(While continuing to channel Reiki, begin by gently holding or touching the Receiver’s feet and silently state the following:)

“(Receiver’s name) is a child of the Divine, he/she is a child of the Universe, and he/she is your child, Mother.

I affirm that (Receiver) is grounded to your beautiful face, so he/she may walk confidently upon you all the days of his/her lives, secure in your unconditional love.

Your support is pure, your love is unconditional, and we are grateful.

As (Receiver) is grounded to your beautiful face, I affirm that he/she is connected to Spirit.

I also affirm that (Receiver) is centered in his/her Heart, as he/she walks in balance throughout his/her lives.

For that purpose, I release and remove energies that do not serve the Highest Good.

I release and remove energies that are incompatible with (Receiver’s) path, energies that are not his/hers to carry, and energies that are toxic or detrimental for him/her.

I release, remove, and return these to your loving arms, Mother Earth, to be cleansed, purified, and recycled. And I am grateful.”

(Pause and intend that the energies flow through the client, through you, and down into Mother Earth. Hold the space until it feels complete.)

“(Receiver) is deeply healed and blessed by Reiki”.

(Again, hold the space until the grounding feels complete. You may follow with chakra balancing and testing, if so guided.)

As stated above, this technique is quite effective for grounding, centering, and balancing the recipient, as well as for clearing any residual energies. It is my sincere intention that this technique becomes a valuable addition to your Reiki practice.


Reiki blessings!

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