As published in Reiki Rays, January 31, 2016

As we all know, life in “Earth school” is replete with challenges – after all, those challenges represent our opportunities for growth and evolution, which in turn lead us to consciously connect with our Divine selves and merge with All That Is. Nonetheless, the challenges and perceived obstacles in daily life frequently create a great deal of pain and discomfort, which our human selves resist and shy away from. One of the more thorny challenges facing Reiki practitioners is how to gracefully and soulfully respond when faced with difficult situations and/or people. As Reiki practitioners, we recognize that each one of us is walking our own path, and that there is no room for judgment, condemnation, or blame. However, this perspective can be difficult to achieve when we walk the Earthly path. This topic seems to arise frequently among Reiki practitioners, because “difficult” situations and people are placed on our path in order to help us grow- as human beings, as souls, and as Reiki practitioners shining a light of healing in the world.
So, how do we, as Reiki practitioners and Lightworkers, contend with situations and people that we perceive as difficult? How can we call upon Reiki to help us through these challenges?
When we become attuned to Reiki, our energetic vibration is raised, which affords us the opportunity to raise our perspective as well, if we choose to take it. When our perspective shifts and aligns with our higher energetic vibration, it becomes easier to see life and its challenges from a soul perspective, instead of an Earth-based, human perspective. It is a subtle, yet profound, shift, and when it happens, it is truly an “aha!” experience. Seeing through your “Soul Eyes” is transformative, and creates a buffer of peace and centeredness around daily earthly life that is comforting and nurturing.
Additionally, when we encounter people and situations that we would describe as “difficult”, it usually indicates there is something within ourselves that needs to heal. The Law of Attraction is at work here. Those qualities that we deem difficult in others are often mirrored in ourselves, perhaps in our shadow selves, the one we all have, but resist acknowledging because it is uncomfortable. Healing the shadow self is important for growth, because we will keep encountering the same “difficult” situations and people until we realize the healing must begin with us. Remember, what we resist, persists. This is why self-Reiki is so vital to our spiritual development. As we continue to treat ourselves with Reiki, and become immersed in its loving and healing light, we heal. As we heal ourselves, we are better able to offer healing to others. Of course, healing is a lifelong process – no one is ever perfectly healed. It is the intention and effort that matters – as long as we continue to allow space for healing, and take the necessary steps to manifest the healing process, it will happen. When it does, our perspective toward the situations and people that we once found so difficult is transformed, because we can now see them as connected to our own growth and healing, and view them through a lens of compassion and unconditional love. Also, as we heal, we are better able to meet the inevitable future challenges that we will encounter.
Here are some tips to assist you:
 Self-Reiki is the most powerful antidote to lower vibrations. The importance of daily self-treatment cannot be overstated. Mindful, intentional self-Reiki will accelerate your healing process and open your “Soul Eyes.”
 Incorporate meditation into your self-treatment. Being immersed in the loving light of Reiki allows for deeper meditation and often shines a light on our shadow selves, which helps those parts of us to be acknowledged and accepted, which in turn leads to wholeness. As we move toward wholeness, we are guided by compassion, love, and understanding.
 If you are attuned to Reiki symbols, the Time-Distance symbol can help. Drawing the symbol into yourself can help you see situations and people from a soul, or spiritual, perspective, as it enhances the inner healing process. You may also use any other symbols to which you are guided.
 Allow yourself to “Be Reiki.” As Reiki practitioners and Bearers of Light, Reiki is not just something we do, it is what we are. Embrace your Reiki, and allow it to illuminate your soul perspective and path. Remember, your increasingly higher energetic vibration affects everything and everyone around you, so intend that it is filled with the love and light of Reiki.

As a final note, Reiki practitioners recognize that everything is connected. As we consciously evolve and shed the attitudes of duality, our individual growth transcends our beings and flows outward into the Universe. This creates a subtle, yet palpable shift as we collectively move toward our innate Divinity. May the light of Reiki shine brightly within you for all to see!

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