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As published on Reiki Rays, March 16, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson

In the past few months, we have been inundated with increasingly alarming reports and information about the global spread of COVID-19 and its sometimes devastating effects. In a situation like this, it is all too easy to feel powerless and descend into fear. However, the good news is that Reiki is here to guide us through. From my perspective, the current health situation represents a clarion call for humanity to recognize and accept the inherent Oneness of All, which we so far have woefully and stubbornly resisted; a great imbalance exists which must be corrected if humanity is to continue. Balance is a crucial component of wellness, and we know that Reiki restores balance as it grounds us to Mother Earth, centers us in our hearts, and connects us to Spirit. As Reiki practitioners, we can make a compelling contribution toward restoring this balance and dissipating the intense energy of fear and hopelessness circulating globally, simply by inviting Reiki to guide us and lead the way through the darkness.

At this time, estimates indicate that there are more than four million Reiki practitioners worldwide. If you are reading this, you are likely among this number. At first glance, this may appear to be a relatively small amount based on a world population of approximately 7.5 billion; however, Reiki’s limitless power and wisdom more than offset mere numbers. With that in mind, Reiki practitioners, individually and collectively, have a unique opportunity and ability to significantly shift the energy surrounding the pandemic. Note that I am not referring to a cure, but to neutralizing, and indeed transcending, the feelings of hopelessness, fear, and despair so prevalent at this time. Also, shifting the energy away from fear and toward love and hope is in itself very healing, because love carries an extremely high vibration that always eclipses fear. As we move into a higher vibrational state, that energy boundlessly radiates outward, affecting everything in its path. The higher vibration of love also affects our physical bodies, including the immune system, which receives a healthful energetic boost.
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It is important to note that anyone with Reiki training and the required attunement(s) can be a part of this effort; it is not limited solely to those who practice professionally. And although there is power in numbers, it pales when compared with the infinite power of Reiki and its unmatched healing ability. So, I invite all Reiki people to step up and assist; the shift begins with each one of us. Small steps by individuals can create tremendous energetic results. With Reiki guiding the way, the healing possibilities and potential are truly limitless.

I have often referred to Reiki as a superpower, and for all intents and purposes, it is. Requiring only a mindful intention and our hands, we are in a unique position to offer peace, comfort, and hope to those suffering, regardless of the cause. And in situations like the pandemic, we have the opportunity to neutralize the fear and instead focus on keeping ourselves and our surroundings healthy. As we do so, that higher vibrational frequency ripples outward rapidly and exponentially to transmute the fear energy to that of hope and empowerment. And, of course, for those attuned to Reiki 2 and above, its ability to be transmitted across time and space further enhances and elevates its healing potential. So, with Reiki, we have a readily available healing method for all levels of being that dissipates and transforms fear, is unfettered by time and space, and requires no equipment – superpower indeed!

Feelings of powerlessness exacerbate fear, but we know that intention and action lead to manifestation. When we set an intention, and follow it with action, we are contributing to the overall welfare of the planet and its inhabitants in a profoundly meaningful way. The feeling in itself is comforting – knowing we are doing something as individuals toward shifting the balance and the energy to love and hope, as we banish fear and despair. Reiki is our most reliable ally in this regard and allows us to move forward with courage and purpose. With that in mind, let’s get to it!
Shifting the Energy Surrounding the Pandemic

There are many ways in which we can be of assistance at this time. The following suggestions are offered as inspiration; no doubt, Reiki will guide you to others.

♥ Self-Reiki and Self-Care

Our first responsibility is to ourselves. Neglecting personal care lowers the energetic frequency, which in turn hampers our ability to care for others. Of course, self-care includes good hygiene practices such as bathing, hand washing (channel Reiki while doing so), a nutritious diet, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, etc. When we combine those practices with daily self-Reiki, we are better able to maintain a state of health. Even a few minutes a day of self-Reiki can make all the difference, as it raises our vibration and boosts our immune system. Also, as discussed below, including Reiki in our daily lives elevates our frequency even further.

♥ Incorporate Reiki into Daily Life

Reiki easily integrates into our everyday lives and raises our vibration as it does so. Some suggestions include: channeling Reiki to your food and drink, initiating Reiki during household chores, inviting it into your workspace, intending that Reiki surround and fill you as you travel, and at the end of the day, intending that it flow as you sleep. These are just a few examples; Reiki will likely guide you to others. And remember to keep Reiki with you throughout the day to elevate your vibration and the energy of everything you do.

♥ Protect your Home with Reiki

It is always helpful, and healthful, to surround and fill your living space with Reiki. This is easily accomplished through intention, as well as symbols if you are Reiki 2 or above. Reiki’s extremely high vibration envelops your home and its occupants with loving, protective energy, as it raises the frequency of everything it touches. Taking the time to fill each room with Reiki enhances this protection, and is a worthwhile endeavor.

♥ Offer Distant Reiki!

As mentioned before, Reiki’s energy is unrestricted by time and space, which makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Because of the current health situation, I have suspended all in-person sessions and events. However, I have made myself available for distant Reiki sessions and hope many others will do the same. Distant Reiki helps us to exercise personal responsibility through “social distancing” during this time while allowing us to offer Reiki to others. Please be sure to secure permission before sending Reiki; sending Reiki without it can be a violation of the individual’s free will. After all, Reiki does not interfere with free will, and neither should we.

♥ Send Reiki to Situations and Events!

On the other hand, permission is not an issue when sending Reiki to a situation, event, or place, which gives Reiki practitioners a degree of latitude when working with distance healing. We are all well aware of the turmoil and chaos that exist in today’s world and are also mindful that Reiki, in its infinite wisdom, can help lessen their effects. Therefore, sending Reiki to situations, whether local, national, or global, is highly recommended. Reiki raises the vibration of all it encounters, with no exception. For example, sending Reiki to the pandemic with an intention for deep healing and blessing is perfectly acceptable, and strongly suggested. Practitioners can send Reiki individually or as part of a virtual group; consider participating in online group distant healing events. Group events radically increase the healing potential and create a powerful group energy signature that carries a very high vibration.

♥ Attend (or Host) Virtual Reiki Gatherings

Today’s technology provides many options for social networking without physical interaction. In these uncertain times, it is even more essential for us to maintain contact and communication with others, even if we cannot do so physically. Indeed, we know that positive social interactions and relationships are a vital part of wellness. You may be interested in attending, or even hosting, a virtual Reiki share, a group meditation or distant Reiki session, or even a purely social Reiki event with like-minded people. These events provide an opportunity to improve our relationships and perhaps create some new ones. Additionally, gatherings of this nature raise the individual vibration of the attendees and create unique group energies, which ripple outward immeasurably and work to restore balance. Popular platforms such as Skype, Zoom, and many others are readily available and easy to use.

♥ Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude relieves stress and increases happiness, and, as a form of love, the energy of gratitude carries a high vibration. So, having a grateful heart is important for wellness, individually and collectively. From my perspective, the current situation is an object lesson about gratitude and priorities. It has shone a bright light on what matters and what does not and also helped me realize anew how very grateful I am for everything that happens in life, whether we deem it good or bad. In truth, there is no “good” or “bad”; there is only energy in various forms and frequency. And I am acutely aware that everything is purposeful, and that this too shall pass. As Reiki practitioners, we share a unique energetic gift from Spirit- the ability to channel high-frequency healing energy for the benefit of all, in accordance with the Highest Good. And I am more grateful than ever for this gift. When we call upon Reiki, we are giving the gift of healing that asks for nothing in return.

As our planet and humanity move through this challenging time, let us remember that the energy of love is the most powerful of all and that Reiki is love in its purest form. Let’s allow it to lead the way.

Brightest Reiki blessings!