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I am passionate about spirituality and personal growth.   This began in my pre-teen years and has continued to influence my path ever since.  I am an avid reader, and my favorite books are in the New Age, Self-help, and Spirituality categories.   In the past couple of years, I have discovered and spent time with books dealing with concepts such as reincarnation, the correlation between Eastern mysticism and physics, energy systems, the soul, the illusion of ego, and the spiritual shift that is currently gaining momentum.  I have learned an incredible amount from these books, and actually I see the world and my place in it in a completely new way.  For me, it’s so easy to become completely fascinated by these concepts and totally occupied with thinking about these things.

Yet at the same time, I notice an interesting phenomenon.  The more I see the world in an uncommon way and the more my thinking has changed, the more critical I can be of those who may not be on the same page as I am.  I can be judgmental of the way the world is, the way our society is, the choices that people make and the situations that I observe.  Coming from my perspective and based on the knowledge I’ve gained, I wonder why people are content to stay on the same level, why they make choices that are not aligned with their highest selves and the highest good.

I can get caught up in the aggravation of this, but those are the moments when I most need to be quiet and still, listening for Truth.  When I do this, I always hear something very simple, very basic, very foundational, and yet the essence of true spirituality: it comes down to Faith and Kindness.

Yesterday I was blessed to have my second Reiki attunement, to Level II practitioner.  There was a group of five of us at UniverSoul Heart whom Kathleen attuned, and we attended an all-day class.  The second level attunement deals with the mental and emotional aspects of your energy system.  Four of us were original students from the first Reiki class, and while we were sharing our experiences with Reiki and its higher vibrations since our Level I attunements, we actually touched on the subject of this post.  As our energy rises to a higher frequency, we can feel it “clash” with the lower energies around us, or feel out-of-sync, which some of us have experienced.  Yet Reiki is a loving, healing energy that will address these issues and guide us, if we ask for it.

We also revisited the concept that even our thoughts are energy.  What kind of energy are we putting out with our thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions?

Faith guides me to my highest self, because when I see negative situations in the world or observe negative choices being made, I can remember that there is a Higher Power ultimately in control.  It is an illusion to think that things can “go wrong,” that there is chaos instead of order in the universe.  Faith helps me to remember that every single one of us is on the perfect path for our soul’s growth.  This includes myself as well, when I am tempted to be impatient with my faults and failings, or certain circumstances in my life.

Faith, in turn, leads me to Kindness.  When I am grounded in the knowledge that Faith gives me, I am also grounded in compassion – towards myself and others, one of the five Reiki precepts.  It leads me to kinder thoughts, which helps to create energy of connection and joy.  This is important, because ultimately it doesn’t matter how much knowledge I have about spirituality if it fails to transform my life.  Because of all this, I am inspired to focus on some new goals: to choose kindness over criticism, faith over frustration, and to allow Reiki’s loving energy to transform my life.