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The Reiki Crystal Healing Session

When my Reiki journey began ten years ago, my Reiki master introduced me to the amazing world of crystal healing. Although I had a lifelong interest in stones and crystals, I was mostly unaware of their potential as healing tools. Once I learned of the possibilities, my connection with them became even deeper; I meditated with them, carried them with me to help manifest specific intentions, and included them in my self-Reiki practice.

As my Reiki path continued and evolved, so did my appreciation for the mineral kingdom and the seemingly limitless array of healing properties it offered. I began collecting crystals that attracted me and marveled at the unique energy of each stone. Also, I soon learned that the stones that called to me were inevitably those whose energetic properties were necessary for my personal healing; at the same time, I realized that, for all intents and purposes, the stones were choosing me. These gifts from Mother Earth each carry a unique energetic vibration and will resonate with similar vibrational energies. As a result, the crystals that were most beneficial for my healing attracted me because of the frequencies they radiated. Intuition is the best way to “choose” crystals, and I have found it remarkably accurate over the years.

My Reiki practice was growing and thriving, and I soon received guidance to include crystals in my Reiki sessions with clients, which was always enthusiastically received. Meanwhile, I continued to educate myself about the mineral kingdom and its many healing properties, and ultimately completed the training to become a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH). Armed with newfound knowledge and a strong desire to share their healing benefits, I considered ways in which I could add crystal healing to my wellness practice. Not surprisingly, Reiki stepped in with its loving support and guided me to create a Reiki Crystal Healing Session (RCH) as part of my wellness offerings. Several years later, these sessions remain quite popular with clients. In sharing my experience with Reiki Crystal Healing, I hope to inspire your own personal Reiki practice.

What is a Reiki Crystal Healing Session?

Simply put, a RCH session is a complete Reiki treatment that also incorporates the healing properties of crystals. However, the experience is so much more than this humble description can convey. A full Reiki session combined with the healing abilities of Mother Earth’s gifts elevates both modalities and creates a remarkable synergistic healing experience. There is no doubt of Reiki’s effectiveness on its own, and when it joins forces with the beneficial properties of crystals, the healing possibilities are enhanced and amplified to create a deeply restorative experience.

The gentle yet powerful energy of Reiki, combined with intuitively chosen healing crystals, creates an unstoppable “Power Couple”(1) for profound healing on every level of one’s being– physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Indeed, this “energetic marriage” is amazingly transformative in its ability to clear stagnant or blocked energies, which then promotes and enhances natural healing abilities. Interestingly, many recipients express feelings of gratitude and love for Mother Earth during these sessions; others experience profound emotional release as the synergistic healing creates space for healthy new patterns to emerge.

The Session:

The session itself looks very much like a Reiki treatment– the client lies fully clothed and comfortable on a massage table as the practitioner channels the healing energy of Reiki for the person’s Highest Good. However, in the RCH session, the practitioner also incorporates intuitively chosen crystals to create the energetic marriage of synergistic healing.

Upon scheduling a RCH session, the client receives a Chakra Questionnaire via email, which they are invited to complete before the appointment time. The questionnaire helps to identify areas most in need of healing, as perceived by the individual. During the pre-treatment interview, the practitioner thoroughly reviews and discusses this information with the client. Most clients have expressed surprise at what they learned about themselves in completing the questionnaire. The pre-treatment interview provides valuable insight for the practitioner and helps to assess the client’s needs.

Once the client is comfortable upon the table, the practitioner conducts an energetic (Byosen) scan to discern those areas most in need. The intuitively chosen crystals are then carefully placed on and around the client’s body. Although the number and variety of crystals are different for each client, usually one or two is placed at each primary chakra point, as well as the Soul Star (above the crown), and Earth Star (below the feet) chakras. If so guided, I sometimes place crystals near the Past Life chakras, located above and behind the ears. Crystals are also placed near the person’s hands, and I sometimes ask them to hold selected crystals during the session, if they are receptive. Additionally, I often arrange stones alongside the client’s body and on the floor under the treatment table. When the placement is complete, there are usually twenty or more crystals utilized during the RCH session.

Following the placement of the crystals, the practitioner performs a complete, full-body Reiki treatment. It is important to note that during the session, the practitioner may remove or reposition crystals as needed, and new stones added. This is done intuitively, and in alignment with any information or impressions received during the treatment. Of course, any movement of crystals is done discreetly and gently so as not to disturb the client. At the end of the Reiki and crystal healing treatment, the practitioner removes all crystals, places them in a bowl to be cleansed, and then tests each chakra with a pendulum to ensure that they are balanced and functioning correctly.

After being roused at the treatment’s conclusion, some time is allowed for the client to return fully and bring their awareness to the present. The practitioner offers a glass of Reiki-charged water, and perhaps some chocolate, which helps to ground the person into his/her body. In my experience with RCH sessions, I have noted that many clients need a little extra time to re-ground and return to the present.

Afterward, during the post-treatment discussion, the practitioner shares information intuitively received during the session. The crystals utilized in the treatment are identified, and their properties described to the client. Clients are very interested in this part of the session and are often surprised to learn that the chosen crystals are a perfect fit for their needs. As we talk about the crystals, I list them on a form created specifically for this purpose, which includes information about the crystal, its corresponding chakra, and its placement during the treatment. All this provides an excellent opportunity for the client to discuss the experience and ask questions or mention any concerns. However, some are content to sit quietly and enjoy the feelings of well-being, peace, and comfort generated by the combined energy of Reiki and the gifts of Mother Earth. Upon conclusion of the RCH session, the client receives the list of the crystals used, along with a crystal “prescription,” including instructions on how to work with the recommended stones for optimal benefit.

A Reiki Crystal Healing session beautifully illustrates Reiki’s ability to elevate and enhance everything it touches, as it creates these deeply healing synergistic experiences. It truly is a wondrous gift, and I am deeply grateful for its continued guidance in my life and my practice.

Many Reiki blessings!

© 2018 Kathleen Johnson



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