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As I read Jessica’s beautiful account of her initiation into Reiki, the memories and feelings of my first attunement flooded through me. I marvel at the changes in myself and in my life since that event, and I am deeply grateful that Reiki found me. It is often said that Reiki finds us when we need it most, and that was certainly true for me. The time leading up to my encounter with the beauty and gift of Reiki was challenging indeed. Life was in upheaval and it seemed no facet was left unscathed – family, relationships, finances, health, and more – all were in a state of flux, and despair loomed around every dark corner.  I was desperately tired, in body, mind, and soul. Although I had been a spiritual seeker for nearly three decades, and was actively involved in spiritual practices and study, there remained a lingering persistent yearning – a sense of a missing piece. At the time, I attributed this sense of urgency and restlessness to my general anxiety about the challenges and pain in my life. However, the feelings persisted, refusing to be so neatly labeled.  Eventually, the anxiety gave way to annoyance– What do you want from me?

Then I heard it – Accept and Trust.

Now I was even more impatient with this cryptic message and thought, Okay – accept what and trust whom?

Accept and Trust…That is what you need to know.

Still in no mood for riddles but exhausted and resigned, I let myself relax. And then, in a moment of crystal clarity, I knew the answer was imminent and that All Was As It Should Be. I also knew that I was not alone, and as a child of the Universe, I never would be. Life held a glimmer of hope again, and I was comforted.

Several days later, I had an “unexpected” visit from a remarkable young woman who was, and still is, on the Reiki path. She spoke of her life-changing experiences since Reiki, and patiently answered my many questions. As the conversation progressed, I felt the light of the Divine spring forth within my core. I knew this was the answer to my restless yearning – I had found the missing piece.

After that serendipitous conversation, everything seemed to fall neatly into place. I easily located a Reiki Master Teacher who “just happened” to be scheduling a Level 1 class at the time of my inquiry. I was immediately drawn to her unconditional caring and acceptance- qualities that guide my life and practice. She became an inspiration to me along the Reiki path, and I am grateful for her presence in my life.

On that day of my first Reiki class, I was excited, yet apprehensive about what would happen. I knew very little about Reiki – yet knew I needed to be there. The class was large, but the collective energy was potent and the enthusiasm palpable. As our teacher performed the attunements one by one, the students reported feelings of rapture, love, warmth, peace, well-being, and joy. I was the last one to receive the attunement, and as the initiation progressed, I was swept into a place of all-encompassing love. I felt the presence of my beloved father, who transitioned in 2008; his presence filled me with warmth and comfort, just as it had in life. The concerns and worries in my life fell away as I surrendered to the sacred power of the initiation, and I knew that All Was As It Should Be. Gratitude for this experience coursed through me and my heart felt complete. When the initiation was finished, my teacher told me things about myself that I never knew, yet they all made perfect sense and explained so much. I was learning, and the journey was underway.

Reiki had found me when I was ready to be found. I was firmly on the Reiki path, headed for Home.