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Yesterday – Saturday, November 9th – marked the end of my 21-day “initiation” period after my Reiki One attunement.  It has been an incredible experience that only continues.Colors of Reiki Initiation

I really didn’t know exactly what to expect with receiving Reiki, but the beautiful thing I’ve learned about it is that you don’t need expectations.  It’s not about effort.  When I ask for Reiki energy to flow and relax into it, opening up to receive, Reiki does its own thing, and I am never disappointed.

The first time I went to a Reiki practitioner for a healing session, I went with a good dose of skepticism.  I doubted I would really feel any differently, or I worried that it was a “mind thing” and that it wouldn’t work on me, and that it would be a waste of money.  I was willing to try it, though, and after the session, all my doubts were gone.  It was extremely powerful and I literally felt the energy working through me with physical sensations.  My face and limbs were tingling intensely, and I felt a warm, gentle pressure over me, almost like a blanket.  The feeling of well-being and acceptance and pure peace enveloped me and I felt totally balanced and centered afterward – the opposite of what I had been feeling before!

Similarly, with my attunement, I had worries that it somehow “wouldn’t work” on me, or that I wouldn’t be “good at it,” etc. etc.  Again, I found out right away that my doubts were unfounded.  During our practice session the day of the attunement,  I  felt the energy with my hands for the first time, an ability I know I didn’t have before.  It was like my hands were different – “upgraded,” you could say – to Reiki hands!

When I got home that night, I was eager to practice on myself and members of my family, and those experiences too were incredible.  I think I was surprised all over again, every time,  that “it really works!”

I also had an important breakthrough and worked through a significant block in that first week, which is what Reiki does – it opens things up and gets things flowing!  My breakthrough realization was that I do not “make” Reiki happen.  I had misunderstood “intention” to mean something forceful, like willing something to happen through my own strength of focus.  However, I realized that trying to do that is basically getting in your own way, whether with Reiki or anything else.  It’s not about control, it’s about letting go and allowing ­­– simply allowing.  When I am in that trusting space, that’s when I am always blown away by what happens.

The block I worked through involved my self-work with Reiki.  I was having trouble “feeling” my own aura, or scanning for areas that needed Reiki.  Once I set the intention to really spend time with that and explore it, a block that was in place became immediately apparent.  For whatever reason, I wasn’t sure I wanted to feel my energy – I was afraid to find those areas that “needed work.”  Once I realized that block was there, I was able to let it go.  I released the fear and it brought me into a place of complete openness, sincerity, and honesty, with myself and the Universe!  It was a beautiful experience, and immediately I could feel the energy in a powerful way.  That self-treatment session was so intense and awesome, I even had to laugh out loud a couple of times – what had I been so afraid of?  Essentially, in that first week my understanding of Reiki energy and my relationship to it sort of smoothed themselves out.

At the end of my second week, I got the chance to practice Reiki on some friends who I was completely surprised to find so interested in it!  That’s another thing I notice that Reiki is doing – I can see it working in every area of my life and essentially guiding me to the highest good.  It is truly a beautiful, spiritual, healing force.  The practice of sharing Reiki with others is so loving and joyful for me- it is satisfying like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

During my last week of the 21-day period, my emotional excitement from the first week had leveled out, but what I became conscious of is that Reiki is always there, and that it is something stable and beautiful I can keep coming back to.  It is the loving energy of the universe and it is unconditional and constant.  In practicing Reiki on myself and others during these 21 days, I’ve simply been learning how to connect with it in all different situations and contexts.

For instance, on Friday, my 20th day, I was extremely busy – work until afternoon and then a party I was going to that evening that I needed to get ready for.  My energy felt unsettled, so I took some time in between my commitments to do Reiki on myself, and again I was amazed by it.  It relaxed, calmed, balanced and centered me, opening me up to release stress and lifting my vibrations.  That is my favorite part of Reiki – just feeling the Love pouring into and out of my energy centers.  Reiki is a flow of giving and receiving that is really the underlying scheme of the entire universe.

In short, I believe that Reiki is what I have been looking for for a long time without knowing it.  It is a complete spiritual practice that addresses the whole of the person, integrating itself with and enhancing the spirituality of each individual.  I believe that I was led to it at just the right time in my life, and I’m excited to continue on the Reiki path and see where it takes me!