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A Guide to Creating a Reiki Presentation


An “Introduction to Reiki” presentation provides an overview of Reiki to those who may be curious, yet are reluctant to book a session or take a class. It can also offer additional knowledge to those who already have some understanding of Reiki and its benefits. I have organized many presentations over the years and found it to be a rewarding experience. A presentation is an excellent way to promote a new Reiki business when used as a marketing tool. It is also remarkably effective as a means to raise awareness of Reiki and its benefits.

When my Reiki practice was new, my primary intention for the presentations was to build a client base and market my business. As the practice grew and flourished, my intention gradually shifted to raising awareness of Reiki, where it remains today. A well-planned and thoughtfully organized presentation is a great way to educate and inform others about the gift of Reiki, with little or no investment required. I think of it as “planting the seed.”

The Basics

Planning a Reiki presentation begins with the basics – place, date, time, and potential costs. Public libraries and community centers are generally receptive to hosting Reiki presentations. Social or charitable organizations and support groups are also potential hosts, as are some private groups. And of course, a Reiki presentation can be held in the practitioner’s home or professional space if necessary. However, keep in mind that if the event is hosted by an outside group, they will likely do much of the advertising, which is a nice benefit for the practitioner.

The time allotted for the event must also be decided, and in my experience, two hours is generally sufficient. And, at least in my area, the presentation is usually free of charge for the attendees, although some practitioners utilize a donation-based fee.

Once the basics of place, date, time, and cost have been determined, it is time to organize and begin preparations. My custom has always been to invite and include additional Reiki practitioners in the presentation, and this practice has proven to be mutually beneficial. And because I always incorporate mini-sessions for the audience, it helps to have extra pairs of Reiki hands! I also begin advertising the event on social media pages, newsletters, and websites, which is in addition to any advertising by the hosting group.


One of the first steps in preparing the Reiki presentation is to decide what elements to include and what topics will be covered. Creating an outline or syllabus for the presentation goes a long way toward keeping it organized and coherent, and is highly recommended. For your convenience, I have included a sample outline at the end of this article.

Following that, determine whether any audiovisual aids will be needed. Several years ago, I created a PowerPoint presentation specifically for these events, which is effective for conveying relevant information to the audience. If you plan to include audiovisual aids, contact the hosting venue to ensure they can accommodate your needs.

The next step is to determine what supplies are needed for the presentation. Although this varies significantly among practitioners, some examples can include a Reiki table and linens, a Shoji screen, music, crystals, as well as promotional materials, such as business cards, brochures, a contact information sheet, and informational handouts. Additionally, I bring my appointment book and calendar because it is not unusual for someone to book an appointment following the presentation.

Throughout the preparations, I maintain regular contact with the assisting Reiki practitioners, so that each individual has the same information and is familiar with the presentation format.

The Day of the Event

On the day of the event, plan to arrive at the venue at least an hour before the scheduled start time, which provides ample time for room setup, audiovisual checks, and display of promotional items. Also, it allows time to energetically clear and cleanse the space, in whatever manner is preferred by the practitioner(s). As a final preparation, we gather in a circle and set our group intention of deep healing and blessing for all attendees, as we express gratitude for this opportunity.

As the attendees begin to arrive, they are welcomed, thanked for coming, and invited to visit the table containing the informational and promotional materials. The practitioners mingle with the guests and answer any questions that may arise before the presentation begins.

The Presentation

Begin with a general welcome for all and a request to silence cell phones. Then, the practitioners and I introduce ourselves to the audience, accompanied by a brief description of our Reiki journey.

At this point, I engage the audience by asking about their experience with, or knowledge of, Reiki. This interaction helps them to relax and feel more involved. Following that, I briefly describe the presentation agenda, being sure to mention the mini-sessions that will be offered at the end.

Then the PowerPoint presentation begins and includes:

The PowerPoint presentation is followed by a short break along with a question and answer period. In my experience, there are frequently questions and comments, making this a valuable part of the presentation.

We then resume with a group meditation, guided by one of the assisting practitioners. Before beginning, I briefly describe the meditative process and explain that it helps to create a receptive state for the Reiki energy during the mini-sessions. The meditation is approximately 15 minutes and has always been well-received by the participants.

After the meditation, mini-sessions are offered for those interested in experiencing the energy of Reiki. Most of the sessions are conducted in a chair, although I typically have a Reiki table available for those who wish to lie down during the session. Each session is 10 to 15 minutes, and as the practitioners move through the audience offering sessions, I remain available to address questions or concerns. This portion of the event always generates questions!

Upon completion of the mini-sessions, we thank the audience for the opportunity to share Reiki with them and close the event with a brief ending expression of gratitude.

In Conclusion

Creating an “Introduction to Reiki” presentation provides a unique opportunity to promote awareness and understanding of this gentle yet powerful healing modality. And, because I have been blessed to meet numerous new clients and students through these presentations, I can attest to their value as a marketing tool and promotion for a Reiki business. As always, ask Reiki to guide you through the process, and it will lead the way. Reiki blessings to all!

Sample Presentation Outline

This outline is one I have developed and successfully used many times. It is provided as a reference should you be interested in creating your own Reiki presentation.

Introduction to Reiki (Recommended length- 2 hours)


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