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Although most Reiki practitioners enjoy treating clients in a comfortable and leisurely Reiki session, there are times when a full-length Reiki treatment on a table, complete with soft music and dim lights, is impractical or impossible. These situations can raise concerns as to the efficacy of a treatment. However, all Reiki practitioners know that the healing energy is amazingly effective even in less than ideal circumstances. The only requirements are the practitioner’s intent and the recipient’s willingness to receive. Indeed, one of the many benefits of Reiki is its ability to adapt to any and all circumstances; the energy flows to where it’s needed, regardless of surroundings or the recipient’s physical position.

Because Reiki practitioners sometimes find themselves in unexpected situations where Reiki is needed or requested, it is fortunate that the recipient does not need all the “bells and whistles” to receive the benefits of a Reiki session. In such situations, a Reiki treatment with the recipient seated in a chair is a valuable alternative. The method described in this article is brief, effective, and very practical, and its development was guided by Reiki during my years of offering Reiki in less than ideal circumstances, including:

♥ “Introduction to Reiki” presentations at community centers, libraries, etc.
♥ Workplace mini-sessions
♥ Reiki shares and gatherings
♥ Reiki classes – the students can practice on each other easily and comfortably
♥ The desire (or need) for quick relief from an ailment or issue

It is my intent that this information adds value to your own Reiki practice, and helps to expand your use of its loving energy. Remember, it is always available and always works for the Highest Good.

Chair Reiki – An Alternate Practice Method

Chair Reiki Method

Although this method works well for me, it is ever-developing, and is provided as a guideline. As always, Reiki will guide you to the best approach for your individual practice. The total treatment time is approximately 15-20 minutes. Each hand position takes 1-2 minutes, but always allow your guidance and intuition to lead.

  • Have the recipient sit comfortably in a chair, feet flat on the floor, with hands resting on the legs or lap. Ask for permission to lightly touch during the session, or alternatively, position your hands slightly above each area (“hover”). I prefer the hover approach in most cases.
  • Stand behind the recipient with your hands gently on or above the shoulders. In a soft voice, invite the person to close the eyes, and to take in a few deep cleansing breaths. Ask them to visualize breathing in love and light on the inhale, and to release pain, tension, and worry with the exhale.
  • If you are Reiki Level 2 or above, you may utilize the Reiki symbols during the treatment, if desired. I typically draw the Power Symbol and the Holy Fire Symbol in the person’s energy field, and in my palms, before beginning treatment.
  • When you are ready to begin, stand behind the person, and raise your hands to Gassho. Ground yourself and silently say your prayer of intent on behalf of the recipient.

Recommended Positions:

For positions 1 to 6, stand behind recipient. Move to the side for positions 7 to 9.

  1. Place your hands lightly on or above the person’s shoulders.
  2. Gently place your hands above the top of client’s head (crown).
  3. Place your cupped hands over ears, slightly away from head.
  4. Hover your dominant hand a few inches in front of the eyes, and hover the other hand behind the head at the same level.
  5. Place your non-dominant hand near the base of the skull, and place your dominant hand on or near the forehead.
  6. Keeping your non-dominant hand near the base of the skull, hover your dominant hand over the throat. Do not touch this area as it is extremely sensitive.
  7. Hover one hand over the upper chest (slightly above the Heart chakra). Place your other hand behind the chair at the same height on the back, between shoulder blades.
  8. Hover one hand over the Solar Plexus. Place your other hand behind the chair at the same height, near the person’s middle back.
  9. Hold one hand in the air focused above and toward the pelvic area (“beaming” Reiki). Place your other hand behind the chair at the bottom of the back at the same height. This treats the root and sacral chakras/areas.
  10. Place your hands on or above the person’s knees and sweep downward toward floor/earth, intending that the recipient is grounded to Mother Earth, connected to Spirit, and centered in his/her Heart. Continue this until it feels complete.
  11. Gently hold each ankle with the intent that the individual is grounded to Mother Earth, connected to Spirit, and centered in his/her Heart. Hold this until it feels complete. (You will need to bend or kneel for this position, so please consider your comfort level.)

Positions 10 and 11 help to ground the client at the end of the session. You may use both positions, or just one. Follow your intuition and inner guidance.

When complete, lift the energy:

  • Stand at the person’s side. Turn your palms up and place one hand in front of the person and your other hand behind them. Slowly lift both hands, intending to raise the energy and seal the healing that has occurred. As your hands move upward, bring both palms together above the person’s head, thus closing their energy (auric) field, with the intent to do so.
  • Bring your hands to Gassho, and silently say a prayer of gratitude for the gift and blessing of Reiki.
  • Gently touch the client’s shoulder to bring them back, and allow a few moments of rest and reflection. Then offer a glass of water, and perhaps some chocolate, if available.
  • Ask how the person is feeling, and invite them to share their experience, if desired. Thank them for allowing you to share the gift of healing.
  • Clear and cleanse your energy by using Kenyoku (dry bathing) or the Reiki shower method. This completes the treatment.

This method is very effective, thorough, and practical. It is my sincere hope that this alternate method of practicing Reiki enhances and deepens your relationship with Reiki. After all, Reiki is a modality for all seasons, reasons, and situations.

Blessings of love and light!

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