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As first published on Reiki Rays, October 20, 2019… Article by Kathleen Johnson

Several years ago, I was guided to begin offering combined Reiki sessions for individuals experiencing relationship difficulties. These combined Reiki sessions included couples in romantic/spousal/life partnerships, as well as those in other relationships, such as family, friendship, and even professional. Since then, it has been an honor and privilege to work with many clients in the context of a combined Reiki session. A recent post on social media inspired me to write an article about these experiences, and I hope that it inspires your own Reiki practice.

It is well-known that the quality of our relationships in life is integral to our sense of wellbeing. We also know that relationships take many forms, including romantic, family, friendship, and professional, and that each type is susceptible to challenges and difficulties. Because of this, combined Reiki sessions are not limited to those of a romantic nature – all relationships can benefit from the loving energy of Reiki. In my practice, I conduct two types of combined sessions- Couples Reiki for romantic/spousal/life partners, and “Reiki for Two” for relationships such as parent and child, siblings, best friends, and so on. These sessions have allowed me to witness firsthand the remarkable effectiveness of Reiki in restoring harmony and balance to all types of relationships.

To further clarify, the difference between Couples Reiki and Reiki for Two is simply in the nature of the relationship. Couples Reiki enhances and supports the romantic, amorous relationships in our lives, such as lovers, life partners, spouses, and so on. On the other hand, Reiki for Two enhances and strengthens any other relationship – parent/child, friends, siblings, extended family members, and, in some cases, even coworkers. A Reiki for Two session is conducted in the same manner as a Couples Reiki session, and my intent is always the same – for deep healing and blessing of the individuals as well as the relationship. In a combined session, it is essential to remember that in any relationship, there are three entities – two individuals, and the relationship itself, which carries a unique energetic frequency and signature. A combined session with both individuals addresses their specific needs as well as the needs of the relationship, as it creates healthy bonds by releasing stagnant, unhealthy energies that may be impeding the relationship’s growth.

Couples Reiki

In my experience, Reiki for couples is a profoundly effective way to reconnect and deepen romantic relationships. The sheer relaxation of a Reiki session shared with a partner facilitates harmony and communication as it reduces stress. Couples Reiki strengthens an already stable connection, yet it can also re-kindle a spark that has grown dim. And, for those couples involved in traditional talk-therapy, the Reiki sessions are a valuable soothing complement as they work through issues in the relationship.

Many couples find that a combined Reiki session is a beautiful way to reconnect after being apart, such as career obligations, prolonged illness, family matters, or strife within the relationship. Also, experiencing the gift and blessing of Reiki together can help those who are dealing with loss, as it provides a safe outlet for emotional release. And, for those preparing to marry, Reiki helps to smooth the path to the wedding day, reminding them of their love and commitment to each other throughout the hectic, and sometimes argumentative, planning stage.

After the combined Reiki session, couples frequently report having a more harmonious connection with each other, and a more relaxed perspective toward the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Reiki for Two

Human relationships of any type are quite complex and often challenging, and familial bonds are among the thorniest. These include the parent and child dynamic, siblings, step-parents, step-siblings, as well as the extended family. Difficulties can arise because of differences in personality, values, lifestyle, and opinions. Significant life events, such as a new baby, a change in financial status, a severe physical illness/addiction, or a death in the family, can also trigger conflict and poor communication, leading to an erosion of the relationship. The loving energy and atmosphere of a Reiki session ease communication between the individuals, allowing for open and honest communication in a safe space. Remarkable healing has occurred in sessions with parents and their adult children, estranged siblings, and even contentious in-laws! Of course, because Reiki does not interfere with free will, each individual must be receptive and willing to work on the relationship for true healing to begin.

Friendships have also been repaired through the loving guidance and gentle energy of Reiki. In one example, two middle-aged women arrived for a session with the intent of re-establishing a close friendship, which they enjoyed for most of their lives. A few years prior, they had fallen out over a misunderstanding in which one erroneously thought the other was having an affair with her husband. Harsh words were exchanged, feelings were hurt, and communications ceased. After a few years of stony silence, one of the women realized how much she missed the friendship, and reached out with an offer of a combined Reiki treatment. During the session, the women were able to clear the energy of the misunderstanding and re-establish trust. To my knowledge, they remain fast friends to this day.


Benefits of Combined Reiki Sessions:

Description of the Couples Reiki and Reiki for Two Session

The session consists of one room, two tables, and two practitioners. The two tables are placed a few feet apart, partially separated by a folding screen. Relaxing music and soft lighting further enhance the ambiance and energy of the healing space. Before the clients’ arrival, the healing area is energetically cleared and cleansed with Reiki energy and symbols. The practitioners also clear themselves and set their intention for the deep healing and blessing of the individuals as well as the relationship. I also invite the assistance of our Reiki guides, the Ascended Masters, and the Archangels, especially Archangel Chamuel, the angel of relationship and reconciliation. An expression of gratitude is also offered for their comfort, guidance, support, and love.

Upon arrival, each individual completes a brief intake and consent form, after which the practitioners and clients engage in a group discussion about each individual’s needs and goals for the session as well as those for the relationship. This pre-session discussion is always quite informative, and most clients are surprised to learn something new about each other during this time together.

The practitioners also provide a brief overview of Reiki and an explanation of how the session will proceed. The clients are encouraged to ask questions and voice any concerns they may have, which eases any concerns or anxiety of the clients and helps to create the safe space of healing.

Subsequently, each individual chooses a table and a practitioner, if a preference exists. However, in most cases, the choice of table and practitioner has been made intuitively by the participants during the pre-session discussion, and I have yet to encounter any disagreement on this issue. Each practitioner then begins the treatment for their particular client. The screen between the tables affords a degree of privacy, and the soft background music allows questions to be asked and answered quietly without disturbing the other session. Each treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes. When complete, the practitioners move away from the individuals, face each other across the room as they stand between the tables, and then channel Reiki to the relationship, intending that it be blessed and healed in accordance with the Highest Good. As this is happening, the individuals continue to lie quietly on their tables as they experience the energy of the relationship receiving Reiki. After the treatment, they are allowed to remain for a few minutes in this peaceful healing environment before being gently roused.

The couple/individuals are given a few moments to return fully to the present, after which they are offered chocolate and Reiki-infused water to help ground them, as well as a bathroom break if needed. Afterward, the practitioners and clients spend some time in a post-session discussion, during which each individual describes their personal experiences. The conversation then moves into how it felt to experience the session as a couple or with a significant person, and how it felt when the relationship itself received Reiki. The practitioners also share their impressions during the experience and address any questions.

Most participants describe feelings of being deeply loved and cared for, as well as being relaxed, yet energized, centered, and grounded. They are frequently emotional as the loving energy releases and clears trapped energy. Many also feel a distinct shift toward harmony and connection with the other individual, creating strong feelings of loving-kindness and caring, which sweep away petty and trivial concerns. One client stated that “the blinders have been removed.” Others have expressed awe at Reiki’s ability to provide clarity and insight. As a practitioner, I am deeply honored to share these transformational moments with clients. Because Reiki functions on a much higher level of consciousness, it provides a glimpse of our spiritual birthright and reminds us of the limitless potential within each one of us.

In working with clients and their relationships, I am always reminded that Reiki is truly a gift and a blessing. Creating stronger bonds with our loved ones is one of its most precious offerings.

© 2018 Kathleen Johnson

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