Tomorrow, April 22, the world observes and celebrates Earth Day in honor of our Mother Gaia. Although this is a wonderful yearly tribute, I cannot help but believe that every day must be Earth Day. After all, as cohabitants on Earth, we are accountable to Gaia and charged with the responsibility of caring for her. Similar to a loving mother, Gaia supports, nurtures, and grounds us, as she forgives our mistakes, and loves us unconditionally. This is evident in the promise of each new season, from the renewal of life each spring to the quiet sleeping darkness of winter. Her love is reflected in the beauty of the forests, the majesty of the mountains, and the awe-inspiring grandeur of the seas. Gaia’s love for her children is boundless, encompassing every form of life on the planet. She showers her riches upon us in myriad ways, and in return for these amazing gifts, she asks nothing but to be treated with respect and love.
     Sadly, we are not always worthy of this devotion. We have plundered her riches, sullied her gifts, and damaged her splendor. Yet Gaia prevails, and continues to support and nurture us, even though she has been hurt by those she loves and cares for the most. So, as humanity and its home shift into the higher dimension of the Aquarian Age, it is time to recognize the enormous debt to our Mother and begin earning the right to be called her Children. When we truly honor our Mother and her unwavering love, only then can we begin to realize a new age for Gaia and all of life on Earth.
     So, with that in mind, take some time today, tomorrow, and yes, every day, to reflect upon all she provides. Gaia deserves far more than a passing glance or a perfunctory nod to “Earth Day” once a year. She is our loving Mother, without whom life would be impossible. Let us all begin to consciously and intentionally direct our energies toward supporting her as she supports each of us, unconditionally and without reservation.

Our Mother deserves nothing less.

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  1. Well said, Kathy. Your words from the heart really are words we should reflect on every day, and not just on one special day a year.

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