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As published in Reiki News Magazine, Winter 2018, and Reiki Rays, August 19, 2018…

It is no secret that our beautiful Mother Earth, or Gaia, is struggling greatly these days. Too many years of carelessness, selfishness, and greed have taken their toll on this beautiful planet we call home. As cohabitants on Earth, we are each accountable to Gaia and charged with the responsibility of caring for her. Like a loving mother, Gaia supports, nurtures, and grounds us, as she forgives our mistakes, and loves us unconditionally. This is evident in the promise of each new season, from the renewal of life each spring to the quiet sleeping darkness of winter. Her love is reflected in the beauty of the forests, the majesty of the mountains, and the awe-inspiring grandeur of the seas.  Gaia’s love for her children is boundless, encompassing every form of life on the planet. She showers her riches upon us in myriad ways, and in return for these amazing gifts, she asks for nothing but to be treated with respect and love. Sadly, humanity is frequently unworthy of this devotion. The human race has plundered her riches, sullied her gifts, and damaged her splendor. Yet Gaia prevails, and continues to support and nurture us, even though she has been hurt and disrespected by those she loves and cares for the most.

Over the years I have become more and more passionately involved in honoring, restoring, and preserving her magnificence. I also learned, from Mother Earth herself, there is no better way to do this than in the context of a Reiki session. In the energetically intimate space of the healing session, facades and veneers dissolve, and one’s authenticity is encouraged to reveal itself. The loving energy of Reiki becomes a vehicle by which beneficial, and sometimes startling, information is conveyed to the recipient.

Since Reiki found me, I have had the privilege and honor of conducting thousands of sessions with clients, students, friends, and family. I have come to know that Mother Earth is a steadfast and faithful ally on my Reiki journey. She is a welcome presence in many of my sessions, especially those in which the client has a strong connection and affinity for her. She provides amazing insights, information, and a nurturing caring energy that is unlike any other. In fact, the quality of this energy is so distinct I am immediately aware of her presence when she arrives. Her energy carries a whisper of the wind, a rustle of leaves, and an earthy warmth of rich soil.

Because she has been so prominent in my practice, I want to share some of the ways in which Mother Earth has contributed to my sessions, my spiritual growth, and to the well-being and development of clients whom she has blessed.

I first encountered Mother Earth in a Reiki session a few years ago, while conducting a session for a regular client I will call “Emily”, who is actively involved in causes relating to the environment and preserving our legacy as stewards of the earth. Emily had originally sought Reiki treatments for support in healing severe childhood trauma. As I began the treatment after invoking the assistance of Third Heaven energies and placing the intuitively chosen crystals, I became aware of a presence in the healing space, unlike any I had encountered before. As I continued to channel Reiki for Emily, a soft voice gently floated into my awareness. The voice spoke of healing and love; intuitively, I recognized it as Mother Earth, and silently expressed gratitude for her presence in the session. Throughout the session she continued to speak and share information. Her gentle voice and energy guided my hands throughout the treatment as she whispered healing words, encouraging Emily to seek healing in the loving arms of Mother Earth. She showed me green gauzy energy enveloping Emily as it healed past and recent trauma. Her limbs embraced Emily as a beloved child of the Earth.  Gaia’s love and support were palpable throughout; her energy was unwavering and strong.

After the session, Emily validated these experiences, and described a warm loving energy that whispered supportive words, reassuring her that she was cared for and protected by Mother Earth. The crystals that were incorporated in the session were unusually warm, and vibrated when touched. We were both somewhat mesmerized by the session’s experiences, and the energy in the healing space had a shimmery quality which was visible to the eye. At that time, it was one of the most powerful sessions I had experienced. Subsequently, Emily heeded Gaia’s advice and turned to the Earth for healing. Emily’s healing journey led her to a career in the national forests, where she works to heal and support Mother Earth, even as she is healed and supported by Her.

Since that memorable session, Mother Earth continues to be a regular visitor during Reiki treatments with clients. What I have noticed is that the information she provides has deepened and become more specific, often instructing clients on how to enhance their healing journeys. Her energy is mostly gentle, but can also be playful, whimsical, and even stern at times. An example of this occurred several months ago with a client who was struggling with long-term digestive health issues. Gaia’s presence was palpable during the session, along with an air of annoyance and impatience. As I channeled Reiki to the client’s solar plexus area, I clearly heard, “How can she expect to be healthy when she eats death?” I was stunned by the seemingly harsh words. As if that was not enough, I was then instructed to share that with the client. When I delivered the message after the session (in the kindest way possible), my client gasped and said she was told to remove meat from her diet to improve her health. Suffice it to say this individual is now a vegan, and her health continues to improve remarkably.

Another client was advised by Mother Earth to start taking chlorophyll to relieve symptoms of a debilitating autoimmune disorder. After clearing it with her physician, she added it to her regimen and has noted a significant improvement in her overall health.

Please note that I always strongly recommend seeking medical advice prior to making any changes in one’s health habits.

 Sometimes Gaia shows herself to me as a beautiful graceful tree, with branches for limbs and fingers, and shiny green leaves for hair. She has been known to tickle a client’s foot with a “branchy” finger during the grounding phase, and sometimes she clears unhealthy energy with images and sensations of rushing water. Gaia also instructs clients how best to work with her for mutual benefit; for example, she has recommended organic gardening, walking meditations in the woods, and caring for wounded woodland creatures, to name a few methods. And, she continues to provides specific, and accurate, healing advice when necessary. The clients with whom she has a strong and clear connection always look forward to communing with Gaia during their Reiki sessions, and she delights in assisting them on their journeys, with Reiki as the vehicle for this incredible healing opportunity.

Over the years, I have learned to “expect the unexpected” in a Reiki session, and as I continue on my personal journey, I am continually amazed and humbled by the wonders and beauty that Reiki brings to us, simply by asking and being open to the gifts from Spirit. It is my sincere hope that this article may serve as an inspiration to invite Mother Earth into your own sessions. Reiki has strengthened and deepened my relationship with Gaia, and I feel enormous gratitude for the opportunity to be of service to our beautiful Mother Earth in this way. She deserves nothing less.






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  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I previously had a reiki session with my good friend (it was her second session ever) and mama earth spoke to me letting me know, in a loving way, that she is hurt and that she needs my support. I cried like a baby and realized I had been disconnecting from her lately. I hope to show up and be there for her for the rest of my life.. it’s the least I can do when she gives us so many gifts and pure love.

    1. Hi Cristina – Thank you for your comment! Mother Earth is amazing, and she talks to those who will listen. I’m glad you had that experience! Reiki blessings, Kathleen