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As published on Reiki Rays, May 25, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson

Releasing Energy through the Soles of the Feet  In a previous article, “The Professional Reiki Session – The Reiki Treatment,” I discussed a technique that continues to serve my clients well – Opening the Soles of the Feet.

Several years ago, Reiki’s guidance led me to this procedure during a client session. At that time, I received clear instructions to energetically open the client’s soles as a means to expedite the clearing of incompatible energies during the Reiki session, which was accomplished through the use of symbols and a clear intention. From that point forward, the technique has been included in all my Reiki sessions. It provides a designated “escape” for the energies that are no longer needed or wanted and has consistently proven beneficial for my clients.

Fast forward to 2020, the year of the pandemic. Like many of my colleagues, my professional Reiki practice has transitioned, for the time being, to a strictly virtual format. As a result, there has been a marked increase in the number of distant Reiki sessions I conduct, and I am exceedingly grateful for Reiki’s adaptability to any circumstance, allowing me to share Reiki with individuals across the globe during this challenging time.

Not surprisingly, Reiki continues to guide me to new techniques and methods to optimize the benefits for clients. Although I hope to address all these trends and insights in a future article, today’s article focuses on the value of opening the soles of the client’s feet. It includes a detailed description should you wish to add it to your own Reiki practice.

Opening the soles occurs early in the session, immediately following the initial energetic, or Byosen, scan. As stated earlier, by opening the feet, an escape route is clearly defined and intended for the unwanted, unhealthy energy, allowing it to release effortlessly during the session. Clients often report feeling the flow of energy as it passes from the physical body and then released. And, as the practitioner, I have frequently observed increased twitching, jerking, and movement of the legs and feet, all of which are indicative of energy release. Interestingly, most clients are unaware of this physical activity and are usually surprised when I mention it after the session. The majority of clients describe a sense of energy movement and flow. Many have also reported feeling that something “left” or was released, along with feeling “lighter.” For all these reasons, this technique is a valuable complement to the healing effects of the Reiki session.

Description of Procedure

Following the initial scan, which provides a baseline of the client’s energetic information, I open the soles of the person’s feet as I continue to channel Reiki. The following explores this procedure in detail.

To begin, Reiki symbols are invoked and drawn over each sole. Typically, I bring in the energies of the Power symbol and the Holy Fire symbol, but of course, the practitioner may use any symbol(s) that resonates. Also, I have found it best to draw the symbols in the air over the sole, as some individuals have extremely ticklish feet (a fact I learned the hard way a few years ago).

After activating the symbols, I then begin a thorough sweep of the client’s energy field, from above the head to below the feet, while I also set the intention and repeat it to myself silently:

“I release and remove energies that do not serve, energies that are toxic or detrimental, energies that are not his/hers to carry, and energies not in accordance with the Highest Good. I further intend that these energies be released and sent to the Light to be cleansed, purified, and transmuted.”

I continue to sweep the energy field for a few moments, which stimulates the flow of energy and allows me to focus fully on the stated intention. At this point, the soles of the feet are open, and the incompatible energies have a clear path to be released as the Reiki session proceeds.

     It is important to note that the soles remain open throughout the entire treatment so that Reiki can efficiently and thoroughly release the unhealthy energies. Also, remember that in order to secure the client’s energy field, it is essential to close anything that has been opened energetically. Therefore, the practitioner must take care to “close” the soles near the end of the session. I usually do this after grounding and centering the client or after balancing the chakras.

To close the soles, I again sweep the energy from head to toe, intending that any residual energy be released as I do so. Then, Reiki symbols are drawn in the air once more over the soles of the feet, this time to close and secure the aura. As the symbols are being drawn, lightly tap the air near each sole three times, while stating, “I now secure (client’s name) energy so that it remains safe and protected by the power of Reiki.” By these simple actions, the Reiki practitioner effectively completes the technique and seals the energetic circle.

As Reiki practitioners, we know that stuck, stagnant energy is unhealthy; one of Reiki’s many benefits is that it stimulates and supports a free flow of life energy for the recipient. With that in mind, this technique is a valuable addition to the Reiki session, because it provides a specific exit point for the incompatible energies as it works with Reiki to clear, center, and balance the client’s energy, in accordance with the Highest Good.

As always, I am grateful for Reiki’s guidance and for the opportunity to share its gifts and blessings.

© 2020 Kathleen Johnson

2 Responses

  1. To allow the soles of the feet to be open should I have my socks off and my feet totally bare?

    1. Hi Russell, Thanks for reading the article and for your question. No, it is not necessary to remove socks (or shoes) for this technique to be effective. I have used this successfully in group situations where the recipients are sitting in chairs wearing their shoes.
      I hope this helps.
      Blessings, Kathleen