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As published on Reiki Rays on June 14, 2020…Article by Kathleen Johnson

Rest, Repair, and Restore Your Soul with ReikiRest. Repair. Restore. These three words have been echoing in my consciousness for the past several days. And I finally know why. During this time of the pandemic and resultant turmoil, I have resolutely maintained a stalwart face – determined to keep my vibration high, while taking care of myself, loved ones, and anyone in need of my healing services during this unprecedented time.

That was the plan. However, as the pandemic continued to rage across the world, and I witnessed in horror as my country (United States) descended into chaos at the hands of a frighteningly corrupt government, remaining stalwart became increasingly elusive. Although I practiced rigorous self-care, continued to meditate, spent time in Nature, and of course, took time for daily self-Reiki, I felt my original determination waning with each passing day.

Even more concerning, I sensed a dimming of my inner Light, the beacon to which I always turn in troubled times. So, I meditated more frequently, increased my daily self-Reiki, took long walks in Nature to ground myself, and continued to wear my stalwart face. And, through all this, I was still taking care of others, stubbornly believing it was the solution. Instead of helping, however, a sense of dread began to creep into my daily existence, a cold fear that my Light would not recover and would eventually extinguish. And I felt deep despair, further exacerbating the dread and fear. A downward spiral ensued, insidious at first, then gathering steam as it threatened to suck the very spark of life from me. I was in the throes of a dark night of the soul – not a new experience for me, but unique in its ferocity and duration. Of course, Reiki was a constant through these dark days, and I opened myself to its loving guidance as I implored Spirit for an answer. And, as sometimes happens, the answer arrived in an unexpected way, amid an episode of anxiety whose cruel grip strangled my breath and trampled hope. Struggling to center myself, taking deep breaths, and giving myself Reiki, I clearly heard the words, “Rest. Repair. Restore.” My response was to retort that I was already doing everything to maintain my vibration and health- what else could I do, I demanded? Ever patient, Reiki reminded me that our primary responsibility during our Earthly lives is to care for ourselves, first and foremost. Ah.

When we come into a physical incarnation, each of us is charged with the principal responsibility to care for ourselves. Only then are we able to be of service to others, arguably the primary reason we incarnate. Much is written and said about the need to care for oneself; its importance cannot be overstated. Responsibility to Self is an integral part of a fulfilling life’s foundation. I had neglected this tenet in a misguided attempt to be of service wherever and whenever needed. Reiki guided me to understand that my very “busyness” was sabotaging all my self-care efforts, and unless I addressed this imbalance, my Light would continue to fade. Reiki also helped me to understand that this Light is a manifestation of my soul, which had grown weary and depleted from my constant drive to be productive. It needed rest from the travails of a broken world and the demands of my oh-so busy life. I then realized that only after a period of “soul retreat” could I begin to repair and restore my dimming Light.

     The importance of soul care becomes even more critical for Reiki Practitioners. We are Lightworkers and have been called to work in, and for, the Light- to serve and elevate life on Earth. This applies to all who have Reiki in their lives and is not limited to those who practice Reiki professionally. Nurturing and caring for our souls are especially crucial during this pivotal time, as we are being asked, even commanded, to step up and accept that the birthing of the New Consciousness is happening NOW. It is no longer a far-off mythical event – each of us is living through the emergence of the New Earth, and indeed have chosen to incarnate during this momentous period. As Lightworkers, it is incumbent upon each of us to heed the call to action – by being and doing what we came here to be and do. Sitting on the sidelines is not an option. Gaia is laboring to birth the New Earth, and it is an exceedingly difficult process, with no guarantee of a happy ending. This is the time for Lightworkers to shine their brilliant lights into the darkness. Individually and collectively, we have the abilities and the tools to ease the pain and to smooth the emergence of a beautiful newborn Earth for the benefit of Gaia and all her children on the planet.

However, as individuals, we must be prepared for the tasks ahead. We each need to build a reserve of strength and resilience to meet the unprecedented challenges of this birthing process. We can never forget our primary responsibility to ourselves – not just in the physical, emotional or mental sense, but also on the soul level, understanding that our souls, too, require rest and loving care.

Ask yourself if your soul needs rest. If you are a Lightworker, the answer is likely YES. The world is in a state of near chaos, with heartwrenching headlines and horrifying events occurring in rapid succession on a daily basis. As a group, Lightworkers tend to be highly sensitive empathic individuals, making them uniquely qualified to help during troubled times. However, those same qualities can create great suffering because we feel and experience much of the world’s pain and fear, which can derail the most stalwart and determined among us. If this resonates, and you have been feeling “the weight of the world,” your soul is weary and needs rest, so that it may begin to repair and restore.

     Allowing the soul to rest invites contemplation and reflection. It involves slowing down, trimming unnecessary responsibilities, and removing energies that no longer serve, are unhealthy, or are merely clutter in your life. The rested soul does not need clutter; indeed, insights and awareness shine through easily when not impeded by cluttered scattered energy. Permit yourself to just “be.” Too much “doing” and not enough “being” are exhausting – on all levels. Busyness, for its own sake, creates soul weariness. Let go of the need to always “do something.” Just be, and let your soul rest.

Be grateful for the opportunity for soul rest, knowing it will make you stronger and more resilient. Increasing your regular self-care practices will also help. The soul responds to a well-cared-for body and mind. As we care for our physical, emotional, and mental energies, we create a secure and loving earthly vessel for our soul energy.

Be mindful of the small things in life that bring joy. For me, miracles lie in everyday occurrences – the scent of a lovely flower, the feeling of my little dog cuddling near me as I write this, the sound of a loved one’s laughter, the satisfaction of creating a delicious meal. All of these soothe my soul, and remind me that life can be so beautiful if we only stop for a moment to truly see it.

And, of course, always invite Reiki to guide and lead you. In its infinite wisdom, Reiki knows what your soul needs; ask it to be your companion and ally as you permit yourself time to “be.” Reiki’s spirit offers comfort, a sense of Home, and the reassurance that “this too shall pass.” I have found no greater companion on my personal and spiritual journey.

As your soul rests, it will also begin to repair itself by clearing and releasing unhealthy and unnecessary energies. While you continue to provide a supportive environment for your soul’s rest, it will remember what it truly is – love, divinely created. And, when your soul remembers, so do you. This remembrance leads to deep healing for your soul, as well as all levels of your Earthly existence. Connecting with the divine in a profoundly personal manner not only encourages the soul to rest and repair, but it also restores and uplifts. And, because Reiki is also love, in its purest form, it supports soul repair, remembrance, and restoration.

     As you move through the process of rest, repair, and restoration, be kind to yourself. Be patient. You will begin to feel better – more grounded, centered, and balanced. And, keeping Reiki as your constant companion will smooth the path and light the way when it grows dark.

Speaking for myself, I am currently immersed in a soul retreat and have been for several days. Nurturing my soul includes listening to beautiful music, tending my vegetable garden and plant family, enjoying the presence of my beloved animals, seeing my infant granddaughter’s smile, and (virtually for now) sharing time with loved ones and dear friends. And, of course, I infuse Reiki into these, and all, daily activities. Additionally, I have stepped away from social media, severely limited my exposure to news, and suspended my holistic wellness practice. And I have been writing – as if my life depended on it. Perhaps it does. Writing is therapeutic, cathartic, and a necessary part of my soul retreat, as it uplifts and nourishes my Soul Light.

Although the above is a sampling of what feeds and nurtures my soul energy, you will intuitively know what nurtures your soul. Do those things. Ask Reiki to assist you through the restoration of your soul, and open yourself to its unerring guidance.

     Embarking on a soul retreat is an act of great self-love. As my own journey continues, I remember that we must love ourselves before we can genuinely and selflessly love others. With Reiki by my side, secure in the knowledge that I am a Divine spark, I lovingly nurture my Soul Light, tending it and coaxing it into a blazing, raging fire. During this pivotal time, we need, and will continue to need, all the Light and Fire we can muster to move forward and participate fully in birthing the New Earth. And I am determined to be prepared and ready.

As a Reiki practitioner and Lightworker, there is simply no other option.

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  1. I m doing very hard work but then also I m not getting results please tell me what is the problem there is too many black magic in my life what’s going on I don’t know just help me

    1. Hello, I am so sorry to know you are struggling. Black magic is way out of my wheelhouse. I think it would be best for you to consult with a professional/expert with experience and/or knowledge in this area.
      Sending blessings, Kathleen