As published on Reiki Rays, February 8, 2020… Article by Kathleen Johnson

Nearly five years have passed since I began my Holy Fire Reiki® (HFR) journey. Throughout those years, I have experienced remarkable healing and growth in almost all areas of my life and Reiki practice. Its transformative effects began almost immediately, and during my first year as an HFR Master, Reiki guided me to write an article describing my experiences. Since then, the Holy Fire energy has continued to evolve and develop, and as it does, it continues to elevate my very existence. As it expands and develops, so do I. And, after more than four years, Reiki once again encouraged me to write an article describing and detailing my personal and professional experiences with the transformative energy and flames of HFR.

For those unfamiliar with Holy Fire Reiki®, it is a system of Reiki healing based on the energy of the Holy Fire, which has been active and available on Earth since time immemorial as a gift to us from Spirit. It is important to note that the use of the word “holy” does not connote any religious beliefs, but refers to the “wholeness” and “completeness” that HFR provides; remember that the root word of “holy” is “whole.” HFR is a deeply healing blend of traditional Usui Reiki and Holy Fire energy given to us by a much higher consciousness to accelerate our healing and spiritual growth, individually and collectively. The imagery of flames is predominant in HFR, yet they do not burn; they provide healing, purification, guidance, protection, and empowerment. HFR is sometimes referred to as the new evolution of Reiki.

So, why this new evolution? It is no surprise to anyone that we live in very challenging times – for humanity and planet Earth. This is a pivotal and important period, as we struggle to realize the promise of the Aquarian Age and move into a New Consciousness. Much of the turmoil, uncertainty, and upheaval is directly related to this shift– my guides have used the term “planetary house cleaning”. This struggle involves rectifying the actions of humanity over thousands of years during the Piscean Age, with the ultimate goal of birthing a new way of Being for All. Fortunately, Spirit has seen to it that many incarnated souls on Earth at this time are functioning at a higher vibration, with the ability to hold and integrate higher frequencies of energy in order to meet the demands of the New Earth and facilitate the transition into the Aquarian Age. Reiki practitioners are among these souls and have agreed, on a soul level, to participate in this transition. Because humanity is evolving (albeit slowly), the ways in which we access the Divine are evolving as well, and Holy Fire Reiki was born to assist us in this endeavor. For the complete history and details of HFR, please refer to the International Center for Reiki Training website.

It is important to note that this article intends to describe my personal experiences with Holy Fire® Reiki and to illustrate its transformative power in my life as well as to illuminate our limitless potential as energy workers and healers. However, by no means am I implying that this is the “best” Reiki. Indeed, from my perspective, the best Reiki is that which the individual practitioner is guided to practice. Because we each carry a unique energy signature, the system of Reiki we practice reflects that uniqueness and is always the right choice for us. In its infinite wisdom, Reiki works with each one of us in the way that is just right for each of us. With that in mind, it bears mentioning that, before being guided to HFR, I was a Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master, with several years’ experience. However, in the years since HFR found me, I have experienced rapid and lasting shifts in perspectives and beliefs, along with a dissolution of unhealthy patterns, and profound healing from old trauma.

Of course, Holy Fire® Reiki’s transformative qualities also extend to clients in the Reiki session. Many of them report the presence of cleansing flames and intense warmth, accompanied by a sense of being deeply and unconditionally loved. They sense the presence of Illumined Beings, and of being physically lifted into another dimension. Almost all feel the unmistakable presence of Divine energy radiating throughout their being throughout the session and beyond. Clients have also expressed surprise at the prolonged effects of an HFR session, which can last up to a month. Many have marveled at the swift and lasting relief they experience from stubborn issues and patterns.

In my life and practice, the transformative flames and energy of Holy Fire® Reiki are unlike anything previously experienced. The following represents some of the most significant changes I have experienced during an HFR client session to date. Because HFR is self-developing, and continually evolves to meet the needs of the client as well as the practitioner, my practice also continually evolves with the loving guidance of HFR.


Of course, the transformative qualities of Holy Fire® Reiki extend far beyond the Reiki session and have significantly impacted me personally and spiritually. The following describes some of the most remarkable changes I have experienced since HFR found me.

The transformative qualities of Holy Fire® Reiki continue to infuse my life with a sense of purpose and courage to face whatever challenges may arise as we welcome the emergence, and challenges, of the New Consciousness. Its loving guidance is unlike any I have experienced, and has given me the strength to step into my authenticity, stand in my truth, and “Be and Do what I came to Be and Do.”

© 2020 Kathleen Johnson

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  1. Dear Kathleen

    Serendipity has led me to HRF and with deep sense of gratiude I know that I need to immerse myself with HRF. I am a certified Usui master and would like to do a course and I attuned to the healing power this higher reiki energy. As I understand it is referred to as ignitions. Can you kindky provide me with more information about a course that I could do.
    Kind Regards
    Cheryl Currie

    1. Hello Cheryl, Please forgive the delay in replying. I am a little lax in checking comments, and for that, I am sorry. How exciting you’re drawn to Holy Fire Reiki! It’s an incredible energy and I know you will love it. There are many qualified teachers across the globe who offer in person classes as well as online training. You can learn more here.
      I hope this helps, and I wish you bountiful blessings on your Reiki journey!


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