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As Reiki practitioners and teachers know, students in Reiki Level Two classes learn, and are attuned to, the first three Reiki symbols, including the Time/Distance symbol. This powerful symbol transcends time and space, as well as the perception of past, present, future, and separation. In my classes, I have found it helpful for the students to participate in a group distant healing session, which is conducted toward the end of the Reiki 2 class. It is an excellent opportunity for the students to experience and practice distant healing, and also to receive feedback from those to whom the energy is directed.

Of course, this group distant healing session need not be limited to the Reiki classroom. It is a wonderful addition to Reiki shares, circles, or any gathering of Reiki practitioners who are attuned to the Time/Distance Symbol. A group healing amplifies and enhances the energy of Reiki, not just because of the number of people, but also because of the unique group energy generated during a Reiki gathering. Group healing sessions tend to create powerful healing results!

The Group Distant Healing Procedure:

♥ At the beginning of the class, the students are encouraged to write on slips of paper the names and locations of individuals and/or situations they would like to receive Reiki; they then place the slips of paper in a “Healing Box” designated for this purpose. They can place as many of these intentions in the box as they wish throughout the day.

♥ The issue of permission is discussed with the students, and they are advised to secure permission from potential recipients, if at all possible. If this is not possible, they are then instructed how to access their Higher Selves, as well as the Higher Self of the intended recipient, in order to receive permission.

♥ However, if permission is not granted, the student chooses another individual to receive distant Reiki, following the same procedure. Permission is not an issue when sending Reiki to events or world situations.

♥ The distant healing session begins with the participants sitting in a circle, with the Healing Box on a small table in the center of the circle. The teacher/facilitator begins with an invocation, expressing gratitude for this opportunity, and intending that those represented by the names in the Box receive deep healing and blessing. Assistance of third heaven energies, such as the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and/or Beings of Light, is also requested at this time, with gratitude expressed for their guidance and love.

Group Distant Reiki Healing
Image by (Mick Baker)rooster

The procedure continues as follows:

♥ Each participant draws the Power Symbol, Mental/Emotional Symbol, and the Time/Distance Symbol on their palms and begins the flow of Reiki.
♥ The facilitator draws a large Time/Distance Symbol in the air above the Healing Box. If the facilitator is a Reiki Master, the Master Symbols may also be privately invoked.
♥ Beginning with the facilitator, the participants each take a turn holding the Healing Box, while allowing Reiki to flow. When it feels complete, the Box is passed to the person on the left.
♥ As the Box is being passed around the circle, the participants continue to send Reiki to the intentions contained within the Box, with their palms toward the center of the circle.
♥ This continues until each person has had a turn, and the Box has been returned to the facilitator, who then places it back on the table.
♥ The participants continue to send Reiki to the Healing Box for 5 to 10 minutes.
♥ When complete, the facilitator quietly announces the conclusion of the distant healing session, and asks the participants to fold their hands over their Heart chakra and to meditate briefly on the healing that has occurred.
♥ After a few moments, the facilitator offers a closing expression of gratitude – for the gift and blessing of Reiki, the opportunity to bring healing to the world, and Spirit’s support and guidance.

It is advisable to take a short break after this session, to allow the participants to ground and clear themselves, and sip some Reiki-charged water. If the session is part of a Reiki Level 2 class, the students are instructed to follow up with their recipients for feedback and results.

Most Reiki practitioners have their own preferred ways of conducting distant healing. There are as many methods for doing distance healing as there are Reiki practitioners; indeed, probably more! As always, Reiki guides us to those methods that are best for us; we need only to “Accept and Trust”.

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  1. Hello and thank you

    I am Darron and I am a father with two children Juliette 9 and Steven 8. I deal with an Ex that doesnt have our best interest at heart. Her name is Emily. Our situation needs heeling.

    Thank you,

    1. Hello Darron-
      Apologies for the delay in response! I saw your comment for the first time today. Your situation and all concerned have been added to my healing box and intentions, and will be included in group healing sessions going forward. Thank you for contacting me, and Reiki blessings are flowing to you ~

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